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Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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90+% Screen to body ration is CRAZY. Just look at how Phones and their screens evolved. When you get this phone IRL, I bet most of you will be just like: Dayummnnn.
The next step they need to do is get rid of the camera, by placing it under the screen, when there is time to. And by doing that, a trully bezel less phone will be achieved.
Yet I still wished they'd place the cutout on the left or right side, that way it's less disturbing but this isn't bad either. Hopefully with the 11th series of the S and Note lineup.
But yeah, this won't be a bad device after all.
Things just get crazier and crazier. IP 69 rating. Whaaaaat.

James, 29 Jul 2019In Ireland.There will not be any

  • iPhoneUser

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019iPhone 5S is from 2013 and it are getting update to iOS 12.... morei am deffo getting this. MY XS Max is so laggy

  • R.V.J.

Md.Siam Ul Arif , 28 Jul 2019Where is the Irish scanner??"Where is the Irish scanner??"

I think it comes with a Paddy Wagon...

  • James

Md.Siam Ul Arif , 28 Jul 2019Where is the Irish scanner??In Ireland.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 5S is from 2013 and it are getting update to iOS 12.4. But it wont get update to iOS 13, but it did get updates from iOS 7 to iOS 12.4

  • NC

it will be 4300 no 4500 thats sucks

  • Md.Siam Ul Arif

Where is the Irish scanner??

Qwertzuiop, 27 Jul 2019Journalists write about specs on Note 10 for days and month... moreWhy?

  • Johnso

Ayato, 27 Jul 2019FM Radio but no headphone jack?...Very true doesn't make sense unless phone has an internal antenna

  • Qwertzuiop

Journalists write about specs on Note 10 for days and months but nobody has noticed power button on the left side on the phone if these are right renders. Everybody remember clupsy fingerprint reader on S8 on the left side of camera. This could also be problem for one hand use on Note 10.

  • Cac2244

No headphone jack, I am not buying.
Will stick to my note 9.

  • Ayato

FM Radio but no headphone jack?...

Well love to see this Phone soon.cant wait.

  • James

since samsung gives out wireless earbuds last time, headphone jack is less important in my opinion, but definitely come in handy on flights where you can only used wired ones.

  • Foysal

If there is no headphone jack in note 10+ its not worth to buy.bcoz headphone jack is very needed thing in a phone must just like Samsung's others flagship devices.

  • Rogee

MROCK, 25 Jul 2019tha problem whas price because check the features and funct... moreAlthough the oneplus 7 pro is a great phone, the hardware and quality aren't the same as the note 10+.

  • Art

75Styl3r, 24 Jul 2019Sorry , but if there is no headphone jack its usless, so no... moreGet a bluetooth 3.5mm receiver from amazon thats what I did.

tha problem whas price because check the features and functions compare with one plus 7 pro on gsmrena it's just equal. but one plus not have s pen and camera quality .my opinion of price is just 1050$ it's best budget

Taha, 22 Jul 2019First time i buy note 3 and then note 4 and then note8 and ... moreMost surely you did not buy ANY note series device, the note 10+ will have just slightly bigger dimensions than the note 9