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  • moodytoons

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2015Would you choose the Note 4 over the Note 5?Note 3 or Note 4. Note 5...HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! They took away the best of the features that blow Apple out of the water. REMOVABLE BATTERY, SD CARD SLOT, IR OUTPUT FOR UNIVERSAL REMOTE, are three of my favorite features of the Galaxy Note series. And the removable battery and SD card slot features have always been two of the biggest reasons for choosing an Android phone.

Motorola made the same mistake with their Droid RAZR a few years ago. While they did still have an SD card slot, they put in a non-removable battery...NOT AT ALL A WISE MOVE. Motorola has taken some big hits to their market share ever since and was later bought out by Google.

Go back to your defining characteristics. Go back to the features that made the Note series phones great. And do it fast! I'm talking about an alternate release of the Note 5 with the battery issue, the Micro SD Card slot issue, the IR blaster (Universal Remote Capabilities) issue.

You've screwed up with the Note 5. It's not too late though. WHAT MAKES THE NOTE 5 ANY DIFFERENT FROM THE iPHONES? Android phones and tablets and taken over the top spot from Apple's iOS devices, BY FAR! And you know what sets the two apart? FREEDOM.

With Apple there is absolutely ZERO FREEDOM of:

creating self-produced apps and installing them on your device for your own personal use (for instance: I created a simple finance app and installed it on my wife's Note 3 and also my Note 3 for tracking our income and expenditures),

Developer Mode: using your own device as a test model for testing your self-produced apps,

Extra storage memory: choosing the size and the speed of the Micro SD Card you want, based on how much money you want to spend (in Walmart you can purchase a 128GB Micro SD card that will work well in a smartphone for around $40, where Apple advertises their prices based on the smallest storage size they offer, and they want an extra $100.00 for each level of storage size you upgrade to; 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB. And once you choose a memory size, there is no going back! You're stuck with it.).

Battery changing:
Once you're iPhone starts to get old and and battery starts holding a charge that will only last a couple of hours, well.... just kiss the phone goodbye. There is no getting into those things to change to a new battery. (I've had a Note 3 for just under 2 years now and I just purchased a new battery on eBay for $49.99 and replaced my old one and BINGO, the battery life is back to being as beautifully long as it was in the beginning. That's a lot better than having to purchase a whole new phone just to get the battery performance back.)
It's also nice to be able to carry a couple of extra batteries with you to just quickly swap out without having to charge or hook up to a clunky inefficient backup power supply.

You've had the competition beat in all of these areas and that is why you are kicking some major butt in the market. Why would you jeopardize that by coming out with a next-gen phone that is worse than the previously released versions??????????

You're not going to find yourself in a very good situation in the future unless you stick with what has made your devices stand out. Just read through the comments about the Note 5 anywhere on the web. People ARE NOT HAPPY and the word I hear most when people are referring to the Note 5 is DISAPPOINTED.

  • AnonD-424566

TheNeighbor, 18 Oct 2015I'm currently using the Note 3, and passed up the Note 4, becaus... moreI agree what you say about the replaceable battery,i just bought three 3500 mah batterys from Amazon for 3.99 GBP each which was a batgain,im having trouble running them flat and im a heavy user.but i can slip to spare in my wallet when i go away for a few days knowing ive always got power by my side to keep my note 3 entertained so to spk !

  • Anonymous

mich, 18 Oct 2015A mistake not allowing expandable memory. Taking out removable ... moreIt doesn't affect daily usage.

  • AnonD-22824

TheNeighbor, 18 Oct 2015I'm currently using the Note 3, and passed up the Note 4, becaus... moreWow, who is going to read all that . FYI -whatever u wrote must so boring and must have been repeated here for almost 100 times. LOL

  • Anonymous

What's the left over ram from 4gb ram while in standby mode

  • Anonymous

Note 5 is the best!! Hands down.

  • Michael

No expandable SD memory, no removable battery!? Very bad move Samsung, No thank you! I wont be upgrading to this phone, I'll stay with my Note 4. At least when i'm at a location unable to charge, I can switch out one of my 4 batteries quickly and easily, and can move my music videos and pictures to and from my laptop easily using SD card.

