Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

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  • Yassine karaouli

Pls can anyone tell me when it will be availbale in tunisia i love it i think it s the best thanks

  • Hussain

It's great by feature and looking graceful but so castly.

  • rana

Samsung galaxy A9 working temperature in minus degree

  • Hardik

HI wanna know hows battery life? with mixed usage with surf whatsapp and some call. till howmany days it will work in single charge? plz comment. as 4000 Mah should support to give 2.5 days charge .

  • AnonD-325712

Anyone tell me the charging time of A9

  • AnonD-325712

Johnny, 21 Jan 2016I was surprised with the camera quality. It's really fast, ... more100% brighteness really hurt your eyes.

  • Jarret

Samsung is going better and better

  • Johnny

AnonD-491047, 20 Jan 2016How long did the battery last, please? How are the photos?I was surprised with the camera quality. It's really fast, and the photos are really nice. I'm not that crazy about phone cameras, I prefer the actual camera for photos but they are probably as good as they get on phones. I've never seen S6's photos though.
As for battery; it's ok. If I play games a couple of hours a day, surf the net and son, there's only around 15%.
So you will probably have to charge it every night.
On the other hand, it has a huge 6 inch screen and I always use 100% brighteness.
If you decerease it or put it on auto it could probably last longer, since the phone says that the screen is draining around 40% of my battery, but I really like to use it to it's full capacity.

  • AnonD-491302

When will it come in pakistan i really like it i have sell my 2 samsung galaxy phones and 1 apple iphone 4s.can i order online from china or Us plz anyone who know plz tell me

  • Rahil

Mir, 15 Jan 2016Is there metallic body in a9Yes dude all a series have metallic body

  • AnonD-491073

how do I import it? is it for sale in any site?

  • AnonD-491047

Johnny, 20 Jan 2016I'm currently in China, and I bought it on January 18th. ... moreHow long did the battery last, please? How are the photos?

  • Johnny

I'm currently in China, and I bought it on January 18th.


I was actually going to get OnePlus 2, but the only store that had it was all out, and I got really pissed (because of the stupid invite system).
Walked around a bit, and I came across this baby. Oh, my, was I happy that I haven't bought the OP2.

It's so quick and snappy, even with a VPN on.

The only problem is, there's still no root for it, and I can't install Google services, but I hope they will come after the worldwide release.

And, also, the build is great, because it's made of metal and glass, and it weighs around 200 grams, which I really like. Feels like a gadget, rather than a toy.

It cost me roughly $480 (3100 RMB).

I more than recommend this phone. Just go ahead and buy it. You won't regret it.

  • Anonymous

when gsm arena will make the review

  • AnonD-365083

Why there are no LTE bands listed in the specifications? What does this mean? Will this phone support LTE at all??

  • AnonD-489815

Its not available yet even in the us.

  • AnonD-365083

Which LTE bands does this phone support?

  • Dash@sgs

when will this be available in Sri lanka

  • Chouhan@S

R U Sure Bro about the Arrival of A9 after january 30th... I am eagerly Waiting for that A9.

  • Rana ji

what about LED indicator....