Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

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  • AnonD-454552

a52018 and a52017 same cpu... need better cpu :(

Suppose to be Nougat first, not Oreo!

  • Force Majeure

Still only A53 for a 2018 mobile? I'll pass.

  • Anonymous

2018 will be era for flexible foldable screen devices, 18:9 screen won't last long.

  • AnonD-697956

32 gb for 2018??

  • Alexander

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2017Nope but S9 will have 7/8nm new soc to make u upgrade and will c... moreHow do you know? I doubt that you are an internal for Samsung. Please get to facts instead of rumours.

  • AnonD-113455

I'm still waiting for A9 (2017) really disappointed. Hope they make A9 (2018) with 6.2-6.4 flat screen.

Good design, Super Display but still 32Gb storage,I have hope coming with dual cameras (primary) but it's not bad

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2017Good news! Now the S9 must sport a radical new design in order ... moreNope but S9 will have 7/8nm new soc to make u upgrade and will come later than S8

  • Anonymous

I hate the screen ratio being change

  • Anonymous

Good news! Now the S9 must sport a radical new design in order to not look like a mid ranger!

  • AnonD-88005

Recycled design again and again.This new trend is making phones all too similar... i dont like it that much...

Sibling of LG Q6+.

  • Oz

The photos are not real IMO. The scanner for one will be vertical like current samsung handset and not horizontal.

  • Anonymous

Finally they fixed that fp-scanner location. Funny that this midranger is more practical that the current Samsung flagships!

32GB of internal is little low, but assuming it has dedicated SD card slot like A5 2017 then I'd say it's a acceptable tradeoff

  • Anonymous

It will come with old Nougat instead Oreo i'm sure.

afred, 04 Oct 2017no ambient light and 32gb internal ..........-_- You want 128GB on a mid-range phone?
It's not *supposed* to beat the flagships!
You can always get the S8 or the Note 8 for more storage and performance.

  • AnonD-670709

I compare my a5 2017 to s8, and s8 is smaller though its screen is 5.8", so maybe this phone will be smaller than a5 2017

  • afred

no ambient light and 32gb internal ..........-_-

  • AnonD-441601

I know this is just first specs but why it must been ugly as S8.
Phone without bezels its like car without bumpers so its ugly as S.H.I.T.