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  • Distatyon
  • n$4
  • 10 Jan 2022

Really loving this phone. I have it for 1.5 years now and it still delivers on everything. Camera is really great, especially if you know how to use it, battery live is very good (not perfect tho) I love the screen with its punchy super amoled colors. I really can't ask for much more, I can say that I absolutely do not regret picking this phone up when my S7 Edge died after 4 years. I did had my doubts because it was a mid-range phone but in my humble opinion these are definitely the better value phones nowadays and I still have access to micro SD, headphone jack and a charger in the box with 25W fast charging which is the exact same the s21 line got. And I paid 399€ with the 8gb RAM and awesome Red Color 😎 to sum it up I'm really happy and if someone is considering it in 2022 it still is definitely worth it (depending on the price of course)

PS: forgot about updates. It'll still receive android 12 and possibly 13 too. While note 9 died at 10, which is a major plus for a non high end phone

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    • 09 Jan 2022

    Chad, 08 Jan 2022Will samsung galaxy note 10 lite receive android 12? & ... moreYes

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      • Chad
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      • 08 Jan 2022

      Will samsung galaxy note 10 lite receive android 12? & one Ui 4?

        Really awesome phone...😀
        I use to do art work with it

          Bro, 04 Jan 2022I just received ONE UI4/Android 12.tell me about about performance and screen on time .

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            • Bro
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            • 04 Jan 2022

            I just received ONE UI4/Android 12.

              TFM, 09 Jan 2020waste device exynous 9810 10nm old chip with higher price ... moreTihing isn't about nanometers cuz exynos 9810 is flagship processor from s9 and note 9 and snapdragon 730 is midrange processor

                Bodybuilder Strong, 04 Jan 202012 Mpx Camera??!! Poor!!!Megapixels aren't the most important thing more or less megapixels don't mean better or worse pictures

                  TFM, 25 Dec 2019note 10 lite 9810 10nm 59K galaxy A71 SD730 8nm 30KThe point isn't in size of the processor cuz exynos 9810 is a flagship processor from s9 and note 9 and sd 730 is a midrange pr8

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                    • Raj
                    • R5f
                    • 22 Dec 2021

                    Just after a year's purchase the display started leaking colour. No replacement available since all spare displays have exhausted. Meaning which same issue for most of the Note 10 lite said the service personnel.

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                      • 18 Dec 2021

                      SFY, 04 Dec 2021So I had this guy for only 1 Years and 3 months, this guy j... moreThis is called mi,, lot of phones already reset automatically and all data gone ..

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                        • 05 Dec 2021

                        SFY, 04 Dec 2021So I had this guy for only 1 Years and 3 months, this guy j... moreno phone dies and overheats suddenly , if heating issues were present for long time then battery died .

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                          • Hari
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                          • 05 Dec 2021

                          I have been using for more than 18 months and I don't see any kind of issues till now. Good product especially with S pen. Would recommend to buy for buyers who wants to keep it for a longer period, Cheers

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                            • KZ8
                            • 04 Dec 2021

                            So I had this guy for only 1 Years and 3 months, this guy just suddenly died and overheat. I don't know what happen, the Warranty was passed and I couldn't claim it, the prices is just unfair for such short lifespan I got.

                              good mobile with pen for this price. now using for nearly an year.

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                                • Vishhhh
                                • wd8
                                • 22 Nov 2021

                                AnonD-1027822, 22 Nov 2021Is the device worth it these days.Absolutely worth it. I've been using it from the past 8 months and I'm really impressed by the screen performance and SPen. Not for gamers thou. Artists and students who use this device with an SPen would definitely give up anything.

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                                  • AnonD-1027822
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                                  • 22 Nov 2021

                                  Is the device worth it these days.

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                                    • 21 Nov 2021

                                    User2100, 31 Oct 2021Witch is better in 2021 - note 10 lite or note 9Note9 is the best design afterall, the camera is dual aperture, the screen ratio is nearly square as the wide screen and no punch hole, instead of note10 lite which has 20:9 which is more like candy bar, the battery? Yeah so so right? even gsmarena said that is not the best afterall, the fingerprint on note9 is a lot faster and more accurate than samsung first gen optical fingerprint or even the first gen ultrasonic

                                    I have Realme GT Master and Note9 as secondary, and the difference between 6.4 inch in 20:9 ratio vs 18.5:9 ratio is noticeable especially when watch video which video still at 16:9 format, i would say rather than buying note10lite which nearly as samsung midranger class, why not buy the midranger instead?? More battery life, better optical fingerprint, better screen refresh rate, snapdragon series, and more camera? you won't need s pen most of the time right?

                                    Buut honestly this exynos is the best afterall than the one in the S10 series and later which easily thortled at overheat

                                      The S21 series are running on Android 12 with one UI 4.

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                                        • 19 Nov 2021

                                        Chemical man, 06 Aug 2021Worst phone you can buy. The battery size is large, but it... moreTotally disagree with you i am using one of these phones and that is load of nonsense you are talking if it is not up to your standards then go buy yourself another phone and be quite