Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • BrianG

I Have This phone. but the korean Variant which is SHV-E250K. installed a Custom Kernel and ROM to it. still based on 4.1.2 JB. battery life is almost heaven. never thought of upgrading it when I got in on stock 4.1.2 JB.

so yeah. I am a Note II user from the philippines. and this phone was way better off than my iPhone 4s. very nice battery life, just as what I am looking for since I am a working student. don't believe in the bashers here.

the Con's of this phone is just the build quality and the side bezels, which is very easy for the chrome to chip off. but that doesn't matter to me. Still satisfied.. :)

  • shivam

I hv to buy A best headset. ...PLZ HELP ME Which one is best samsung galaxy note2 or apple iphone5s.....thanx in advance....😉

  • rahul

Bhavish, 04 Jun 2014Helo... Aftr updating frm jellybean 4.3 to kit kat 4.4.2 my m... moreYes even I am facing same problem

  • sujonbd

jim, 27 Jun 2014Otter defenderthanx dear..I m from bangladesh.
but not getting otter defender. .
sorry to say I m not getting any cover which encircles the chrome ...anybody here from bd to help me ?

  • AnonD-141585

i cant receive the messeging led light bt receiving low battery as well as charging.i dialed *#0*# all light are right
bt not able to receive notification,message led light wt shud i do????

  • AnonD-20890

Can anyone suggest a model that is newer than N7100 and has FM radio?.

  • jim

[deleted post]Otter defender

  • sujonbd

pls suggest me the best cover ( back or flip which encircles the chrome) for my beloved note 2. .thanque

  • AnonD-277877

How do you do screenshot for note 2?

Brenda, 24 Jun 2014which note II is better N7100 or N7105???N7105 model has LTE connectivity, while N7100 doesn't has.

  • AnonD-20890

k, 27 Jun 2014You can check the new HTC desire 816.Waste HTC phone. Who will buy a mobile without user replaceable battery?.

  • k

Selly, 25 Jun 2014Note 2 is just a useless phone. It has the most sensitive CPU an... moreYou can check the new HTC desire 816.

  • k

kofi Abedi, 26 Jun 2014My girlfriend uses samsung galaxy note 2 and is perfect trust me... moreWill she buy it for you? lucky fellow.

  • kofi Abedi

My girlfriend uses samsung galaxy note 2 and is perfect trust me,am going get one for myself soon.One interesting thing about the this fone is that is smooth and durable.

  • AnonD-273151

AT&T has started rolling out Android 4.4.2 update for branded Samsung GALAXY Note II phablet.


you'll find some of the changes that you can expect to see with Android 4.4.2.

New Lock Screen Access
Media Controls - full-screen album art and media controls when listening to music
Camera Shortcut - access the Camera application right from the lock screen and many more.

  • AnonD-275299

Guys just buy note 3 neo as compare to this note 2. it will really gives u lot of difrence. I have note 2 n its too slow as compare to my new note 3 new note 3 neo is amazing with a new features. if some one is going to buy note 2 dont go for it.
just go for note 3 neo its a bit lower than note 3.and note 2 note is not comparable for not 3 neo.

  • AnonD-22824

bryan, 25 Jun 2014i don't like this tuype of phonesPlz plz like this "TUYPE" of phone, everyone here is begging u to like this "TUYPE" of did u came from mars or land? Lol.

Guys look we have this guy who do not even know how to troll properly.Lol.

  • Selly

Note 2 is just a useless phone. It has the most sensitive CPU and it gave in after 6 months of purchase. I then bought an S4 and this phone switches off when ever you switch on the camera.
Useless phones

  • bryan

i don't like this tuype of phones

  • Brenda

which note II is better N7100 or N7105???