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If this is going to be another one of those -tall as a tower & narrow as a mouse hole, then not that great. 80-82mm (width) would be perfect with height not over 162mm.

  • Sri

Mike, 16 May 2018I still have note 4! i hate glass on rear!!!I too own Note 4, Except for the wear and tear of the Battery, Charger and the Device, Performance-wise it is superb. It has been 4 years.. I bought 2 months after its release in 2014. Till date, No Internal Hardware Damage. One dissappointing thing is that the Samsung has stopped FOTA to Note 4 in 2016. It was when it got updated from L to M. It also stopped Security patch updates since Sep 2017. Superficial Scratches on Screen and Dents on Aluminium Frame are seen here and Cracks on Plastic Back Cover have been there. But then I love Note Series.. Especially Note 4.

  • Sri

I expect the upcoming Note device with the following features:
1. S Pen with Non Breakable Nib Tip.
Reason: Many a times, I have undergone the situation where, even a slight pressure on the tip renders it to break apart, I have had to get a new replacement S Pen.
2. Child Lock for S Pen Slot
Reason: Infants and Kids often pull the S Pen out of the slot unnecessarily, it causes battery drain and sometimes damage to the S Pen.
3. Stainless Steel Body in place of Aluminium for Phone and for S Pen too.
Reason: The Anodized Aluminium has been susceptible to dents and scratches, and looks awkward. The S Pen looks more plastic.
4. LASER Autofocus, Ambient Light Temperature Sensor for Flash to Automatically correct the amount of light entering the sensor.
Reason: LASER Autofocus can focus the object automatically giving more precise details of the Image. The Telephoto and Wide Angle Lenses with Optical Image Stabilization is a Welcome thing.
I am using My Note 4 N910GWEINS since 19.10.2014 and is really flawless.

  • Vilas

what happened samsung not new mobile phones ir port and fm redio inbuilt

  • Ichu

We need a poll for flat screen on upcoming Note 9.

No infrared yet ? :(
(2018 and still no phone can much Note 4 in terms of functionality)

Note 4 ALL in one package which is the whole purpose of a smartphone.
(Fingerprint (front-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, gesture, UV, heart rate, SpO2, Infrared Port)
ALL The sensors you need in one Phone - The perfect Phone Note 4!!!

  • Anonymous

I left samsung flagship phones because of Infrared its life saving that i cant with out it
samsung bring back Infrared to note or s seares
samsung bring back Infrared to note or s seares
samsung bring back Infrared to note or s seares

  • emcee

Mike, 16 May 2018I still have note 4! i hate glass on rear!!!Note 4's the best, I was robbed of mine a week ago, if it wasn't for that I was never going to upgrade

  • Mike

I still have note 4! i hate glass on rear!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-619240, 12 May 2018pls we need flat screen note 9 and 5000 battery and also fa... moreYou're going to have that problem on any system.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-716026, 11 May 2018When will Samsung make a phone with a 4K display?We don't need 4k display that's for Sony. Super amoled is the best

  • Salah

AnonD-716026, 11 May 2018When will Samsung make a phone with a 4K display?Never bro!
Innovation is not their thing any more.
They just expect you to buy their product and think you're buying the best because ''Its samsung''.

They just wait until someone else implements some new technology to start doing it.
It's until they have been pushed to the limit that they start spending more money on new technologies (even though they could have done it since the beggining)

  • AnonD-619240

pls we need flat screen note 9 and 5000 battery and also faster ui without lag my s8 is has lag when the storage is full

  • AnonD-716026

When will Samsung make a phone with a 4K display?

  • Anonymous

The s8+/s9+ have already 6.22" inch display.
Hope to get a biger display on the note serie, a 6.6" display with 90%+ screen to body ratio

NiGhTDeViL, 01 May 2018My dream... 4500 mah battery 256gb Infrared Stereo speakerYour dream most likely will turn into a reality.
This phone will have bigger battery than all the S series and Note series ever (Around 3850 mAh). It won't be 4500 mAh but it will be BIG!
256GB Might happen as we saw memory increase on the S9 in both Internal Memory and External.
Infrared is a thing we don't know yet, it's all up to Samsung for deciding if they'll put it or no (Likely not considering that they ditched it in Note 5)
Stereo Speaker is sure happening because they've already introduced and included it in both S9/S9+
So most of this of your dream might actually happen.

  • Steve Bergman

Firstly, the displays are not getting "skinny". At least not by much, and not in a way that affects keyboard key spacing in the least. The 5.7", 16:9 Note 4 display was 2.8" wide. The Note 9 display (if it is really 6.4" at a 2.055:1 aspect ratio) is also 2.8... minus a bit for the curved edges. But the keyboard still stretches across the whole of the screen. Since you don't hit keys at the edges,the curve makes the display slightly narrower without affecting keyboard usability in the least.

Although I did not think I would like the 2.055:1 aspect ratio of my Note 8 at first, I have come to find it to be invaluable. It means you can have the keyboard up... and still see plenty of whatever application you are typing into. It becomes even more useful when you are using the Note's multi-window functionality. I administer Linux servers via SSH terminal sessions. And the tall AR is a godsend for that kind of work But it is also useful for any app where you have the keyboard up in portrait mode.

Honestly, I would prefer a flat screen, as on my old Note 5 64GB. But the curve on my Note 8 is not too obnoxious (*cough* S7E *cough*) All in all, I'd have to say I like my Note 8 display. And I expect I'd like the Note 9 display, too. Though I don't plan on upgrading until Fall of 2019, after the Note 10 comes out... assuming, of course, that I like it.

  • NiGhTDeViL

My dream...
4500 mah battery
Stereo speaker

  • Elephant

Why do phones keep getting so skinny? It is a pain to use the keyboard with the keys so close together unless you have little sissy fingers. Sure you can go into landscape mode with it but then you lose screen real estate. Bring back the 16:9 ratio phones. Thank goodness there is no notch at least....sigh.

And how about at least two front firing speakers, please. I think the battery is fine for me and now it is rumored to be 4000mAh. But I don't use my phone all day so I understand a lot of people need a bigger battery. If companies would make the batteries user replaceable like the old days Samsung could then offer different sized batteries for the phone and you could pick the size you want. Or at least you could carry a spare battery in your pocket and pray it doesn't set you on fire.

Just like FB, Google, Apple and MS these guys want to data mine and control your user experience. Do you folks remember when we used to have freedom with our PCs and our phones?

I should not have sold my Nexus 6P. Newer is not always better.

  • AnonD-576767

Stop making unwanted taller display Sammy
Made a wider note
Add more s pen features
3800mah battery minimum
Bring back galaxy s4 extra features like air gestures