Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

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  • Anonymous

Motorola Pro+ is scheduled to launch in India. It has bigger wider screen, Gorilla glass, 16 million colour display, 1600mah battery and integrated Adobe Flash facility. It comes with better build quality scratch resist.screen.
Dont know why this has not yet launched.
SAMSUNG GALAXY CHAT and MOTOROLA PRO+ will have tough competition.
Follow this for details:­-Products-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/ci.MOTOROLA­-PRO-PLUS-XW-EN.alt

  • shahrukh irani

I said before also they had mentioned july, august and its nearly sept. coming to end. So when will be released in india. Dont know why they fake.


Overall good but very poor battery life

  • Vinay Thakur

Is multi-touch and pinch to zoom available?
How is the viewing angle? I hope the screen doesn't appear blue/green when viewed from sideways. (just like nokia E-5)
Please help.


  • true_red03

the bad:
1. camera
2. resolution
3. keyboard should have on-off preset during day time or night
4. LG optimus pro has better audio quality ( im using playerpro for testing)

the good:
1. rock bottom price (around USD 125 in Indonesia)
2. good keyboard, better than gemini and LG optimus pro
3. ICS out of the box
4. i believe it has 512 MB of ram, so it will not force close any app running in background if it running out memory

if yo need an android with phsical keyboard but dont need superior screen or camera, this classy looking droid is for you

  • saifu 8686

well its good not bad...internal 4gb wow but its should have a video calling really its rock...

  • saifu

well its good not bad...internal 4gb wow but its should have a video calling really its rock...

  • crazily need it

why the hell don't samsung release this one??

  • AnonD-10547

Galaxy chat now available in INDIA.­axy-chat-b5330-1004872

  • AnonD-70315

where his GPU? Is the Adreno 200

  • RAAZ

Screen resolution & Camera specification are a setback. Why can;t SAMSUNG launch a Phone comparable to MOTOROLA PRO PLUS which is of same size as of CHAT but has screen 640*480 pixels and camera is of 5MP with a dual LED Flash. It will rock.

  • AnonD-17917

Except for the screen resolution everything seems good..dnt know though how good is that vga recording? When this will be available in India? And does this phone have LOUD sound or just average feeble output?

  • AnonD-66137

[deleted post]its available in india and you will get in market very soon and in india you will get pink & black colour
Price would be around 9000/-10000/
dont know bout the RAM & ROM information
check before buy internal memory is good but if there ram below 512 mb internal memory would be useless

  • Nick

jaws man, 12 Sep 2012already in malaysia..rm499 only,memory for installing app as big... moreWill the phone work smoothly with Ice Cream Sandeich OS? Or very lagging?

  • jaws man

already in malaysia..rm499 only,memory for installing app as big as galaxy Note but camera is a let least got a2dp.....

  • Vicky

It seems to be good and I was waiting for samsung to launched an android mobile with qwerty keypad so lets see how does it work..............

  • Jeetu

I see eye to eye with all the featrues excepted the camera, it should be atleast 5 megapixels or VGA of good quality.

  • AnonD-70781

Batam King, 10 Sep 2012I bought this cutie 4 hours ago and has been playing with it sin... moreHow much ram in it? What 're parts in the box(ex. Charger or batteries)? Sorry, my bad English.

  • jay


  • Batam King

I bought this cutie 4 hours ago and has been playing with it since 1 hour ago.
The resolution is very disappointing especially for 'high class' user such as Galaxy Note, S3 or iPhone.

Dont go for this if you have budget. This is more likely for beginner.