Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

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  • Tarina

Very recommended for you who looking for a smartphone with a good camera for selfie (five stars, can cover your acne or pimple, lookin' good ;), a very nice camera for outdoor activities . And very long battery life (about 30 hrs) if you put it in power saving mode, and more in airplane mode, and use it only for taking pictures/short video (about 50 hrs, I use this when I had to go to some remote areas with no signal). With 3 GB of ram I assure you 'till the moment I post this review is working very well (no lag).

  • AnonD-141430

Kinkeen, 18 Apr 2016Anyone has problem with main camera? I've posted 2 times h... moreI've been using it for a month now, no such trouble. And now I'm afraid if it might turn up.

  • AnonD-141430

vinay , 25 Apr 2016I want to buy Samsung A7 6 , suggest me is it good or not I won't say it's great, but it definitely is good. I have been using it for a month now; camera, hardware, etc are good enough (not top notch as you might expect from the price bracket), and when it comes to pure looks, nothing can beat it. You would just love to hold the phone in your hands.

  • AnonD-141430

AnonD-530230, 25 Apr 2016please cnfrm me does a7 2016 version support clear view cov... moreYes it does, properly. However it's rather difficult to find the one designed by Samsung. I got mine from a friend who works there.

  • Sharique

I am also using A7 6 awesome mobile clearity looking battery backup very class phone..and best part is we use 2sim and 1 memory card different slots

  • Jaredroid

AnonD-520406, 21 Apr 2016try alot of screen mirroring apps in the google play store.... morePull down your quick settings bar and look for quick connect. It's the same thing. BTW, S7 Edge annihilates this phone ;-) js

  • Anonymous

pk, 23 Apr 2016hi friends what is this fingerprint reader used for in A7 16 Finger print reader is for unlocking you phone using fingers already registered with phone. It's very quick.

  • Soumik

SOLOMON, 20 Apr 2016blackgold

  • vinay

I want to buy Samsung A7 6 , suggest me is it good or not

  • AnonD-530230

please cnfrm me does a7 2016 version support clear view covers... properly

  • renu

which one is better? A7, A5 or J7 pl suggest me?


Fallin love with this phone much

  • Delcchi

Tini, 24 Apr 2016Is it good for gaming guys....When i play modern combat 5, its lagging

  • Messu

A7 is the best phone in all Samsung series...I have in white sexy colour,Awesome result front and back camera Speed is so gud.....I love it.Please guys go for it

  • Tini

Is it good for gaming guys....

  • rosh

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2016This phone doesn't have screen mirroring. Is it possible by... morego to play store

  • pk

hi friends what is this fingerprint reader used for in A7 16

  • tadoooh

HutHutHut, 18 Apr 2016Gold or Black ... black..

  • Harshit Sharma`

I have my samsung galaxy A7 2016 edition before one month and within 20 days it shows me the problem of hanging like this app in not responding or freeze of screen.I suggest from bottom of my heart please not to take any "Samsung" phone.

  • MR>VISIter

LIke this phone