Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

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  • Tots

I just updated my software but still my phone runs 5.1.1 lollipop. Why is that?

  • AnonD-207693

AnonD-257122, 24 Jun 2016How's the update, what new features do we get? Ui,notification bar,icon...etc nothing more

  • AnonD-257122

AnonD-207693, 24 Jun 2016Manually update via Odin...😊How's the update, what new features do we get?

  • AnonD-207693

AnonD-257122, 24 Jun 2016It isn't available yet.Manually update via Odin...😊

  • Ataur

can i use this mobile as a tv remote?

  • rishikeshbedre

I just flash the Serbian rom to my Indian handset

  • A5 (2016) lover

AnonD-257122, 24 Jun 2016It isn't available yet.Its available only in Serbia, Turkey and Russia as of now.

  • AnonD-172106

Mine does a little as well, barely to be honest.

  • AnonD-257122

AnonD-552456, 24 Jun 2016Tell me which is best phone in terms of performance,faster cpu,b... moreGo blindly for A5 (2016), you won't regret.

  • AnonD-257122

AnonD-207693, 23 Jun 2016Just complete Marshmallow update....:-)It isn't available yet.

  • Janice

Is this waterproof as well???

  • AnonD-552456

Tell me which is best phone in terms of performance,faster cpu,battery,camera,and no lag.
Best battery backup and best camera
Samsung galaxy A5 2016 vs A3 2016 vs J7 2016 vs huawei P9 lite vs Iphone 5s

  • Jerry

Awsome camera & display quality with A5 2016. and waste of
buying Iphone 5s for this price

I Recommend to buy Samsung Galaxy A5 6

  • AnonD-552435

AnonD-292864, 23 Jun 2016Galaxy A5 (2016) Exynos version started receiving Marshmallow up... moreReally? I'm from Malaysia and mine haven't receive any updates ,where r u from?

  • Anonymous

Honestly I've been using this device last week , i have nothing to say except AWESOME , i can't let go my hand for few days kinda addicted...the overall performance is darn satisfying except the 2GB ram but it doesn't matter much.
Well Done Samsung

  • AnonD-549881

AnonD-257122, 23 Jun 2016Why waste a few extra bucks on something which carries just the ... moreHmmmmmmm thanks

  • Adi

AnonD-549881, 17 Jun 2016I brought this device two weeks ago ....performances are so good... moreEven my phone gets heated badly..I just hope days not a major problrm

  • AnonD-207693

Just complete Marshmallow update....:-)

  • what what

deleted your software a.s.a.p

  • AnonD-552270

I have a weird problem with my phone. When I answering a call or making a call sometimes in the middle of conversation it goes on Hold. Sometimes it's mute the microphone. When I look at the screen it had slide down the menu. Actually the screen is off when I am making calls.

I have tested like making a call and put my finger on the sensor. The sensor works fine. It's shuts down the screen and on again when I lift my finger.

I also had made a factory default. And also a hard reset. Nothing works.