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  • 12 Feb 2024

Robw, 08 Feb 2024seller gave me for $300 being told snapdragon version but a... moreNothing wrong with exynos. I had an exynos s10 for 4 years and it was an excellent phone. Never a problem with it.

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    • Nova
    • 8qy
    • 10 Feb 2024

    Simply the greatest smartphone of all time

      Is the camera good?

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        • uub
        • 09 Feb 2024

        Robw, 08 Feb 2024seller gave me for $300 being told snapdragon version but a... moreI recommend the snapdragon version since older exynos chips can overheat

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          • Robw
          • XUJ
          • 08 Feb 2024

          seller gave me for $300 being told snapdragon version but actually it is exynos!! when I tried to return he offered $20 more discount. Should I return or accept the offer. is exynos good?

            H I V, 17 Jan 2024I'm a fan of a big internal storage with a microsd exp... more1TB main with a SD card that's also 1TB equals 2TB lol

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              • 04 Feb 2024

              CATHY, 30 Jan 2024I have had this phone since it came out in 2019 (5 years). ... moreyes, this phone is the last monument that came with SD card slot and a headphone jack. Now I'm afraid that no flagship phones have the luxury of having a removable storage and so I Can't upgrade.

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                • CATHY
                • 7K8
                • 30 Jan 2024

                I have had this phone since it came out in 2019 (5 years). It's still going strong and I have no desire to upgrade, yet. This is an excellent phone and I've had no problems at all.

                  I had this phone since 2019 when it came out & I believe the phone just shut off & refused to turn back on with or without power connected. HOWEVER, this is IS one of the best phones I've owned! It lasted about three years before that. And I love the fact that it recorded 4k 60fps, had external HD slot for additional space, and even the headphone jack which was barely used; it was nice to have. I definitely recommend this phone as a nice back-up, business, etc. I'm contemplating getting mine fixed 🫣

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                    • mFd
                    • 23 Jan 2024

                    Anonymous, 09 Dec 2023Note 10+.galaxy s10+ is good so ......

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                      • tA$
                      • 17 Jan 2024

                      I'm a fan of a big internal storage with a microsd expansion slot so I can add more storage...
                      And this beauty is my favourite since I think this is the only android out there with a 1Tb storage & a microsd expansion I fall in love with this beauty since the first time I know it... 🥰🥰🥰

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                        • mky
                        • 14 Jan 2024

                        This phone still being a beast, I would main this but no thanks

                          vjx012, 23 Dec 2023I got my S10+, 128 GB internal and 8 GB RAM, for about 253 ... moreThis sounds like a whole year worth of work.

                            Strife97, 08 Jan 2024Thank you for this comprehensive info. do you use custom ke... moreI haven't found a custom kernel for LOS. I have searched but found one for stock. I have used Boeffla on my ancient Samsung and it was the best kernel, and plus the app was really comprehensive. But there's no need for a custom kernel on LOS. The battery life is insane (depending on which app you use, Quora is the worst and gives around 6-7 hours constant screen on time while Firefox and YouTube give me at least 12 hours - non-stop screen on, almost no screen off, and I also use Revanced Extended from that disables ads and all that so that may give a bit more battery). So, YouTube, which means constant videos and sound, gives around 12 hours at least, non-stop watching. The phone is always room-temperature warm, except Quora, when it gets slightly warm. It never gets hot, even with a few consecutive restarts, which warmed up my previous S9+ considerably on LOS but only gets the S10+ slightly warm at best. And it never freezes or slows down. As soon as the app launcher is ready after the phone boots up, the phone is ready, it is snappy right away.

                            There is no need for an overclock, as the phone is fast, while there is no need for an undervolt, as the battery lasts plenty long. If you need an underclock, download SmartPack Kernel Manager for free on F-Droid and limit the frequencies for the three core clusters, but as I said, there's no need - the battery life is exemplary. If you root, then there's the NUKED Magisk Module which installs a terminal script you can run in Termux to disable ads, tracking, analytics and so on, however, if you run the script, unmount the SD card as it has a tendency to corrupt it on my phone, but unmounting it prevents it. This may extend battery life even more.

