Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung Galaxy A8

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  • JiM

Speaker is not loud enough, cannot hear anything...

  • vjal

Got this phone 2 days ago.this phone is very good in my opinion thin,slim and powerful. Watching movies is great and camera with 16 mp camera is awesome. Didnt expect this from samsung with this phone in this price range.

  • Kajal

AnonD-104517, 17 Aug 2015wooow the phone is awesome and flawless... much more beautiful i... morei was thinking to buy Samsung galaxy A8 . Is it worth buying ? Anyone who has bought please share you experience.

  • Simm

I'm confused as to buy Xperia c4 or Samsung a8..guys please help which one is better?

  • Anonymous

Tcool, 15 Aug 2015The answer is simple: You got a defective unit, return it and st... moreAre you from samsung company?

  • AnonD-423027

AD, 17 Aug 2015The Sony Xperia C5 Ultra is much better option than this device. You haven't seen the storage of a8 . A8 has 32 gb but sony c5 ultra only 16 gb. A8 is 1.8 octa but C5 is 1.7.C5 is 6.0 and more bulky and big and i dont think that c5 is much better than A8 ,they are quite same with each other.

A8 has 3050 battery and lollipop 5.1
C5 has 2930 battery and lollipop 5.0

  • raj

Pls..pls gsmarena review this galaxy A8..pls

  • AnonD-246216

This phone has a similar sized battery to the note 5 and S6 edge+ and its a lot thinner. Goes to show how little effort samsung did for its new phablet line this year...

  • AnonD-104517

wooow the phone is awesome and flawless... much more beautiful in real than what it looks in the pictues... works as smooth as S6 and the only advantage i see on this phone over S6 is its bigger screen while i see none in S6 over it(performance wise)... i wanted a phone somewhere in mid range with features that of an S6 and this stands tall in all the departments... thanks samsung for bringing such a nice phone... anyone thinking to buy this just dont think... go n buy asap... :)


why this phone not made for midle east. samsung said this model is not for midle east. why ? i am in qatar, so sad.

  • nishu paika

someone say samsung very expensive but they give high quality and perfect services.
(y) ♡♡♡

  • fazi

This phone not support java?

  • Anonymous

Don't believe on the negative comment for this phone,this phone is amazing.thumbs up..

  • ranga babu

samsung also good protect, a8 mobile good mobile battery toomuch

  • AnonD-430646

sagar, 01 Jul 2015waiting for this phone from past 4 months, tracking its update e... moreHey, did you purchased it? if yes,then how it's working? I mean how's the processor, does it hangs like some of the pieces from the galaxy series? camera clarity? and last but not the least how the battery fares to games and Internet surfing?
Thank you.

  • AD

Also, xperia c5 ultra dual has a separate sd card slot and doesn't use the 2nd sim slot like this one. C5 supports upto 200gb sd card.

  • AD

The Sony Xperia C5 Ultra is much better option than this device.

  • Sunny

Ya phn is great awosame look bt bc battary life is not gud
f*ck This phn yr i like so much samsung brand

  • gigi

cannot be in Thailand only $451 because Samsung has patents/copy right to be maintained throughout the world everywhere.
A8 is better than Note 4 because the screen features are :
(1) fingerprint scanner log in (same as iphone 6)
(2) the screen is auto protection from scratches
(3) full metal
(4) slimmer with stylish
(5) duos - dual sim cards or extention memory card
(6) lolipop android 5.1.1
(7) good battery 3050 mAh
(8) camera equivalent to note 4
(9) affortable price

happyalone27, 16 Aug 2015i m about to purchase a8 please tell me its worth 30 thousand or... moreNote 3 was released almost two years ago. Wait for one and a half year and the price of this phone will be cheaper than the price of Note 3 now.