Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung Galaxy A72

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  • DamesDZ

I want to buy! What I choose bitween M62 or A72??

  • agate

mehami, 08 Jul 2021A52 = A42 = F52 = Snapdragon 750G M51 = Snapdragon 730G ... moreWhat do you think that means? you are an example of too much google

A52 = A42 = F52 = Snapdragon 750G
M51 = Snapdragon 730G

A71 = Snapdragon 730G
A72 = Snapdragon 720G

Why ?!!!!

Bought the A72 yesterday.
Had to buy a new adapter for the car because the connection between phone and charger has been changed.
Transferred my files and apps from my old galaxy but none of the music would play. Music legally copied from legally bought CDs and put legally onto my own phone.
Spent 90 minutes on phone with technical help, having to give them access to both my old and new phones, to find that I had to download a converter to the old phone and convert all files before transferring to new one.
I have to buy another cable if I want to connect my phone to my laptop.
At this point I am not a happy camper.
I have always had a Samsung Galaxy as I liked it, to date.
Any more hassles and I will return this and buy an iphone.

  • Ridam

Mibi, 04 Jul 2021My phone is not showing super fast charging option, its sim... moreRestart phone. Problem fixes

  • David

Excelent phone for it's price, great battery and camera

Galaxy A72 stupid SD720G 4G
galaxy M52 SD778G 5G samsung customers big fool..........

anonymous., 23 Jun 2021Galaxy A72 SD720G 37K IQOO 3 SD865 price 17K IQOO 7 SD87... moreOnly processor means not whole phone - OS, Cameras, Built quality, security, OS and Security updates also matters. BTW this phone is not for gaming. Now a days for young generation phone is mostly for Gaming, Pity

  • rabea majali

I see I will buy a good device.... wow

  • Ali

Last month i have bought a72.
When I use 3x zoom in camera phone screen color is get light blue.
Please some suggest to me its hardware problem software problem.
Thanks all

V99, 04 Jul 2021The M52 won't have a 6nm chip buddyBut 778G has 6nm chip indeed
lets see

  • KB

chats, 03 Jul 2021Just got this midrange beast guys, I'm coming from my ... moreI agree I am coming from the A70 myself and I love this phone

  • V99

anonymous., 29 Jun 2021Galaxy A72 SD720G 8nm 37K price upcoming M52 SD778G 6nm u... moreThe M52 won't have a 6nm chip buddy

while recording video, is custom zoom level of 1.1 1.2. ...1.9 available? Or it’s 1x 2x 3 x....only

  • Mibi

My phone is not showing super fast charging option, its simply showing fast charging and from 7% to 100% the estimated charging time is 1hr 40 mints which should be 1 hr and 25 minutes.
I have updated the software to june security patch ,3 days ago and the problem occured .plz advise

Coming from an Samsung Galaxy S9+ Lilac Purple 64GB Dual Sim EU to this one in Awesome Blackwith a rubber cover and an Clear Coat protection. 3500 mAh vs 5000 mAh is interesting and coming from 6,2" to 6,7" is awesome aswell !
The features are restricted... But I didn't used anything special anyways on the S9+...
The A72 is minimalist, simple and well made design and proportions, does perfectly the job.

Just got this midrange beast guys, I'm coming from my A70, It was worth the update love this phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021Just updated 8 hours ago too. I don't see any differen... moreI feel like it maybe switches between the 3 lenses more smoothly? But maybe I'm just imagining stuff.

  • Amira gabal

Do you have a samsung # Samsunggalaxy71 solution and after 7 months separated alone without misuse and repaired on the basis of the holidays in the board and after 6 months, back and asked to change the screen. I am forced to change all parts of the device each#SamsungEgypt

  • Anonymous

Khan, 30 Jun 2021Today I have updated my phone and after software update Thu... moreJust updated 8 hours ago too. I don't see any difference in camera quality, but phone does indeed feel faster and there seem to be no battery issues.