Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

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  • Anonymous

How munch this phone A9?

  • Jose

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2016Where to buy in the USA I need one pleaseThe 2016 versions of A3, A5, A7 and A9 will be available worldwide after January the 31st, it was launched first in China...

  • Anonymous

Where to buy in the USA I need one please

  • Gohem

How will be performance with SD652 as compared of SD800 series,....Can anyone suggest

  • Anonymous

fm radio has RDS and recording, better than Huawei's fm radio.

  • MQR

Have it LED indicator..

  • Anonymous

Sounds good..lets see

  • Don

Finally, good job Samsung! You have learned a lot from Huawei:

1. The S6 and Note 5's 1440x2560 resolutions are plain OVERKILL for their 5.1"
and 5.7" displays. It only wastes battery and lowers the overall processor
performance. I can't see distinct pixels in my 6.0" mate 7 (1080p resolution)
even 4 inches away from my eyes (I'm very nearsighted). Those who claim to see
'pixelation' from the lower resolution display of Mate 7 (1080p) vs. other 4K phones
do so because of the 'PLACEBO' effect. 4K only matters if you are into virtual reality
using some VR goggles close to your phone's display--- good luck on your dizzying VR
experience then.

2. 4000 mAh battery. Now that's a good choice Samsung! 4000 mAh should be the
minimum standard for any smartphone nowadays. Games and browsing will drain
2000 - 3000+ mAh batteries in less than 4 hours even starting at 100%.
What's the point of having the S6 or Note 5's gorgeous 4K amoled display and powerful gaming prowess if the phone is dead before lunch time? And no, don't tell me to always bring the 'fast' charger and/or powerbank everyday. That's just too many things to carry and one that becomes a burden. And no, fast charging is a poor compromise for a big battery. I'd rather have a slightly thicker phone with bigger battery than have a slim
one but always carry the charger and/or powerbank.

3. Dual SIM. Good job Samsung! Most of your previous flagships only have single sim options until recently. Modern smartphones should at the bare minimum, provide dual SIM support. One SIM for cheaper data package and another SIM for cheaper phone calls and text package --- or one sim for home and another for work or for local and international
travel to save on roaming data. There are plenty other uses for two SIMs and the latest
Android versions support them, so why limit one's flexibility?

4. SD card. After removing SD card support from your recent flagship phones, it is now back in this model. Well done Samsung! SD card support is very useful for people who love to have the entire music collection, HD movie collection and photo collection in their PC's, available anytime, anywhere in their phones even without data connection. They can mirror or screencast (wifi-direct) the movies and photos to any TV anywhere they go, no internet connection needed! Besides, smartphones nowadays offer ever increasing camera resolutions (18 MP+) and ever increasing video resolutions (4K) which will devour a standard 32 GB internal storage in no time, so why remove SD card support from your flagship S6 and Note 5?


Z-E-E-S-H-A-N, 14 Jan 2016Nice cell phone zeeshan ahmed go get apple


Z-E-E-S-H-A-N, 14 Jan 2016Nice cell phone zeeshan ahmed go get apple

  • AnonD-148135

wow! another samsungs awesome phone!

  • ZaGura

Samsusng are not a profesionel devices, but ther are usual.

  • Mir

Is there metallic body in a9

  • Anonymous

Only mono speaker.No stereo speakers and hi fi audio.

  • Anonymous

Steve, 13 Jan 2016Galaxy A8 = 5MP, 16MP Galaxy A9 = 8MP, 13MP Oh samsung, why? Whats new in this cell phone?? Ham

  • santosh singh

very nice smart phone latest new android version

  • unknown

peace to all samsung fans but dont worry i am also using a samsung phones.

I hate that samsung releases to much smartphone in just a single time. and i hate also their ecosystem that the gaps of the new release and the upcoming smartphones are short

for example i will buy A8 for today then suddenly after a months ago A9 releases i just waist ed my money. And i dont want their UI i prefered the stock android less battery drain and good to develop an app or game.

and i tried to experiment i stock my samsung phone for 1 year then there i find out some problem onto it.

  • prince saqi

best android mobile with best specifications

  • Z-E-E-S-H-A-N

Nice cell phone

  • karthik jai

When it was available at singapore