Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • AnonD-108170

AnonD-223838, 13 Jan 2014note 2 vs nexus 5 vs Z1Note II , Nexus 5 and Z1 , all three are different Devices
Note II is Phablet , while Nexus 5 and Z1 are smartphones
Nexus 5 is Google Device ,So nexus 5 is for you if you want faster future updates.Design and body of Nexus 5 is Kool , Nexus 5 also packs with faster processor and GPU + 4G LTE Connectivity and 1080p HD Display , Drawback of Nexus 5 front cam is only 1.3MP and no SD Card slot , if you plan to buy 32GB Version then go for it ,Now a days , 16GB (User accessible 11-12GB ) is very less memory for Smartphone

Talk about Z1
Z1 is beautiful Device , Glass Premium body with Dust and Water Resistance Feature.
Z1 is having 20.7MP camera , very detailed and sharp images.
cons of Z1
Old TFT Screen , but Z1 Got Triluminos display & X-Reality Engine , these two features works when you watch media contents like photos and videos.

Talk about Note II
Note II is the best Phone of 2012 better than S3 ,ONE X , ONE X+ , LG Optimus G .

Note II got 5.5 inches 720p Super Amoled HD Display.
If you like vibrant and over saturated colors then Note II is best device for you
Best for video playback and HD Games.
S-pen is also a good feature of Note II
Camera Quality is very Good but not the best
Battery backup is 2 days with normal use

All 3 of them got 2GB Ram and Quadcore processor , so for day to day use , you will not Experience any Lag

Conclusion : No Smartphone is depends on you what you like most in smartphone .

IMO , Note II is best Device , i don`t like TFT Screen. Super Amoled Screen is very smooth , don`t even compare with TFT.

Now Choice is yours :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-223838, 13 Jan 2014note 2 vs nexus 5 vs Z1nexus 5 > Z1 > note 2 simple as

  • AnonD-223838

note 2 vs nexus 5 vs Z1

  • AnonD-2665

NikiDroid, 13 Jan 2014How do we know that?date of manufacturing is there noted on the box !

AnonD-2665, 13 Jan 2014buy note2 from Samsung authorised store and date of manufacturin... moreHow do we know that?

  • AnonD-2665

vasanth Raj , 13 Jan 2014Well Guys im Planning to buy an samsung note 2 is the phone real... morebuy note2 from Samsung authorised store and date of manufacturing should not be before August 2013 ( to avoid sudden death syndrome ) !

  • AnonD-22824

baijoon, 13 Jan 2014So far so good... best phone i hav used.. i have been an iphone ... moreThe output sud be 5.0V @ 2.0A buy it from samsung authorised shop ..good luck.

  • AnonD-108170

eloy.palaboy, 13 Jan 2014Oh nice... Then i'll do a reset then Thanks friendyour welcome dear friend :)

  • baijoon

So far so good... best phone i hav used.. i have been an iphone fan since iphone 2g... i was against android,as i had cydia installed cud do anything.. my last phn was iphone 4s and ace duos.. iphone had good battery life and graphibs support for games..
But once i had hands on NOTE 2, i had to reconsider buying costly iphones.. note2 with large display, excellent good battery back up,stylus pen, various sensors.. now i m a NOTE 2 fan.. note 3 has a better display.. but has shorter battery life compared to note2.. so i sugest note2 over note 3, iphone 5s,5c,.

The only trouble i m having s with my charging..
I lost my charger 3 months back.. i m using .7A samsung charger.. please some one give the correct details of the genuine charger which comes with the note2 pack

  • karthik

Battery is getting heated up so fast when i charge. Also the same does not happen when the mobile is not touching the base or kept charged in an inclined poistion.

  • armesh43

anj, 10 Jan 2014On idle,how many degrees and on heavy use?getting hot on the upper part.
stopping every minute and restarting again and again.after removing the SIM the problem disappears.
the phone also turns off if i connect to WI FI

  • alienufoweird

S . SUDHAKAR, 13 Jan 2014LG Optimus G Pro E988 over Note II : > 13MP Camera with La... morebigger battery BUT a more demanding screen since it's 1080p sooo the screen eats more battery than the note 2 plus the increased hardware thus the lifespan of the battery is lower than the note 2's.

  • AnonD-22824

AnonD-223751, 13 Jan 2014y my note 2 blackout all of sudden??? it balckout as im playing ... moreU still Can see or u Cannot see anything after u remove and replace the battery? Do not blindly reset your advised by uninformed ppl ...what game were u playing? Is it happening on all games or apps? or with one specific app or game ..? Specify that.

  • AnonD-22824

AnonD-121248, 13 Jan 2014Yup it's a laughable dream! Hats off!Agreed ! lg very slow with updates ...btw ..I am also LOL.ZZ.

AnonD-223751, 13 Jan 2014y my note 2 blackout all of sudden??? it balckout as im playing ... moreMay be your phone has SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome). Try resetting your device. If it words, install an app called eMMC check and open that app.

AnonD-121248, 13 Jan 2014Nothing wrong ... but performance, display and battery wise it's... moreThere are lots of spammers, canvasing persons and blind likers here. Just dispose them off !!.

Most of the lumia series do not have user replaceable battery. Keep that in mind.

There are many persons saying N7100 gave good battery backup in 4.1.2. Then why are you criticising LG Optimus G pro E988 alone?.

  • AnonD-223751

y my note 2 blackout all of sudden??? it balckout as im playing games. i take off the battery n reput in to on the phone but it still can see anything
Please help me :'(

AnonD-121248, 13 Jan 2014Agreed with Paragb. Note II has Corning Gorilla Glass 2.See here­TADINU-techspecs

  • AnonD-22824

AnonD-121248, 13 Jan 2014Are you sure, you are recommending the right phone to your frien... moreThere r lots of uninformed haters here just ignore them

btw ...What r ur thoughts abt NL1520? in india price is almost as note3

i like NL 1520 camera with OIS but in the gsmarena review it shows that the videos r not that great.

battery backup is awesome.
Display is slightly bigger than note3

just 1.2 mp front cam
Just 2gb RAM
no usb 3.0 support
and 1 big problem no ANDROID.

AnonD-121248, 13 Jan 2014gsmarena is not everything. I am using the cell and I know. Seco... moreCan you point out the same in the Samsung website?.

See here­TADINU-techspecs