Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

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  • Prashant

Any update on Android 11 U3.0 firmware for note20

  • Jokerplayer11023

The auto focus is quick this phone is snappy and the 5g speeds are good I cannot speak for the exanos version tho

  • John

Everyone goes on about how the Exynos CPU is inferior to the Snapdragon, but be aware that all dual-SIM Snapdragon 865 or 865+ phones support two active SIMs or 5G, but not both at the same time. To use 5G you have to remove or deactivate the other SIM. The Exynos Note20 Ultra 5G does not have this limitation. It's rather poor that the phone manufacturers do not make this clear. There have been suggestions that this could be fixed in firmware, but many months later we are still waiting.

  • Anonymous

Waiting for a flat flagship from Samsung lol
Hope's s21😉

  • Anonymous

Suro boy, 11 Oct 2020I really hope Samsung making smartphone 7" 5g, nfc, gr... moreLow price you say?? Then some features will be missed!

  • Anonymous

Shajjad, 13 Oct 2020This is the Best phone ever made.Best ever!!

  • Anonymous

Best phone if the year Apple sucks take it or you leave it ;))

  • Shajjad

This is the Best phone ever made.

  • Jzma

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2020yes! these idiots dont realize that snapdragon was worse in... moreEarlier phones was 500 euros, so why complain about 20% performance difference, but now they charge you 1300 euros and you get midrange experience. I get s20 ultra instead of some debt, try it for couple of days, never ever last me whole day. Sell, buy Oneplus 8 pro and bow i get faster experience and easy whole day battery on 120hz@qHD+. And above all i payed it 870 euros. So thats all about Samsung shitty phones.

I wish i have one

The Exynos processor is useless because, it uses lots of power but provides the worst performance and its slower than the snapdragon version/variant
My opinion: Snapdragon version
Because snapdragon chipsets uses more power but it'll give you alot of performance but Exynos is useless

  • Anonymous

ilovebigass, 12 Oct 2020Dont have vibrations now. Everything is ok. That problem wa... more Even When in high volume doesn't Vibrate this good what about when plug headphones
Does have good sound like note 9 because I want to sell note 10 plus and buy the ultra

Thank you for replying

Dont have vibrations now. Everything is ok. That problem was on Note 10 Plus only.

  • Anonymous

Hello there for people how have this phone can you tell does the back of the phone vibrate like note 10 plus when
Play music or play YouTube videos because the speakers on note 10 plus its awful and distortion when in high volume I had the note 9 never have the issue I Regret sold it and bought note 10 plus can anybody confirm thank you

  • ImranMansoor

Welly alex, 06 Oct 2020What do you think white or bronze?! Mystic Bronze is matte finish and this years Samsung's signature color and
Mystic White is glossy finish
the choice is yours....

  • ImranMansoor

Suro boy, 11 Oct 2020I really hope Samsung making smartphone 7" 5g, nfc, gr... moreThis device Note 20 Ultra 5G almost 7" (6.9")

Remove front camera notch from the display. Most of people don't buy note 10 and 20 by this reason.

  • Suro boy

I really hope Samsung making smartphone 7" 5g, nfc, great speakers n low price. I am waiting for.

For those who affraid of getting the EXYNOS version of NOTE 20 ULTRA 5G.
Let me clear one thing, malwares would attack any chipsets and the recent incident was happended that snapdragon chipset get attacked by malwares and that company trying to reslove it.
the EXYNOS is owned by samsung. so, they can have a better control and security over the chipset than other branded snapdragon.

too bad, 30 Sep 2020Too bad Hassan, im using the exynos version just gotten it ... moreHeating issues will differ as per ur overall usage.