Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

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  • AnonD-508324

A5 is upgradable 6. 0 or not pls reply

  • FedeM

The home button shakes a little bit, is that common?

  • goldie

Guys I ve been using this phone for over a month now. To be honest this is a great phone.
Havent experienced any hang or lags what so ever. It is smooth as butter. Have played High graphics games like Asphalt, Gods of rome, GTA San Andreas etc and I experienced no lag what so ever in fact it was a joy playing them on this phone. The phone used to get warm upto 35 degrees after playing continously for 30 mins which is great!
Other thing to mention is that the build quality of this phone which is simply superb. Feels so much premium and you wud never wana get ur hands off it. Camera is also very good both Front and Rear. Battery life is probably best in the business. I charge it once in 24 hours with 15 to 20% still remaining with Wifi/Mobile Data always on and little bit of gaming, browsing and other daily routine stuff. The only thing that I miss is the LED notification. So overall if ur planning to buy this phone just go ahead if its within ur budget. Its completey worth in my opinion. Peace!!

  • tots

AnonD-549881, 22 Jun 2016Someone Please tell me who is the winner here.......iPhone 6 or ... moreTo*

  • tots

AnonD-549881, 22 Jun 2016Someone Please tell me who is the winner here.......iPhone 6 or ... moreIn my opinion, A5 2016 is better. Well it depends on you which device you will buy.

  • AnonD-549881

Someone Please tell me who is the winner here.......iPhone 6 or galaxy a5 (2016)...

  • FedeM

Im about to buy one of the dualsim version, is there any cons o difference with the onesim version? (beside that 1 has 2 sims slots) i need quick answer please.

  • ticktock damm

better iphone 6... damm daniel

  • Ag

kumaran, 09 Jun 2016helo , witch is best mobile for me galaxy a5 2016 or galaxy s6, ... moreI dont own any of these phones but from what I've heard S6 is better than A5 2016 in all aspects but the battery life. I was even thinking about buying it and then I found out that some users of S6/S6 Edge/S7 Edge complained the screen on their phone spontaneously cracked while charging.

  • sree

Ok its a good phone love it very much .the style is elagand camera is good their is no lag seriously battery back up is very gooD but the price is little bit problem

  • tots

Rj, 19 Jun 2016Buy at electroworld trinoma, the variants in there is exynos equ... morewhat variant in trinoma?

Compared with Sony Xperia z3+, which one is better overall?

  • Sunzzzzzzzz

This phone is best in terms of quality,design,features....etc.... Bt the price costes high.....

  • AnonD-257122

AnonD-550975, 20 Jun 2016Is battery life as good as it is on the A7 2016 ???It has monstrous battery life, one of the best I've experienced in a smartphone.

  • AnonD-550975

Is battery life as good as it is on the A7 2016 ???

  • Anonymous

We have been trying for weeks to get a Samsung Galaxy repaired, which is under warranty. They wanted a copy of the bill of sale; we've E-Mailed and Faxed this with a covering letter and called them many times; However, the mailing label they promised to send so we can ship them the phone never came. Many phone calls were made but we were "cut off' during the last hour long call. The agent who apparently hung up on us while claiming he was getting a supervisor was Hendrick, ID@ 10106783. Worse company for customer service, ever.

  • Yz

A3 2016 or A5 2016?

  • AnonD-549881

Who is the winner here iPhone 6 or galaxy a5 (2016)?.please tell me the reasons....!

  • shadow

Waterproof ??

  • Anonymous

the internal memory is too should be upgraded to at least 32 gb in the next generation