Samsung Galaxy M31s

Samsung Galaxy M31s

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  • Skyliz
  • nDQ
  • 10 May 2023

HR, 06 May 2023I am facing a unique issue of the battery not getting charg... moreSame issue, same purchase period

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    • HR
    • KAg
    • 06 May 2023

    I am facing a unique issue of the battery not getting charged. Facing issues since last night. Now the battery has drained out completely. Purchased around 2 years back

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      • Heya its me
      • ypc
      • 04 May 2023

      Great phone but its a super overheating phone. Surfing thru youtube for about 5 mins is enuf to heat the phone a bit and in gaming it heats up as if it were to explode

        I am also facing similar problems,my phone is not working after 2.5 years,due to IC motherboard problem. Samsung is cheating with all the customer by providing cheap quality phone to us. We need to escalate in social media and also inform to his MD for same. I have complain to his MD to replace my phone after warranty also. Because this kind of similar problems has faced by S series also and they are getting changed after warranty also. Then why we should leave our phone like this. A phone is not working for 2 years which is very bad impression Samsung is creating in his brand image

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          • Bhavin
          • Hkr
          • 29 Apr 2023

          Sachin, 11 Jan 2023Features of this phone is very good, Problem is in IC of th... moreAfter 2 years my mobile has got hanged after switching off the phone my phone has not started only, due to IC issue in motherboard,this is very common problem all are facing i have done md complain,i need everybody should complain against such company, because he is cheating with us and giving phone which have life of only 2 years. I use my all phone in very good condition only but by default this phone is not working. When I complain to md his executive called me and said it is machine we can't say anything after 1 years when warranty gets expired

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            • Anonymous
            • X$n
            • 26 Apr 2023

            If you have this phone and it is running/working fine, don't make the BIG mistake of running a software update. That is what has caused the "reboot in a loop" problem in most phones, making it practically worthless for many. Apart from this problematic software update issue, it is a decent phone that doesn't give much problems.

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              • Anonymous
              • upi
              • 06 Apr 2023

              Is it have 5g network

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                • Anonymous
                • Nvx
                • 03 Apr 2023

                The phone is too heavy

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                  • vikash
                  • vGf
                  • 30 Mar 2023

                  This is a good overall phone. (7.9/10)
                  Most impressive is the CAMERA and DISPLAY.
                  One of the biggest flaw is it's CPU! It sucks. It literally sucks, so much so that it takes abot 1 minute to install a 100MB app and which is why it's NOT suitable for gaming at all!!
                  Only if it had Qualcomm processor, this would have been a perfect phone for as long as 5-7 years.

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                    • Hardutt
                    • gN{
                    • 15 Mar 2023

                    I am using this phone since last 2 years and I didn't find any problem regarding this phone

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                      • AnshuTheX
                      • ij9
                      • 10 Mar 2023

                      its a good phone but with many problems,
                      motherbord problem is really big and its have no resell value , that hurts

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                        • Nicky
                        • Dk%
                        • 28 Feb 2023

                        This mobile is over all good. but the performance and this gaming purpose is not suitable .

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                          • Ankur
                          • Fvc
                          • 24 Feb 2023

                          I bought this phone on august 2020. The clarity of camera decreases after 6 months after 1year 3 months its speaker voice become too bad and now motherboard problem. I trust samsung more than any other phone but this is the worst phone from worst company. New motherboard will cost 9k rs.
                          Samsung should change this motherboard for free for everyone who is facing this issue.

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                            • vinod
                            • U{B
                            • 16 Feb 2023

                            i am facing the same above mention problems in the same mobile.

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                              • Sebin
                              • 7j{
                              • 15 Feb 2023

                              Piyush, 13 Feb 2023M31s has a big issue, my phone auto restart frequently. It ... moreI bought my phone in September 2020.. I changed my motherboard after 1 year as water entered in my phone(due to personal carelessness) but now ,from Feb 13th onwards, my phone started to restart frequently. I guess I am also facing the same issue as you.

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                                • Piyush
                                • 7tT
                                • 13 Feb 2023

                                M31s has a big issue, my phone auto restart frequently. It started in 10 months... when i visited Customer care they fixed under warranty in insisted for extended warranty... now the same problem started and warranty has expired... now they are asking 8500. Worst phone and poor service from Samsung. I feel cheated by Samsung

                                  I bought this M31S 2.5 years back. However, the phone was hanging suddenly when Logo is displayed without booting in. When, I approached their authorized service center they were asking me to replace motherboard which will cost me Rs 8500/- but the replacement couldn't be guaranteed for performance. A big let down by Samsung. Due to this reason, I never ever going to buy the branded products in future.

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                                    • Yogesh 8920111670
                                    • CbF
                                    • 08 Feb 2023

                                    M31s has a big issue, my phone auto restart frequently. Customer care also asking 7 to 8K for fixing this issue. Worst phone and poor service from Samsung.. Due to issue in their device customer had to pay money. Big thumbs down

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • XBx
                                      • 19 Jan 2023

                                      Currently using this
                                      No issues other than slight heating on 4g
                                      Battery last well
                                      Pubg lags and heat so you must use a game cooler for no lag

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                                        • Vijay
                                        • 7kp
                                        • 18 Jan 2023

                                        Exynos chipset is very weak in performance and also have network issue. I will not suggest Samsung Exynos smartphones to anyone. Now a days Samsung also makes low quality of display and camera outer glass.