Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • nana

can anyone tell me why is the app button in my sg note 2 not working properly sometimes..

  • Chin Soo Soo

Floyd, 04 Dec 2012today my colleague coinccedentally drop his phone on the floor a... moreYour colleague's phone will most probably be a fake one. I personally own this device which replaced my own Samsung Galaxy Ace and this phone is better. I cannot say that I am very good at handling the device but I have dropped it a couple of times. The battery life is good and has a long life compared to other smartphones and lasts for at least 5 hours which is excellent. No offense but I strongly disagree with your statement. It is not thoroughly plastic and is covered with metal and Corning Gorilla Glass 2 with a good OS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2012I m so confuse now. Plz tell me which is better Galaxy S3 and No... moreWait for S10 which will come out in 2018 !


It's a superb phone I have ever seen..I thought,in Galaxy Note2 vs Iphone5,Galaxy is better than Iphone5..Galaxy Note2's video,image quality is superb & it's gaming experience is very very good...So I would tell everyone that Galaxy Note2 is a very good and stylish set...

  • LakeVue (Ex-BB-User)

More powerful capabilities than i thought and pointless to own a tablet when u have one of these. Don't be fooled by the drop tests as the back does not come off that easily as it's clipped-in. A follow-up (second) drop would have it fall off if the user didn't put it back on properly. Those of us who own the phone know what I mean. The quality is very tight and sleek considering the size of the phone. Very impressive. Check out the many youtube video's of people turning these into full out computers and samsung's own tutorials before listening to non-sense being posted by slighted Blackberry and Apple iPhone users. I used to be a blackberry user. This phone far out exceeds my needs whereas my blackberry 9900 lacked, and iphone5 felt like a cheap attempt at what i thought it could've been.

  • AnonD-85666

it was a fantabulus phone i never seen before

  • AnonD-8119

I've dropped my Note 2 plentiful times and none of that happened. If this was an iPhone, your glass will be shattered.

  • Duece

The Note 2 is a lot more than a smartphone. Its quite possible to replace your laptop with this.

The screensize is huge, while still being confortable to stash in a trouser pocket. Its quite comfortable to make calls with, although it does attract attention where a smaller phone would not.

The biggest advantage is undoubtably Android OS. Its flexible, quick, highly customizable and has a ton of free and paid apps - also surprisingly easy to create apps for it if you have the drive to learn how and some time to put on it.

The battery being removable is a huge perk. Buy a spare and a charger and your set. Such a huge, bright screen does eats power - unless the cpu is going full tilt all the time the screen can easily be responsible for consuming 75% of the battery power.

The coolest feature is splitscreen and only the Note 2 and true tablets have the screen size to pull it off, however samsung then shoots themselves in the foot. Only a small list of basic apps can be splitscreened without rooting and custom software.

The Note 2 has replaced my laptop for pretty much everything. Being able to scribble out my text rather than typing it is very handy, as is tye spen for precision tapping. Infinitely better than trackballs or touchpad mouses.

If you just want a phone with internet capability and some games, look elsewhere. If you want a pocketsize laptop with great extras and potential, it doesn't get any better than the Note 2.

  • AnonD-252

But your friend just put back the battery and back-cover on the phone and restarted it as Note II was actually undamaged?!

  • Floyd

today my colleague coinccedentally drop his phone on the floor and guess what the back of the cover was all over and the battery was very far. Poor quality from Samsung and now I can tell that Samsung its all plastic material.

  • djc9

Galaxy Note 2 vs. Galaxy S3 video

  • AnonD-6788

hi all
i upgrade from S2 to note2 4 days ago
note2 is a ver smart foon but not really big different
be sure it's not a one hand foon but it's better than S3
and the battery is marvelous
any question i'm here

  • Anonymous

I m so confuse now. Plz tell me which is better Galaxy S3 and Note 2. And also Galaxy S4 will be released soon. Should I wait to buy S4. Plz advice me.

  • rave

RYANNNNNNNNNNN, 04 Dec 2012any suggestion for great games in this phone.almost downoaded gr... moreneed for speed most wanted its working on my note 2 very smooth

  • prasanth

Adsam, 04 Dec 2012Any one know how to save picture from facebook?In stylus there is a Button..then Click tat button and point the Stylus where u want to take screen shot.U can also use for Saving images...

  • Anonymous

Pls anyone tell me ...... how much phone memory in dis SGN2 ...... I am asking phone memory don.'t say me about mass memory...... pls reply soon......

  • AnonD-74106

Id really like it in Garnet Red, Samsung should consider that.

  • Bashha45

Go to play store

  • AnonD-8077

Hi, 3rd party applications are not working with my galaxy note II, all are installed (whatsapp, skype etc), but the same not working

pls help

  • karan

AnonD-80321, 04 Dec 2012Guys which is better the Samsung galaxy s3 or the galaxy note 2?note2 is far btr thn s3 fir note ram is 2gb whras as s3 ram is only 1gb n again note screen is bigger n brighter thn go for note2