Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

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  • Raj

Manoj, 15 Nov 2017My Samsung galaxy grand neo mobile battery got explode and due t... moretoo outdated model, and cant charge too much, well get upgraded bro, no need to complain about "Samsung' brand.

  • Manoj

My Samsung galaxy grand neo mobile battery got explode and due to which mobile burnt. So please don't go for Samsung brand as many model has same problem

  • Rumi

Need software update

  • jensen

my samsung have many problems
1: unsupportable sim cards
2:unsatisfactory storage

  • marto

have had the gadget for the last 1 and half years and for sure i cant complain. it has served me to my satisfaction.

  • Anonymous

I think samsung should commend me. I bought the phone December 2014.... not quite 6 months it started giving me issues. but I still used it and I'm still using it.

  • anu

when dual sim use at a time signal will decreasing in one point and I have another problem in the phone battery .worst model

  • AnonD-688527

This is the worst phone I've ever had. It lasted only six months working normally. Then it started to lose signal with both sim cards at the same time. I returned it 4 times to an autorized samsung service but they said the phone has no problem. And here I am using it only for facebook. Plus, the service guys send me a test for the phone proving it's okay but the normal user is not able to understand a single thing from the paper. Samsung never again!

  • K☆ Bro

AnonD-683655, 10 Jul 2017I've been having this phone for the past 1 1/2 years. This phone... moresame problem here bro...

  • AnonD-683655

I've been having this phone for the past 1 1/2 years. This phone is dual-sim, and while using you may find the signal connectivity of both sims get dropped unexpectedly. This can happen more than 4-5 times a day depending on your usage. After 5-10 seconds of a typical signal drop duration, the signal is again restored, and the phone returns to normal functionality. While this happens, any apps currently functioning also get restarted simultaneously. This is a huge issue of this phone.

RAM of 1GB is sufficient only for mostly average usage. Further screen resolution is not that great.

  • Shy King Salim

I really love this phone easy to operate strong network, i have no problem facing.... thanx samsung

  • AnonD-676507

I'm in love with this phone everything work 100%
4/5 stars

  • Shreen

It is bad bad phone. I have also same problem. Sim is not working and never registers on network even Sim is inside

  • Krina

I have been using this for 3 years.
All I have to say is that apps are stopped working unexpectedly.
Whatsapp not working. All chats are automatically removed.
And more over simcard stops working and the sd card too automatically format.
Better, don't go for this.

  • son

Have it for 3years ..its super laggy amd the sim card doesnt recognize

  • kamen

hnelutu, 21 Nov 2016I have this phone from march2015, i have problem with signal los... moreHello. I have the same problem... once or twice per days phone completly looses both sims (different providers) and it after few minutes it's all normal. Since two providers uses their own networks, it's impossible for both of them to loose signal at the same time - so it's the phone's fault.... any ideas?

Own it for almost 3 years now. From time to time had to delete everything for it to become less laggy. The vibration stopped working after 2 years. And had to replace the battery after one year and a half too, which costed me 30€.

It's really bad, part of it is because I'm a really heavy user and I have to charge it almost 3 times a day, so I don't think this new battery will last long.

But, excluding all that stuff, it still worked well. I could still use for more time, but today the screen decided to stop responding, and now I have to touch like 10 times for it to react.
If anyone knows how to solve this problem, can you help me out?

  • Mostafa

i have it for two years right now and it is super laggy

  • span

enabling OTG suport would add to its utility

  • ahvs

I have this camera for almost 2 years. The camera is good only if you had a better lighting. Then after 2 years the problem started. It suddenly shuts down. Voice recording is gone. Camera shots became blurred.