Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

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  • Anonymous

I hope the "octa core A53" is not true because it would again ruin the A series. There should be at least 2 high performance cores, we don't want to be stuck in 2013 performance and still have to pay € 400 in 2018.

  • Chrsjns

Its a 5.5 inch phone, I wonder how compact the dimensions of the phone would be....

  • Pand

If the specs are true then LG will lose the space. Surely !!

  • Manyakis maraig

Cool phone. Imma buy if the price is right

  • Anon12345

Mirkran, 06 Oct 2017For all those who think this has almost the same specs as last y... moreAgreed, people should wait for official specs before judging.

  • AnonD-705232

I bought galaxy S3 in 2012 for RM2199(about 600U$D)*on the time of release.Seriously,its been 5 years & working perfect! I only wanna upgrade my phone cuz the trend has change.Everyone upgrading to bezel-less phone.I only use my phone for calls,social media,news, this a5(2018) will perfectly fit me.Im waiting for this phone!!!

For all those who think this has almost the same specs as last year model, no A5 had the same specs of the last year model.

A5 (2015): SD410, 2GB RAM, 2300mAh, 720p display, Adreno 306
A5 (2016): SD615/Exynos 7580, 2GB RAM, 2900mAh, 1080p display, Adreno 405/Mali-T720MP2
A5 (2017): Exynos 7880, 3GB RAM, 3000mAh, 1080p display, Mali-T830MP3.

According to last rumors and benchmark listings, this will have an Exynos 7885 (2xCortex-A73 and 6xCortex-A53) and a Mali G71 GPU (unspecified number of cores), 4GB RAM, Infinity Display and 300mAh more than last year model.

Please samsung, PLEASE make a3 a5 a7 same specs just the size different. And chipset should be on par with at least galaxy s7. A5 2017 is on par with s5. Gpu is better a little. I mean a8 2016 has s6 performance. A series in terms of performance should be 1 or maybe 2 years old. Not 3. A5 2015 on par with s3 a5 2016 on par with s4. Not good for a 450 euro phone.

95% same specs as A5 2017. Samsung is becoming shamesung.

  • Anonymous

I hope they don't drop A3 series.
A3 2018 with 5,2" full ratio screen would be the best one handed phone.
A5 2018 has good size but even smaller A3 2018 would be better.

  • Manyakis maraig

Cool phone. Imma buy if the price is right

  • Anonymous

Bonji, 06 Oct 2017Come on Samsung no Size for ordinary one hand users. Samsung and... morelol... you outdated knowledge make you court jester of the

This is a full screen phone, which mean despite the screen size is 5.5 inches but the overall size are like a 5 inches phone, look at Honor 2i which is 5.9 inches yet the overall size is similar to MiA1 which is 5.5 inches.

Buck up you knowledge to avoid further self humiliation.

  • Bonji

Come on Samsung no Size for ordinary one hand users. Samsung and this Android competition is forcing average midrange non power users who want premium features with extreame built & and snappy performance to buy iphone. Because if we want a 5.0 inch smartphone there is'nt any with good premium features in 300-400£ range. Apple sticks to pure mobile experience than phablet experience but its too pricey. Samsung please dont omit OIS. Nobody wants dual camera/ 16megapixels or some big numbers the humble camera in the previous gen galaxy s7 is far enough. Front selfi camera should @ least have an autofocus & wide lens for good selfi. A snd 660/ similar powerful exynos is enough for midrange, others can buy one plus. Even with this chipset if one hand use good camera good display & battery life close to previous a5. A lot of people will prefer this cute device.

  • DikDik

not OIS??

  • Anonymous

G6's effects on A5's screen

100 % SURE it's not coming with 4gb ram .

  • Anonymous

Meow, 05 Oct 2017Damn, this phone is the next S8. A series is pretty much getting... moreFar from true. A 2018 expensive, old nougat os, old 14nm soc. J 2018 Oreo os, new 11nm soc with cortex a 55 possible infinty display , type c , or water resistant, all that cheaper.

  • Ayazzi

Carbon copy of LG G6,

  • Teu

Does this phone a5 2018 has curved front screen at the left and right edge?? Thnks

  • Anonymous

Spent 200 euro for lg phone in half year its got water, brake screen i will newer buy any phone again. And shop dont want to repair it for that overpriced price when it was new they they should be repairing it.