Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

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  • Shreen

It is bad bad phone. I have also same problem. Sim is not working and never registers on network even Sim is inside

  • Krina

I have been using this for 3 years.
All I have to say is that apps are stopped working unexpectedly.
Whatsapp not working. All chats are automatically removed.
And more over simcard stops working and the sd card too automatically format.
Better, don't go for this.

  • son

Have it for 3years ..its super laggy amd the sim card doesnt recognize

  • kamen

hnelutu, 21 Nov 2016I have this phone from march2015, i have problem with signa... moreHello. I have the same problem... once or twice per days phone completly looses both sims (different providers) and it after few minutes it's all normal. Since two providers uses their own networks, it's impossible for both of them to loose signal at the same time - so it's the phone's fault.... any ideas?

Own it for almost 3 years now. From time to time had to delete everything for it to become less laggy. The vibration stopped working after 2 years. And had to replace the battery after one year and a half too, which costed me 30€.

It's really bad, part of it is because I'm a really heavy user and I have to charge it almost 3 times a day, so I don't think this new battery will last long.

But, excluding all that stuff, it still worked well. I could still use for more time, but today the screen decided to stop responding, and now I have to touch like 10 times for it to react.
If anyone knows how to solve this problem, can you help me out?

  • Mostafa

i have it for two years right now and it is super laggy

  • span

enabling OTG suport would add to its utility

  • ahvs

I have this camera for almost 2 years. The camera is good only if you had a better lighting. Then after 2 years the problem started. It suddenly shuts down. Voice recording is gone. Camera shots became blurred.

  • Marcos-

This cell phone came out super Well I have 2 years as the only thing that the software must upgrade to 5.1 because some applications do not work correctly due to software

  • AnonD-651888

I have 2 years with the cell phone and it has come out super Well what happens is that they should update the software to 5.1 does not take Snapchat or some explanations

  • ☆MEL&#

Good day all I trust you well. I've purchased this device a year and few months ago were totally happy with it.

I'd say after a year of having this phone it started giving problems such as camera shuts down and makes a ticking sound when it shuts completely dow. This automatically restarts the phone then your battery level dropped. It's apps also stops working unexpectedly. Battery drains very fast and it heats upfor no reason. Can anyone advise me what to do i really like this device . I asked around and friends also experience this. Please note i did try a different battery and the problems still continues.

  • Anonymous

this phone price should be below 6,000,it's specifications are very poor

  • Marwan

Prasad, 08 Feb 2017is gt 19060 mobile otg compatible ?No, it doesn't support OTG.

  • Marwan

Joemi, 23 Feb 2017Is it compatible with 3 or 4g3G only

  • Joemi

Is it compatible with 3 or 4g

  • Anonymous

AnonD-642036, 05 Feb 2017Please let me know if exist a way to update my android vers... moreNo way

  • Prasad

is gt 19060 mobile otg compatible ?

  • AnonD-642036

Please let me know if exist a way to update my android version from 4.4.4 to 5.0.. please

  • grand neo

samsung, 16 Jan 2017Gt i9060AndroidS

  • samsung

Insetsu, 12 Jan 2017 I have this phone for almost 3 years now. After a year h... moreGt i9060