Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

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  • sdsdsd

Not has a Good and loud loudspeaker , it`s loudspeaker ring is only a 65 db .

  • A9

Is the a9 really available in black? No one seems to be selling black, just white pink gold.

  • Steve J

The problem is that once the screen diagonal dimension reaches 7.0 inches, Samsung pigeon holes it as a tab which brings lousy specs, especially in the camera department. I wish Samsung would give us a 7.0 inch device with A9 (2016) specs.
7.0 inches is far, far better for reading the Internet. I have the Galaxy Tab 4, 7.0 and it fits into my jeans' pockets. The problem is the low spec.
My humble advice to Samsung is to bring out the A10 with a 7.0 inch screen. I simply cannot stress how much better a 7 inch is than a 6 for the Internet.

  • AnonD-520226

The galaxy A9 is a budget phone but that doesn't stop samsung from cutting corners to give u a water down version of the phone. The galaxy A9 pro should've been the 1 n only official version. I believe the oppo R9 plus mite b a phone for haven't cut on any corners n if it is price around 450 like the water down version of the galaxy A9 then the galaxy A9 pro won't make any sense at all

  • AnonD-520226

I like d galaxy a9 but I am tired of samsungs BS.becaue this isn't a flagship phone they have cat so many corners n vern more so that they can introduce the galaxy A9 pro with an extra gb of ram n a slightly better camera which u probably won't even see the difference. Jus so that they can charge a 50$ or 100$ dollars

  • AnonD-197373

This would be awesome if it had 1440p screen.

  • AnonD-439799

Does anyone know if this phone works with U.S. 4G LTE AT&T bands 2, 4, 5, and 17? I'm a power user and this is a dream phone for me.

  • Anonymous

Awesome specs with great design .. only 1 issue with it is that price damm high will be under 30k .

  • Anonymous

I got 1 in aug 2015 goes gr8

  • AnonD-519661

yes it does support both quick charge 2.0 and 3.0

  • Anonymous

does anyone have an idea; it supports ''quallcomm quick charge 3.0'' , or not?.. normally its proccessor: snapdragon 652 is capable of, but did samsung enable it?...

  • Sherif

mhajee, 13 Feb 2016i brought this a9 n i tell you its the beast of all ..great spe... moreBro hw loudspeaker sound

  • Ahmed

mac, 22 Mar 2016I want to know one thing. if battery damage then what should we do?Take it to the dealer & replace it.

  • abo khairy

AnonD-518205, 24 Mar 2016I have decided to test it 1 more week as I will be travelling ag... moreplease my friend tell us about your experience after that week...thanks

  • AnonD-518205

I have decided to test it 1 more week as I will be travelling again. Hope it work well.

  • AnonD-518205

I am a Samsung user. Owns A3, Note 3, Note 4 Duos, Note 5 Duos, A9 A9000 and Tab S2 8.0.

I got my A9 a week ago and intend to test it out during my recent travel trip. I used my Note 3 as hotspot.

Here are my findings:
~ Duo Sim plus SD Card slot
~ 6 inches screen. Easy reading. But, just slightly bigger than my Notes series. I use an iRing. So one hand operation is not an issue. Can use this as a phone stand when I screen movies.
~ Good speaker.
~ Battery life.

~ Screen lag. Quite obvious. Could be because of the larger screen or the 128GB SD Card. I am not sure. Sometimes, the respond can take a second after you touched and select something on the screen. Try gaming with it.... No good.
~ Connectivities to Wi-Fi is not that good. As I am using the Tab S2, side by side, the Tab connected to the hotel wifi without any problem. The A9 struggled a few attempts to get online. Also, the Wi-Fi reception meter shows only 1 bar on the A9 but my Tab has 3.
~ No light indicator. I will have to keep checking for incoming messages.

The above are my findings compared with the rest of the Samsung devices I have.

Conclusion :
It is good to be used as secondary device for reading, movies and as a hotspot. This is what I am going to do with it.

  • Raymond tee sg

how cm this phone so late sell in sg.

  • Azhar

Nice future like it

  • mac

I want to know one thing. if battery damage then what should we do?

  • Sana

Hey may I knw see to get dis phone and how much it cost... I can b d features r awesome but I need to knw d price of it and see can I buy it...wil anyone help