  • tinz

removal of sd card.. i didn't like. but my mate said it slows the fone down.

having got the phone now. its sooooo quick with camera operation.
its rediculously quick LOL
double tab button and camera is open in seconds, and ready to take.

  • mich

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2015Would you choose the Note 4 over the Note 5?A mistake not allowing expandable memory. Taking out removable battery changed my mind about purchasing it.

  • Nubi

Why I can't enable auto redial on note5 ???

  • bajajpulkit

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2015Got to use the note 5. I own a note 4. Ok here goes. Th... moreI am an iPhone user and I want to shift to samsung and note 5 being the most obvious choice. So, i just want to ask which phone to buy I'm planning for note 5 actually. PS i will be using android for the first time

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2015Would you choose the Note 4 over the Note 5?I'm currently using the Note 3, and passed up the Note 4, because there's little added features that I needed. Now it's time for a new service unit for my renewal which comes "free", I wanted the latest processor, and the Note 5 was suppose to be it - pretty dissapointed with the lesser features and silly fragile back.

I could get the Note 4 anytime, but it'll be a waste to know that I'll be getting something that's already dated tech to be used for another 2 years. Again, I can hold on another year for the Note 6 if I have to, so that "free" device with the service cost I'll be paying for anyway. If it wasn't for the useful S Pen, I'd never bother with the galaxy Note series.

Believe me, I don't want to be stuck with the Note.5 for the next 2 years as it'll be utterly LESS useful, more fragile, only comes in 32GB version where I live, and not waste some $1000+ for importing a 64GB version without a warranty. I'd rather spend my saved up $1000+ on a Surface Pro 4 with warranty.

My complaints here are valid. Some of you lot say you are ok with the fixed battery, are happy carrying your charger/powerbank/charger pad, and also complacent carrying micro USB dongles - you DON'T need to endure such nonsense before. You even say you didn't use the infrared remote capabilities - well, I do.

Bunyip22 and I are very vocal about more value, and NOT less to updated versions of the Galaxy Note. We were believers in not being status quo like iPhone users - underpowered users who use their devices as status symbols, and not as TOOLS as we do. You complain how cheap the plastic backs were? Well, you know that shiny glass back - you'll eventually be spending some $60-$70 more for a PLASTIC case to protect that silly fragile glass. So much for that thin design and shiny gold platinum some of you are banging on. Message to Samsung - I thought the idea for making the next generation devices was to make it better and NOT compromise features.

  • Anonymous

TheNeighbor, 18 Oct 2015Right... and you were all telling us that we should not compare ... moreWould you choose the Note 4 over the Note 5?

  • Anonymous

TheNeighbor, 18 Oct 2015Right... and you were all telling us that we should not compare ... moreThe Note5 troll officially has gone crazy. He even replying to himself these day. Poor guy. How is your therapist appointment? Not going well I see.

TheNeighbor, 17 Oct 2015Downgrade is right word to describe it - no matter how incredibl... moreRight... and you were all telling us that we should not compare Android with iPhones.

As a long time Galaxy Note user, I have every right to post my disappointments about this iteration.

  • Vipers14

TheNeighbor, 17 Oct 2015The price for the iPad Pro is out and comes only two versions - ... moreBro, first and foremost, Ipad Pro is a Tablet category. Not a phone, so please dont compare these two. If you want to compare, compare another phone to it. Lets take the Iphone for your sake. Iphone has the technology of pre-seperating the amount of ram allocation for each. Have u seen the new ios size?It is, very small. In fact, those who opt for ios cannot customize their phone much. It means, those who go for Iphone are in fact those going for simplicity. Android however, is customizable. Why not try flashing ios rom? u cant right? They are two seperate classes. Its funny how u compare things and how much hatred you have on Samsung. However, the fact is u have put ur dissatisfaction at the wrong place. Send a mail to Samsung regarding how dissapoointed you are..

  • Nicky

dev, 17 Oct 2015Hi Nicky you must go for s6 as it has better battery life and fu... moreThanks but I want to choose one from those two note 5 or s6

  • AnonD-22824

Note5 is the best smartphone ritnow :)

  • Anonymous

david, 18 Oct 2015nothing is better than samsung galaxy a5........ Galaxy A9.

  • david

nothing is better than samsung galaxy a5........