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  • Anonymous

JacobG18, 03 Nov 2021compared to A52, is it worth the $99 to take this A72 inste... moreIf you want a larger phone with a little longer battery life and a little better camera go for A72. You get faster charger too. Otherwise if you want better display with compact stronger body go for A52. You will also get more ram and more storage for the same price. And faster updates. Personally I chose A52 8GB Ram/256GB storage - simply the most powerful version. Samsung also added 4GB virtual Ram. Go for one you like.

  • Frank Gonzalez

This phone it is good in general, but the fingerprint sensor it is a complete piece of shit. I donĀ“t understand why Samsung do not install a better fingerprint reader. If you prefer to unlock you phone with an older method it is ok.

compared to A52, is it worth the $99 to take this A72 instead just for the Tele lens?
are there any other huge difference than the tele lens and size between A52 and A72? I prefer to have the tele lens, but the price difference is a bit too huge for me...

  • Anonymous

First time using a samsung phone. I used A72 from April 2021 to October 2021. Overall it's very satisfying. The sound coming from this phone is out of this world. Also sound from bluetooth headset and 3.5mm are better than my ... ummmmmm Zenfone 8 Flip :( Thought I upgraded but felt like a downgrade eventhough the Asus has SD888. If only this A72 uses SD778 and above I would never upgrade until it dies but I'm so used to flagship chipset so using 720G definitely felt the different. If you're not a high demanding graphics game person this phone is definitely a good choice. Just a bit strange that when this came out it was RM1750 (bought at this price) but now it's around RM 1850+ in Malaysia. Never seen phone price increased after months lol

Samsung should sue Tecno and Infinix for copying.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021a71 or a72 which u think is better?A72 is better than a71

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021a71 or a72 which u think is better?I own an A72 and it's a really great phone overall no complaint, yes the A71 has a better chip but still, the A72 out performances it in every way!

  • Anonymous

a71 or a72 which u think is better?

  • anon

msazal90, 15 Oct 2021get s20 FE. It's much much better than this phone. I... moreOf course it's better but it's also priced higher.

Anyone experiencing weird Facebook app bugs in A72. Sometimes share buttons are misplaced, sometimes the like buttons are not responding, stuff like that. Mu friend circle uses mostly Xiaomi and Oneplus and they are not facing such issues.

nemezizzz, 21 Oct 2021Oneplus nord 2 vs Samsung A72!! Who wins??For speed and design, Nord 2. For everything else, including reliable software update and camera performance, A72.

I'm an A72 user and my friends sister use Nord 2.

Oneplus nord 2 vs Samsung A72!! Who wins??

I just received the September Software Update. Is there any limitation? I want to wait for a while

  • Andrew

Mia-chan, 07 Sep 2021I bought my A72 a week ago and I am pretty impressed by it.... moreThanks Mia for your review. We think very similarly about Chinese phones.
I bought the Samsung A12 4 months ago, but it's not doing well. If it dies soon, I'll probably get the A72. Battery, 3.5mm jack, can take SD card, and then your review just boosts the reputation with good speakers, screen, camera- I like it's x3 zoom with OIS.

Great device!! can handle daily tasks and can also play demanding games without overheating.

Tminer, 15 Oct 2021I'm planning on getting this phone, I'm a gamer a... moreget s20 FE. It's much much better than this phone.
I'm an A72 user.

  • Tminer

I'm planning on getting this phone, I'm a gamer and I can't afford flagship devices, this device has a lot of positive feedback my only issue being the fact It can't play pubg(a battle royal game) on 60fps, aside from this minor thing the phone seems like a very good buy

  • zees

chats, 13 Oct 2021I don't know if these people here are really experienc... moreYeah its just trolls who don't own it or don't like samsung. Fair enough if they don't like the brand but why bash a really good phone pick a bad one instead. i think they are chinese/indian budget phone brand fans and just hate samsung because they are abit more expensive.

  • Anonymous

now I take decision it is not purchases this model due to it is plastic body

I don't know if these people here are really experiencing issues or they are just trolls, since I bought my A72 it never gave me any problems whatsoever, great device by Samsung, cannot complain!