Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

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  • Anonymous

dk, 04 Jun 2015it may be upgrade to kitkat / lolipop or not (grand neo) anybody... moreonly the Grand Neo Plus has kitkat preinstalled

  • Magesh

I don't know what happened with samsung first of all they give me a default phone and secondly when I went to gallery they ask for Rs.7000 for servicing my phone.
Here what happened:-
I have purchased the so called Samsung neo plus before 2 months and it was good till the first month.
the first problem arises after 1 month when the center button stopped working and the next day the sim slot down also stopped working and in the third day the charging slot also stopped working.
When I visited the gallery for service they opened the phone and checked the device(for which they asked me to pay Rs.171 for checking alone is this free warranty) and after checking the person told me that the phone has liquid due to which half of the motherboard got damaged and to repair I need to pay 7000 INR.
Thats a shock for me as the phone was never involved with any water accident I said them the same.
And the person replied that while talking your sweat may have gone under the phone how can they justify this the sensor is on the bottom of the phone.

Really lost all the respect for samsung.

  • rohit

ganesh joshi pune, 11 Jun 2015i purchace grand neo last 1.5 moths.touch pad hang and network ... moreMy phone hangs while using internet y???

  • prem

IF you want use one SIM then its very nice phone, but if you wish to use dual SIM it will hang and network dead and touch will not work, you need to restart and problem will repeat only when you use dual SIM mode ..

Choice is your /// phone is very good/nice for one SIM ...

  • AnonD-398636

samsung cant go lower than this , or maybe it has already . what the hell does samsung thinks of its customers ? this is a total ripoff . 5 inch display and not even 720p in 2014 . only 4 gb user storage , worse than VGA selfie cam and dont even talk about performance - any karbonn or micromax phone in its price range beats it easily . And what about custom roms / development ? NONE ! Dont be fooled by samsung , dont get stuck with this garbage .

  • AnonD-405806

My neo plus has a touch problem but when i update it became good and touch continously......

  • bikram kc

its about problem to my mobile..i bought it 3 months ago .and my mobile doesnot switch on .. when i try to switch on it,flash light start to lighten. and even when i try to charge it,again flash light start to lighten... i even went to different mobile shops to repair it but they didn't solve it ..please i request if you can solve it please ....

  • ganesh joshi pune

Mahamal, 20 May 2015my sam gal 9060i is facing hanging problem. it hangs when in fb... morei purchace grand neo last 1.5 moths.touch pad hang and network dead no solved by service centre i goes 6 times at karve road servivice donot buy grand neo plus frod model by samsung ....grand 2 is always best...

  • Sanjog

bhushan, 10 Jun 2015I agreeI agree

  • mbali_tereh

I just recently bought my grand neo plus and Im really enjoying it so far....:}

  • bhushan

AnonD-404475, 09 Jun 2015facing network dropping and touch panel stop working problem do... moreI agree

jerry, 09 Jun 2015how to update jellybean to kitkat Only the I9060I (with the Spreadrum) chip has KitKat, the older Broadcom variant will remain stuck on Jelly Bean.

  • jerry

how to update jellybean to kitkat

  • johny

grand neo plus is a good phone but as usual with any equipment or tool you must have an understanding on how to use.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 May 2015This is damn bad it has no facility like galaxy grand neo ... J... moreMultiple time hanging in a day from first experiences with this phone (Samsung galaxy grand meo plus) is very very bad.

  • AnonD-404475

facing network dropping and touch panel stop working problem
dont buy this

  • Chili SA

what a fantastic phone. have it a month now,no problems.


why their is not still auto software uptade from jelly bean(4.2.2 ) to kit kat (v4.4.4)? which are shown in moblie specification

  • Maqbool Hussain

Its nice mobile double sim Card and battery also Good I am using more then a year it has no broblem.

  • Kamrul zoha

nigam, 16 May 2015This mob. Is very bed becouse i have 18/4/15 purches neo plus 98... moreSame with me..
(U can't understand what i do)