Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

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  • Anonymous

JYOTIRMOY MANDAL, 07 Jan 2016is it possible to upgrade this os version from Kitkat-4.4.4... moreno, it is already on samsung galaxy grand neo plus (GT-I9060I), yours is probably I9060..

  • Anonymous

please how do upgrade my galaxy grand neo (GT-i9060/dc) to kitkat 4.4.4?

  • raz

is it possible upgrade samsung galaxy grand neo jellybean to kitkat verson ?

  • marian

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2016yes broohhh i want samsung galaxy s6 edge


is it possible to upgrade this os version from Kitkat-4.4.4 to Lolipop? Grand Neo Plus........... plz infrom me......

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]they are not giving not aby update for cheaper cell phone.....even s5 they didn,t give update for lollipop.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2015When we open playstore if we download anyt... moreyes bro

  • darius

i own this phone and i like it, and when does samsung plan the official lollipop update for the grand neo plus?

  • amit kumar

camera quality and stoge poor.
camera quality is very poor as dim light according to samsung another phone.

  • Pathan M. I.

Do not buy any samsung product. Worst class phone. No quality standards. No after sale service from samsung. Samsung sells damaged & problematic products. Do not give replace or after sale service. World's inferior company.
I suggest all my friends not to buy this phone & any other samsung product.

  • Nickert

BALI, 09 Dec 2015recently my phone fell on concrete. sinds then all my video... moreThrough it again on the concrete!

  • Saima

faith, 22 Dec 2015How big is itIt's 5" and Excellent Phone!!

  • Anonymous

rick, 17 Dec 2015Just call me When we open playstore if we download anything it is telling insufficient storage

  • faith

kelvo, 22 Dec 2015This fon iz great n suburb i luv itHow big is it

  • kelvo

This fon iz great n suburb i luv it

  • Ritu

it's ossme phone......

  • rick

AnonD-466704, 18 Nov 2015When updated this mobile lollipop verson? Plz tell me anyoneJust call me

  • sonu kumar

The better phone in this segment. This is only smartphone in my view which supports regular sim . If you are new with android or smartphone you must buy the grand neo plus.overall the performance of Phoen is quite good , if the common person with med...

  • BH

Kay, 13 Dec 2015Where do I find reject list?reject list for what?

  • Kay

Where do I find reject list?