Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy A71

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  • Anonymous

Glasstic backpanel, sd 730 SoC, punch hole, L camera. No more innovation samsung, just mainstream

It will come with the Snapdragon 730 chipset While it comes with a sizeable 4,500mAh battery and support for 25W fast charging as standard. Long-lasting battery thanks to that decent-sized battery. But price????????

  • Anonymous

MKA RASEL, 14 Dec 2019amsung is kidding with customers nowadays. For braking prot... moreThey all crack and scratch no matter what gorilla glass number you get, and for the back those highly crackable glass parts only add weight. Case + screen protector.. Done.

Chinese phones are coming cheap with the help of massive adware, probably spyware, poor software and LCD displays, if you want any of that just go get one.

  • Anonymous

Joel, 13 Dec 2019I am a Samsung fan but would like to post my honest opinion... moreRemember that Samsung will never do that anymore. If they did so, why would they do the same mistake they did back in 2018? Entry-level processor for highrangers smartphone. A7 2015 had ois, huge battery and a single but decemt camera. A9 had ois, 5000 mah battery, metal body and what not. Unupdated a71 is produced by Samsung. These legendary devices too. Samsung will vanish just like Nokia. Just let the people know about high quality phones from other brands.

Ferdi, 13 Dec 2019Won't this easily break? Since it only has Gorilla Glass 3?amsung is kidding with customers nowadays. For braking protection they have used plastic. but, in front panel? What they used ? 5 years back Gorilla glass 3! Theh must use Gorilla glass 6 on the display. Redmi Note 8 used Gorilla glass 5 on both sides. Used 4 camera, 4000 mah plus battery, SD 675 Processor that used A70 last year. But price of Redmi Note 8 is 120 Euro only. On the other hand, Samsun always kidding with us. They release a device with 700 dollars, after 6 months it's price offered 230 dollars. No salvage value of Samsung. Even Xiaomi have good salvage value

I would have agreed with plastic making if they had introduced a waterproofing system. No Metal build, no OIS on camera, no IP rating but price is above upper mid-range. What did difference samsung for customer? Every year they are frustrating their customer.

  • Joel

I am a Samsung fan but would like to post my honest opinion. I don't play games so I don't need a high end processor. I like the punch hole design as I completely hate notch displays. Samsung had to compromise on quality to compete with Chinese companies so we have to accept the plastic body. I see 90% of people use back cover, so it doesn't make a difference. I am still a fan of Samsung for their displays. If Samsung can aggressively price their A series phones and use Snapdragon processors they can easily topple other Chinese companies.

This is for people who like Samsung phones but don't want to buy because of the pricing. Please wait for 6 months from launch and you will definitely see a price drop of atleast 3-5k. Look at A50 which was launched 1 year ago for 19k approximately is selling for less than 14k.

Note: People who are more concerned about their phones security, try iphones. Waiting for IPhone SE2 OR IPHONE 9 which is going to launch in 2020. If the pricing is about 35k, will switch to iphone. I am amazed to hear that Apple provided IOS 12 Update to iphone 5s which was launched around 6 years ago. No company can match iphone in terms of security and software updates.

Warning for Samsung: To compete with Chinese companies consider these points:

Good Battey Backup
Switch to snapdragon processors
Descent camera upgrades for night mode and include OIS.

  • Technut101

Ferdi, 13 Dec 2019Won't this easily break? Since it only has Gorilla Glass 3?Yes but gorrila glass hasn't made many improvements in terms of scratch resistance sung the original gorrilla glass, and for drop protection you will likely have a case so as log a you are not reckless with your phone or supper prone to dropping it you should be as good as even the latest iPhones

Vishnuimpreza, 13 Dec 2019Sorry for all the typo errors πŸ˜…This is a redmi k30 killer you know that, unless you are a fanatic.

Vishnuimpreza, 13 Dec 2019The device is a good offering for Samsung loyalists and bra... moreSorry for all the typo errors πŸ˜…

The device is a good offering for Samsung loyalists and brand conscious people. But frankly speaking, the Chinese has already upped their game with devices like Resmi K30. So I feel this feels a lil out of place.

  • Anonymous

all rumors says android 10 ok .

  • Ferdi

Won't this easily break? Since it only has Gorilla Glass 3?

  • Zack

Dagon96, 13 Dec 2019When will it come to Europe? Does anyone knows?Yes it will come.

ArMich04, 13 Dec 2019Which Samsung ? If you have a bad one I understand your poi... moreI'm using galaxy a50..i know it's a best midrange in that days.. ok.. i want to upgrade my device
Take a50 and a51 side by side

Same processor 9610 & 9611 no different only numbers
Same battery capacity 4000mh no different
Same fast changing 15w no different
But...more dollars 350$ for A51 (same as a71 and a70) . So that's why am shame on SAMSUNG. Only infinity o cut out. More megapixels..+ macro so you think it is a best upgrade in 2020 ?

  • Ferdi

Hope it comes to the Philippines already. 😍

  • liy

i dont think micro camera and ultra wide is more important then telephoto camera, this not my cup of tea.

When will it come to Europe? Does anyone knows?

Prageeth, 13 Dec 2019400$+ price range ????? Other brands offer more and more... moreWhich Samsung ? If you have a bad one I understand your point but with A50 for exemple no problems at all and camera is great for its price range

Betto, 12 Dec 2019The same phone with one more camera. Is sad. Nothing innovation!A70 and A70s both had Snapdragon 675,so SoC is better