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Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019Screen to body ratio 92% !!! It's bezel less champ and a record ... moreyeah right. Note10+ almost equal with OnePlus7pro in dimensions but has 0.13inch(7cm²) bigger screen

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019The designdesign of what?

Note9 User, 07 Aug 2019Lol, Samsung guarantees smartphone batteries for 1 year from pu... moreSo does every other brand.
Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei etc.
n my country here in Slovakia every device or tool have at least 2 years of warranty if its not stated othervise.

  • Anonymous

Torontotim, 06 Aug 2019Nice phone. Very expensive.Too overpriced. 1000€ would be better or 950€

  • Note9 User

Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ - what to expect­_note10__what_to_expect-news-38537.php

  • Note9 User

1B, 01 Aug 2019What? no headphone jack??? Samsung used to hit Apple when it re... moreYeah, we remember the ingenius dongle ad:

  • Anonymous

HyeVltg3, 05 Aug 2019Why do you say copy cat? what is this phone copying, sorry I'm n... moreThe design

  • Anonymous

Screen to body ratio 92% !!! It's bezel less champ and a record breaker! Best design engineering

  • Note9 User

Bob, 21 Jul 2019The lack of a 3.5mm jack, which I use DAILY means I'll be replac... moreI totally agree, dropping the 3.5mm jack from the Note is a bad move.
You'll be happy with the Note9 hopefully for even more years than your Note 4.
I reckon (if you can wait) Black Friday in November will be the best deals (checkout your national Samsung website at that time).

  • Note9 User

CptPower, 04 Jul 2019Man 20k powerbank is much smaller than the phone where is the pr... moreLol, Samsung guarantees smartphone batteries for 1 year from purchase, if it's faulty they'll replace it for free.
Their smartphones are guaranteed to be fixed for free for 2 yrs.

Seriously ? Too curved phone personally i don't like it...

  • Note9 User

CptPower, 11 Jun 2019Trolling??? No but 6,75 inch phone and there is no space for ma... moreLol, I see your still trolling on the Samsung pages, lmao, only you could compare the Note10+ to the Oukitel K10000:­_largest_battery_now_up_for_preorder_for_19999-n­ews-15429.php

Times have moved on, multi purpose/ jack (doh! no jack, bad move) of all trades for what a smartphone can do is different nowadays, or maybe you're still using your smartphone screen as a hammer to knock in nails (although I reckon your head could also do a good job, lol ;)):­_meets_nails_lives_to_tell_the_tale-blog-14049.p­hp

4,300 mAh battery will be fine for all day (24hr), I'm sure it will score => 100hrs GSMA battery rating.
Yes as time goes on we all like to see better battery performance, but it's going in the right direction.

Nice phone. Very expensive.

Look like a cheap phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2019What hurts most and makes me gone unhappy with Samsung is to rel... morelool congratz, you win the prize for the most stupid and pointless comment so far! \o/

What about IR BLASTER???
Why there is no mention of it? Is it there or not?

  • Anonymous

What hurts most and makes me gone unhappy with Samsung is to release this phone in an old Android version (9pie), so I will buy a huge amount of money only to get two major versions while I could have the The present Q and R and S. That's why I prefer Huawei flagships.

  • Coolidiot

Does it really have a Iris Scanner?

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2019Excited for this copycat.. umm, excuse me. This exclusive phoneWhat is wrong with you? Think before start uttering nonsense BS

Acusor, 05 Aug 2019And it doesn't have 1tb...because at the moment there is no 1TB UFS 3.0 storage , ( max 512 GB ) Note 10+ use latest universal flash storage which is 50% faster than UFS 2.1 in the S10 series , ( that why S10+ can have 1TB cuz 2.1 not 3.0 )