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  • Anonymous

I was told to got to a service center as well for my S10 Lite. They say there was no software error found. Top of my screen is green instead of grey and black. They fixed it on the S20 line and broke every other model like S9, Note9, A71, S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite. Now they act like there is no issue?

  • Nive

ml, 18 Jul 2020samsung is running a SCAM !!!! first they break it then the... moreYou can fix it for free from Samsung service centre. Those guys acknowledge the issue from their end and have sent email communication to all service centres to fix display issue in note9 free of cost. I got it fixed this week.

  • Nive

I had similar issue with note9. Contacted service head regarding the issue. They have promised to fix the display free of cost and similar note has been emailed to all authorised Samsung service centres in month of July. Have given my mobile to centre for the fix. You can try doing that. Hope this helps.

  • Zero

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2020I just updated my Note 9 to Android 10, works pretty good, ... moreTrue. Maybe the screen issue is just in other variants. I'm using XTC and didn't have any issues with the latest update. In fact it improves my phone's performance and battery life. Even it's camera is a bit clearer now.

  • ml

SumWag, 18 Jul 2020My note 9 also having that display issue. I contacted a sur... moresamsung is running a SCAM !!!! first they break it then they ask you to pay them to fix it !!!!

abdallah25, 05 Jul 2020Did they fix the green screen problem? I don't wanna u... moreMy note 9 also having that display issue. I contacted a survice center and they said screen has to be replaced. And it costs around 300$.

jingjing, 06 Jul 2020I'm planning on buying one. is it a good buy? please h... moreyes it WAS a good phone untill the March update received. Since then my phone's having display issues + overheating. Contacted a survice center and they said the display has to be replaced. Google, "galaxy note 9 display issue".

  • Mad

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2020I just updated my Note 9 to Android 10, works pretty good, ... moreHi
Is it exynos or Snapdragon.... Which country???

  • Anonymous

I just updated my Note 9 to Android 10, works pretty good, was little bit afraid cos of some negative opinions I read here. My battery now last long than before. Added more features.

  • Hk

I am note user since note 3 and now note 9. I am having the same lcd issue for few months hoping that samsung will solve this with the june/july software update but seems the latest update now still not solving the issue. service center only give option to change the lcd. my phone never drop or hit something that cause the lcd broken so i don't wish to pay for that!
Very disappointed. i will never buy note anymore.

  • ml

SmartPhoneUser0707, 13 Jul 2020i also have the screen started after 1 month my w... moreyes same here . I am NOT buying another expensive "flagship" phone or device ( they also "updated" and slowed down my perfectly good running tab S3 a while back ) from them ever again ! - keeping quiet in the face of all these complaints ? - its Shameless !

i also have the screen started after 1 month my warranty end..i get a new update and then my phone got very hot when playing games..its not like that before..i try to reset..but the problem still there..a few weeks later i got a new update again but it didnt fix the problem either..since this is the only phone i have i take it to the service center and they said it was the i gei it fix for rm860 its around 210$ now the phone is good..maybe in the future i will change to another brand..sorry for my bad english

  • jj

maybe file class action suit for all affected users,samsung users dont deserve to be maltreated by their either faulty patches and updates,since their faulty updates only appears when they are about to release a new device,meaning these are all intentional without a doubt.

  • km

maybe samsung is intentionally degrading their devices like what they did on my note4 and tab s1,both receive their latest faulty update making them both easily drain battery,overheating.there must be something wrong with samsung itself.

  • ml

like I said in my previous posts , I went from Note 3 to 5 to 9 , and its Looking like this is where it ends ! For being a member of such a big Chaebol , I find their continuous silence on this issue almost shameful , frankly .

  • ml

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2020About march 2020 patch. We’ve lauded Samsung for improving... moreWell Said !!! Thank you very much for speaking up for us affected ones . People , specially propective buyers, should be made aware of what happened and the continuous silence on the part of Samsung , which speaks volumes of their brand's aftersales philosophy and culture , so again and hopefully in chorus this time , CAVEAT EMPTOR !!!

  • Anonymous

About march 2020 patch.
We’ve lauded Samsung for improving its device update schedule, but it appears that some Galaxy Note 9 owners are experiencing some major display issues since receiving the March 2020 security patch.
Many owners have been complaining over on the Samsung community forums about screen discoloration, overheating issues, and even decreased screen resolution after updating to latest security patch (via Android Authority).
Those affected have been unable to resolve the issues with a device reset, as this appears to only temporarily resolve the problems. Eventually, they return and play havoc with their smartphone.
Samsung has not fully addressed the display issues with Galaxy Note 9 owners over on their official support pages either. Essentially suggesting that people send their devices into a local service center for diagnostic checks and potential repairs. Given that most Note 9 units purchased at launch are technically out of warranty, this will likely incur quite exorbitant repair costs.
To add to that frustration, many Samsung service centers are in fact closed due to restrictions being placed on them as a result of the COVID-19 spread. While that is a frustration, the fact that these display issues are the result of a regular software update, it’s easy to see why affected Note 9 owners are angry.

  • Anonymous

A good phone until the March 2020 update started the green/yellow screen issues. Samsung is silent on this as perhaps they don't want to entertain any bad product recalls.
I always owned the Note series phones but now I am sceptical about buying another Samsung product.

  • ml

jingjing, 06 Jul 2020I'm planning on buying one. is it a good buy? please h... moregoogle "galaxy note 9 screen issues "

  • ml

jingjing, 06 Jul 2020I'm planning on buying one. is it a good buy? please h... moreits a very good phone , UNTIL they sent an update a few months back and destroyed our screens , so caveat emptor my friend ! because these geniuses at samsung will just keep silent and try to pretend that it never happened !!!!