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  • Anonymous

AnonD-427126, 08 Aug 2015I'm using Note 3 for almost 2 years yet I am waiting for Note 5 ... morelg g4 pro is a better options later on if you can wait IMO

  • AnonD-427126

I'm using Note 3 for almost 2 years yet I am waiting for Note 5 but it totally disappoint me with the specs and I guess it's the time for me to change to HTC M9 or HTC M9+ which had the SD card memory. Any idea guys?

  • Driftz

Nad, 07 Aug 2015I do not understand why is Samsung not learning from its mistake... moreIt's you.

  • telecom engineer

I can't believe Samsung is trying to imitate iphone and killing all the benefits it had over iphone. The freedom of changing the battery and extending the memory by an SD card is gone. They give you a closed box you have to struggle with even to change the sim card as in iphone. Samsung will keep loosing customers if these specs are true. Otherwise I was looking forward to buy this Note.. :(

  • takya

as i have noticed sumsung is trying to copy iphone (non removable battery no sd card) style

  • yobi

I thought it will come with an will be OP if u had s note and edge in same mob

  • Nad

I do not understand why is Samsung not learning from its mistakes. with s6 they dropped profits and now committing the same mistake with note 5? how dumb a multinational company can be? or is it Me?

  • Truth

The lack of expandable is a crude attempt at marketing and is single handedly going to destroy this handset as it did the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.

The whole point of Android and it's success are based on (not entirely mind) on it's expand-ability and user personalisation. Removing this simple feature is going to brand Samsung the Apple of Android. They have already suffered with poor profits and significant lack of handset sales. I can only imagine how much worse this will get.

Good luck Samsung, you're going to need it!

  • SizzlingAndy

Well, I had hoped that they either increase the battery output or make it removable. I am on a note 3 currently and patiently waiting the release of note 5. But I guess I won't be buying it...

  • Ken

[deleted post]Much of what you say is true but even elephants can react to small animals and barking dogs.

  • Ken

NotaNoteFanAnymore, 06 Aug 2015i waited this long for this phablet and only to get dissapointed... moreI totally agree. Thank you for posting a shared opinion.

  • Samsung Loyalty

Sooo I've been an S series user since the s3 (which in my opinion was the best of the whole series btw) and though i am drawn to the s6 edge, the low battery life and the fact thats its non-removable (which sucks for us always-on-the-go type, who just switch out the battery and go from 0 to 100% in 60 secs) are the reasons i didnt jump on that ship yet.
Though the Note series has always been admirable, I'm not such a fan of screens over 5". I mean, when you take calls, you sorta look dumb, and also when you're doing stuff on your phone, the larger screen means more people can snoop over your shoulder.
But look at that battery life!! 4000+ mAh!!!!

  • sho

I mowed to samsung from htc, iphone, etc. because of the need for SD card. (16,32 gb limited interior memories). In 2015 (and for a price of a decent laptop) I just want to have a device that offers the possibility to store a lots of photos, music, documents, etc and not acces clouds, sticks, etc. Now i have a 64 gb card nearly full...
As for the remowabel battery: It happend with multiple times, that accidentaly i dropped my phone in water or it got splashed somehow. Quickly remowing the battery, and letting the phone dry always worked for me....

  • AnonD-194100

Nokia wrong lumia for good good by Samsung ad card.

  • NotaNoteFanAnymore

i waited this long for this phablet and only to get dissapointed at the fact that i wont be able to use my SD card in it. Not having the SD card slot and a removeable battery is what killed it. Now is just customizeable iphone. Samsung you really messed it up.

  • Nad

Deal Breaker...Note 5. Samsung is Devolving instead of Evolving. soon samsungs gona hit rock bottom if continues the same pace.

  • LinQue III

its the removable battery, extra storage and the radio.. disappointing,., with the radio not being on the note 2 n 3. had hoped it would be on the note 4, but it didn't feature any such have had my note 3 for some 2 yrs now. eagerly awaiting a radio on the note 5.
but.. internal battery and fixed storage.. ?? again..anticlimax..

  • geek

Bye bye Note 5. hello LG G4 Pro

  • Anonymous

AnonD-426027, 05 Aug 2015me and other was thinking that the new not 5 need + 6" +... moreI don't know about the other specs but the 6" might be possible. Samsung have a third mysterious device to be unveiled on 13 August Samsung Unpacked event. The teasers just out. The theme is "Big" this time.

  • richie

A person, 05 Aug 2015I hope note 5 will have water proof, dust proof, heat proof, sho... moreHaha nice idea