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  • Skiya

Only Apple has managed to get rid of the chin, even though the Note's screen to body ratio is better than that of the iPhone XS it could have been made better by getting rid of the chin

  • EMEA Guy

I saw, that the EMEA version with Exynos has a worse performance than the USA version with Snapdragon. Do you know if there is any drawback of using Snapdragon version in the EU?

7h3N319hb0r, 01 Sep 2019I owned and used the Note1, Note II, Note 3, Note7, and occasion... moreI will have Note 10+ from Note 8. And it is a big jump to the big screen. Wow!

I owned and used the Note1, Note II, Note 3, Note7, and occasionally currently Note8.

My wife has the Note9 which will be mine soon. I just looked at the Note10/10+ and it’s a meh because I don’t see no significant innovation jump from my Note8 or the Note9. I don’t see the gyro or Bluetooth control of the S Pen as ever useful, nor finding the 3D sketching interesting.

I just wanted to share my experience with note 10 plus dual sim
I just ordered SM-N9750 via eBay, it was very cheap (Does not have "DS" letters but is a dual sim as it has hybrid tray for SD card/ second sim). It is working very smoothly, apps and websites loaded very fast through the OS/ bigger RAM and overall excellent experience. I wanted to get this 9750 model over India model 975/DS as it had extra band 12, which T-mobile uses, but lacks 66 & 71. The 975/DS model lacks band 12, 71 but has 66. Also I heard band 71 was more "performing" band for T-mobile than band 66.
This morning, I did a speed test on 9750 vs t-mobile issued S9 plus (has 66 & 71) using two different T-mobile SIM (2 separate lines), inserted in phones one by one. Results were astonishing. While I got a max of 3 mbps down (4G displayed) on 9750, I got 27 mbps down on S9 plus. At a different location, I got max 6 mbps download speed on 9750. (note" also on 9750, the AT&T will work on 3G only.)
So choose carefully! Dual sim is very helpful for me and since mostly I am at my home or office where I have wi-fi, it is fine. I travel once a week, the slower speed is still okay for me for my official emails, tethering to laptop for official sites and apps (I hardly watch any video while traveling, besides T-mobile internet su*ks big time at crowded places like airports) - so this is okay with me, but a better mobile data speed would have helped. It really depends on what your priorities are! (Unfortunately there is no FM radio on 9750 and no dual sim option on T-Mobile/ USA unlocked phone models...some models may have FM radio in hardware, you can download Next radio app to see if your phone has one or goto their website….9750 did not, despite some websites claiming it did have FM radio in hardware…)

  • Harry

User, 29 Aug 2019I Disagree With You, I am Sure You Are Just Apple's Fan. Till No... moreAgreed

Waiting for Note 10+ 5G version in INDIA..
Note 10+ at least has the better SAR value ( SAR is a measure of the rate of RF (radio frequency) energy absorption by the body from the source ...) than S10+ / Note 9/iPhones...It's a very IMPORTANT parameter that's need to be checked before selecting a Mobile phone in INDIA considering the pathetic condition of BTS/Mobile Towers.
Generally people see/check the Three points before buying mobile phones....
1.Cost ???
2. Camera /Photo/Video Quality
3. Battery Life
I think we should also look/check the SAR value ...of choice phone ..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-241270, 30 Aug 2019Like the music in the ADS of this crap says: i am, i wanna be, i... moreSamsung copied style of making phones from samsung and pls dont talk about that stupid shit ...

  • Anonymous

Not a 5G smartphone

  • AnonD-241270

Like the music in the ADS of this crap says: i am, i wanna be, i wanna be (Huawei P30 Pro).

well well, indirectly sammy is assuming this copy/paste wanna be the P30 Pro. poor sammy, lost of ideas to make a phone without copy other brands...

  • Bodybuilder Strong

Still only 12 Mpx camera, Still QHD+ Screen, not yet UHD, NO 3,5 mm Jack for Headphones, No SpO2, No Heart rate. Big Price, around 1150 Eur, This Phone conforms to Price about 800 Eur. Note 4 Much better than this one, and it does not matter thE nOTE 10+ is frameless, No Reason to Buy. Fewer functions than Note 8 and Note 9.

  • waxz

User, 29 Aug 2019I Disagree With You, I am Sure You Are Just Apple's Fan. Till No... moreI really agree!!

  • Vaißz..

Blue Genie, 25 Aug 2019I got my Samsung Note 10+ 512GB version 4 days ago and i found t... moreThats just a sensor buddy, nothing to worry bout.

  • User

ooOOZzz, 29 Aug 2019I had mine yesterday and Note 10+ is the best Note after Note 4.... moreI Disagree With You, I am Sure You Are Just Apple's Fan. Till Now Apple Didn't Prove That iPhone Is the Best Smartphone Ever. Apple Knows How to Sell And Do Super Grabbing Marketing Without Any True Strong Innovation Or Progress. You Can Compare iPhones Full Specs, Designs and Performance to Any Other Flagships from Samsung or LG or Huawei or Even Oppo. Users Are Very Aware Now to Apple's Selling Games (It Knows How to Grab Money From You For Nothing and Surely Its Monopoly). Just Think About It, You'll Find I am Right.

  • Steven

Josh V, 29 Aug 2019I have a Note 9 that I just use 9.999% of the time for call/text... moreChange it and you shall end misding it so much. All Note users felt that

  • ooOOZzz

I had mine yesterday and Note 10+ is the best Note after Note 4...
Apple is a typical American company that gives something, and sells the necessary part as "extras". Samsung was opposite but there are several products came up as "wearables" that does everything for your health :) So, Samsung "had to" remove the heatlh sensors in order to sell their "watch" and removed the audio jack in order to sell Buds.. This is a commercial decision thaty they had to take.. Of course they should sell with a lower price but they are adjusting according to Apple's prices...
Audio jack is not a big deal since you can find an adaptor..
HR and O2 sensors are nor a big deal since you can really feel your HR if it is so high and you "cannot" sense your O2 level or "fell good enough to measure" "on your Note" if it is so low.

But the battery is not good at all
Night photos are bad
Fancy photo adjustments are good
Audio output is avarage
Screen is very good
Big enough to be a phablet and small enough for daily use..

Is is a good phone for business use and for fancy things both..

A super alternative for Iphone

Zruimm, 29 Aug 2019Ita funny because Samsung uploaded videos of Apple's shortcoming... moreIt was gonna happen anyway I dont see why everybody is crying about it?!

  • Anonymous

Eddie Money, 28 Aug 2019Both unnecessary these days. Most new TVs can be turned on via W... moreNot true!
IR blaster and FM radio are a must with this range of price.
To add also the 3.5mm audio jack.
No good, bye bye...

  • Josh V

I have a Note 9 that I just use 9.999% of the time for call/text, 80% for internet browsing and 10% for gaming and 0.001% using a stylus. The appeal makes you buy a galaxy note, but in reality you're better off just using a Realme C2. lol

Ita funny because Samsung uploaded videos of Apple's shortcomings.And look at it now, without jack, a model without microSD, a battery charger that doesn't even come in the box. SAMSUNG WHY??!!