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  • Anonymous

Iphone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 51.

and why..?

a51 owner, 01 Mar 2020!!! DO NOT BUY !!! the bluetooth not working because of a factor... moreTo me, bluetut works great, I have a nonstop clock connected and it works great without errors in the car.

have had this phone for about 2 weeks and I can say that the chip is too slow to paint but very well. For average users, a good phone with a large screen and a good screen. unfortunately not for me, too slow. even though I wound it up a little, it was still slow. This is a temporary phone because I'm waiting for the s20 ulgtra 5g I'll see how it works but I'll write a comment.

  • sst.dude

Hey guys,

Bought this phone two days ago because of its compact size and design but need your help as

1. Have seen serious battery drain that requires charging twice a day. Have disabled most features and still not much improvement.
2. Same issue with bluetooth headphones (auto cutoff)
3. Camera doesn't seem to be that much clear.

Any guidance guys?? Needed a lightweight midranger and am happy with the phone's design but can't charge it twice a day.
My job is mostly field work and this phone dissappoints.

  • a51 owner

!!! DO NOT BUY !!! the bluetooth not working because of a factory defect, just waste of money...

  • Anonymous

JGarcia, 29 Feb 2020The A series used to be a premium line of phones, only second to... moreNo offense, but new A series sacrificed build quality for performance, bigger batteries, screens and more cams. Your A7 2017 lags behing my A50 in performance.
Just look at M31, plastic build+6.4 sAMOLED display+6000mah battery+ loads of cams+ decent exynos 9611. All for 220$

  • UsmanHSh

JGarcia, 29 Feb 2020The A series used to be a premium line of phones, only second to... morethat's because Samsung decided to merge A series and J series and naming all phones not in S or Note lineup A.

Samsung's phone lineup is stupid, so many phones yet none makes sense. They can have 10 models a year rather than pushing out dozens.

1. 3 plastic build cheap one's in 3 screen sizes
2. 2 Aluminum ones a midrange and a upper midrange (I'm still rocking a C7 and have used samsung Alpha and original A3, rock solid phones)
3. A wanna be flagship that's actually a midranger
4. 2 Flagship S models that follow whatever the trend is
5. 2 Note Models

JGarcia, 29 Feb 2020The A series used to be a premium line of phones, only second to... morethis is because of the j3 phones
samsung decided to cancel the j3 phones and merge them with the a series thus creating this new abomination line of phones
thats why now we have the cheap a10, a20, a30 etc which are pretty much j phones in disguise
honestly they should come up with a new letter for these phones because these phones clearly arent build like the other a phones and this includes a51 which costs $367 and the a71 which costs $517 where i live, such a ripoff to sell phones for that much and have them built with cheap materials

The A series used to be a premium line of phones, only second to that of the flagship S series

But now, the A series have become cheap, including plastic (oh sorry, i mean "GLASSTIC"), low tier protective screens, weak performance, weak battery and generally feeling pretty low end

I'm currently using a A7 2017 and looks like i won't be upgrading anytime soon, maybe if the A series in 2021 start being good again

Anonymous, 01 Feb 202086h with app, yes, but in real life usage, battery life is super... moreSo you're saying in real life usage you phone don't open any app? Yes 86h is plenty for 1 day use. What am I saying is how they scam people with their ads about how this phone got "awesome battery life" with shitty raw 4000mAh capacity

  • stan

I had problem with bluetooth speaker too.The sound keeps cutting out but after I install the software update, it works fine.

  • Frank

Ribliy, 28 Feb 2020Great specs great storage beautiful cameras But if u use wirel... moreThe January updates fixed the issue bro.
I had same issue but it has been fixed

  • Ribliy

Great specs great storage beautiful cameras
But if u use wireless headphones DO NOT BUY
I use this phone 3-4 hours per day & had to buy standard headphones because the Bluetooth cutout's got on my nerves so much with random cutout's or disconnects & still no fix even after acouple of months since release

  • r4l

suyash2040K , 28 Feb 2020This is all nonsense . Samsung A51 can run pubg on hdr ultra , c... moreThat's the game's fault, not the phone. Wait for an update lol

it's a very good midrange phone.

  • suyash2040K

Tech fan1, 17 Feb 2020Hard to believe that the A51 is struggling to play a low end gam... moreThis is all nonsense . Samsung A51 can run pubg on hdr ultra , call of duty mobile on high and free fire on ultra if this mobile can run run this heavy games on high setting it wil surely run 8 ball... game .

  • suyash2040K

Shan, 17 Feb 2020Friends, Pls note. In Screen fingerprint accuracy and sensiti... moreYes, the fringer print scanner accuray is very good in samsung A51 but, when the tempered glass is applied it get reduced . Try using OMOTON Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy A51, this is much better and there is not much decrease in the accuracy.

  • suyash2040K

Unes, 19 Feb 2020Plz can anyone tell me if the camera stability improves after ... moreYes, samsung has brought up the update for samsung A51 to enhance camera stability.

  • suyash2040K

Radhe3926, 21 Feb 2020I want to buy this phone.... I am not a haivy game user, I want ... moreYes you should go for this mobile for a better camera.
Its 48 MP main camera takes great pics.
The 12 MP ultra wide camera is also good.
The 5 MP depth sensing camera with give more better portrait shots.
The 5 MP macro camera is also awesome.
Apart from the rear camera the front facing 32 MP also takes brilliant pictures with lots of details.

  • suyash2040K

Threep, 26 Feb 2020Will it fix audio glitch? Sometimes the audio gets cut off when ... moreYes this glitch may get fixed in the up coming update.