Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

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  • Batam King

I bought this cutie 4 hours ago and has been playing with it since 1 hour ago.
The resolution is very disappointing especially for 'high class' user such as Galaxy Note, S3 or iPhone.

Dont go for this if you have budget. This is more likely for beginner.

  • AnonD-70781

Please review (unbox) if you have this phone. Is it bad or good?

  • Anonymous

Already in Surabaya, don't know how much though.

  • peterpan125

route 66, 31 Aug 2012the phone is launched in mainland china by a major online retail... morewow,i bought 2 b5530 just now.
i like phone with key.
i hate iphone.

  • nishant

4 gb internal memory wow

  • gopi mobile master

resolution is too low, why samsung launching this type of phones...? for best sales these type of mobiles this must be introduced in dual sim.

  • kisara

Please review if you have it. Is it bad or good? What parts inside box? (Sorry my bad English)

  • Anonymous

Please review this phone if you

  • justme

Please review this phone. Is it good or bad? What're parts inside box (exp. earphone,charger)?

  • xx

resolution too low

  • AnonD-70315

when come in indonesia??

  • Sikku 101

Is this available in uae

  • sahil

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2012This phone has been already launched in India and the current pr... morewhere in india it is available....?????

  • Rishabh

wynet, 04 Sep 2012already launched here in Indonesia. Price about US$135..Has it really been launched in Indonesia? I cannot find it on Samsung's official Indonesian website.
How have you come to know that it is launched there?
Pleas tell me a website in which I can see if it is launched.

  • ade

wynet, 04 Sep 2012already launched here in Indonesia. Price about US$ Indonesia?really? where can i buy? pls info..

  • Rishabh

wynet, 04 Sep 2012already launched here in Indonesia. Price about US$135..Really!! hey, thats an amazing price!!
Can you please tell me a website that contains its price??

  • wynet

already launched here in Indonesia. Price about US$135..

  • Raj

AnonD-67962, 25 Aug 2012my friend work in samsung he told me galaxy chat priceAsk your friend what is the price and when available in market

  • Raj

Rishabh, 31 Aug 2012Thank you for informing me... But can any one tell me any site ... more
this mobile is available on , Rs-10000

  • shahrukh irani

Last time it said exp. rel.july and now they are saying august. Now august is also over and maybe next august. What a joke.