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There is no problem in my Samsung A70 that was upgraded to android 10.0 10 days ago.

  • Anonymous

shallIUpdate, 12 Jul 2020Hi there, I'm an A70 user from Sri Lanka. I have rece... moreHi,
i have updated about 2 days ago my A70 to Android 10, and it went all well.

I got my A70 in mid-March this year and everything has been perfect about it since then. It's got a good battery life, lasting for about 15 hours on a full charge if it was used all day. If you're like me and you play a lot of heavy online mobile games, the graphics are also good and it doesn't drain the battery much.
Unlike many others here, I didn't encounter any issues after installing the Android 10 software update. My mother has also updated her own A70 and it's equally been a flawless experience for her.
We bought both our A70s from Takealot in early Feb.

Just because your phone is malfunctioning, do not blame all the A70 handsets. If younare selfish to spend for your phone at the authorized service centre, then sell A7 and buy Samsung guru music 2

  • MStJ

A70 device stopped charging after July 7 upgrade (last week)! This issue just happened to my spouse’s phone last week… His last phone upgrade was done on July 7 and about a day and a half after, he realised that it was not charging anymore. After charging it all night, he noticed that the battery percentage was lower, instead of being higher at 100%. I took his phone and tried EVERY single trick that I could find on Internet and nothing worked (I’ve tried up to factory reset). One of the first proposed solutions was to see if a recently downloaded APP or upgrade could be the cause; and while I was going through the list, I noticed a phone upgrade dated July 7. I didn't pay attention to this one, since I assumed it was safe! It's only today, after reading many discussions on this issue that I realised that this is the ONLY logical cause. When my spouse went to the store on Monday to have it checked, they said they couldn’t find what was wrong with the phone and needed to send it for repair. It's no longer under warranty, so would be at his own cost $$$$. He purchased a new phone instead. If only he knew before downloading that upgrade!!!

  • arbata

D, 08 Jul 2020A70 user here. After updating to android 10 april patch,I&... moremine problen was when screen is off wifi disconnect. when wake up i dont see wifi icon after 5 secs see connected wifi. as same problem as yours??! why wifi turning off when screen is locked, i have android 10. Firmware reinstalled in service, i did two times reset, one lucky, next still same problem ,wifi goes off when screen is off, battery saver is off. one lucky time i did reset and not goes to off when screen is off, next time i did reset, and still same happens life before , not turned saver battery. where problem? in a5 2017 i know was be wifi sleep policy and i see three options in wifi settings (keep wifi when screen off,not keep when off , keep when charging), and i enabled battery saver and i set to wifi sleep never in a5 2017, so battery saver is not issue like was in

  • Anonymous

shallIUpdate, 12 Jul 2020Hi there, I'm an A70 user from Sri Lanka. I have rece... moreSuper good

Android 10 upgrade in July 2020 :

Go ahead and upgrade the OS. My Mother's Samsung A70 did not face any abnormal function before or after the upgrade. Please do not believe anti Samsung paid trolls (by the chinese companies) who always post posts against all the Samsung handsets.

Samsung 4ever, 10 Jul 2020Great phone with great featuresWell said.

  • shallIUpdate

Hi there,
I'm an A70 user from Sri Lanka. I have received the Android 10 update on my phone. Shall i update ?
I can't afford to have a broken phone right now.
Those who have updated, how's it been ?

Great phone with great features

  • lenzo

Supermario, 02 Jul 2020I learned lesson from other phones before, If new android &... morehad this phone since feb issues even after the android 10 a matter of fact the phone works better now after the update.

  • ScomX

My Samsung A70 and my A20 phones Stop charging at 86% after the Android 10 UI 2.0 Update.

  • Aha

ADVICE to those people who didnt update your phone a70 yet(Still Android 9),if you didn't exerienced any bugs on apps of your phone.
PLS.DON'T UPDATE esp.this April patch.Bad bugs happened like Can't connect to WIFI internet,the battery not good unlike before(android 9).


Hope they can fixed this bugs.

I REGRET updating my phone quickly.

  • D

Supermario, 02 Jul 2020I learned lesson from other phones before, If new android &... moreThats my lesson to if I bought another phone.

I envy you because you didnt update your phone just like my sister,that's why she didn't experienced bugs on her phone.

  • D

A70 user here.
After updating to android 10 april patch,I'm having difficulty connecting to Wifi internet.I tried Reset Network settings and do the safe mode method,didn't help at us fixing our problems.Hope the next update doesnt have bad bugs anymore.

  • Anonymous

After latest sw update internet connection is crushing down

  • You dummy.

geko95gek-XDA, 04 Jul 2020Why would anyone buy this phone when you can get a brand ne... moreThis phone has no bezel like the pixel XL2 and has much better specs, futureproof, and camera. So your comment is wrong mate. And the price? Pretty much the same!

  • Saif

Chris, 05 Jul 2020I have the same problemSo you could find any solution for the same???

  • Chris

Saif, 17 Jun anyone experiencing drop in WhatsApp voice notes vol... moreI have the same problem