                            The bundled kernel has limited options and has only two governors, schedutil and performance, which you can set for each core cluster. But really, there's no need to fiddle around with it on this phone. You get performance and great battery life anyway.

                            The only two issues I found on LOS are buggy auto-rotation and aggressive RAM killer after around 3 days on. The first can be fixed by locking and unlocking the phone until the auto-rotation kicks in, it disables itself when you lock it pretty often but also reenables itself after locking and unlocking one or two times until you relock it again. Again, not much of an issue personally.

                            The second is aggressive app killing after maybe 3 or so days. The 8 GB of RAM is enough to keep quite a few apps in the background running, so don't be put off by this unless you absolutely need an insane amount of apps in the background - I couldn't find an Exynos 1 TB variant anywhere, while the Snapdragon can be found on eBay, so if you want 12 GB of RAM get the Note10+ if you're not bothered by the lack of 3.5mm jack. I am able to run at least 6 apps simultaneously, and I had maybe 9 or so apps open until it started killing them, and that's with James DSP, ViPER4Android Reverse Engineered and Proton VPN running in the background, plus L Speed and Google Translate. However, the longer the phone is on, the worse this gets, beginning with it unable to have more than 2 apps running at the same time until it starts killing James and ViPER eventually. This is easily fixed by a restart, which takes maybe 30 seconds and the phone is fast right after booting, and this resets the multitasking abilities back to 100%.

                            Again, those are the only two issues. Not a big deal personally. Oh, and there's no VoLTE, VoWIFI and all that, but since 2G and 3G is available in my country, not really an issue.

                            The fingerprint sensor takes getting some used to. The area is smallish, and so it may prove challenging at first to unlock it with the screen off, but once you get used to it, it becomes a non-issue mostly. I get it right with screen off 95% of times now. Also, and keep in mind that I did it with a film screen protector, it may prove challenging to register your fingerprints at first, but now, once I got used to it, it registers easily. I also registered four fingerprints, two for the same thumb and two for the same index finger, only first fingerprint focuses more on the front part and the second on the back part of the finger. This made the fingerprint sensor really accurate. It's also fast to respond. Only time I had an issue with it is when my fingers are really dry, such as after washing and drying my hands (depending on my luck, doing it once doesn't dry then enough, but multiple times then does), after which I have to keep it pressed for some time until it registers, but once your natural oils wet your hands after an hour, maybe less, this resolves itself. Cold, warm, wet, nothing except dry fingers made an issue with it. And you can easily remedy this until your natural oils wet your fingers by running your fingerprint through your hair or forehead/side of the head to pick up the natural oil there. There are glass screen protectors compatible with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor (the other glass screen protectors leave an ugly cutout where the sensor is), but if you can't find them or they're too expensive, film screen protectors will work just fine. Unlike the capacitive sensor on the S9+, this sensor works when your hands are dirty or wet. And it's only marginally slower, unless your fingerprints are really dry. The only thing I miss with the capacitive sensor it the ability to use gestures, such as pulling down the status bar by swiping down your finger over the sensor.

                              vjx012, 23 Dec 2023I got my S10+, 128 GB internal and 8 GB RAM, for about 253 ... moreThank you for this comprehensive info. do you use custom kernel or is there an available kernel that can be used along side LineageOS 20? I missed my legendary Galaxy S5 with Boeffla-Kernel.

                                For the love of a custom ROM, I'm considering buying this phone. Since my Galaxy S5 was retired and I got tired of customizing, I've been using an iPhone.

                                  Sprite, 26 Dec 2023Latest Samsung midrangers are not even as good as this phon... moreTrue

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                                    • 05 Jan 2024

                                    i bought this phone january 2022 12gb ram model 1TB and i love it, thinking about switching to s24 ultra.

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                                      • 04 Jan 2024

                                      Anonymous, 08 Dec 2023Please should I buy S10+ or Note10? which is better?S10+ is better

                                        justasmile, 25 Dec 2023No update support anymore and you still want to switch to it, huhLatest Samsung midrangers are not even as good as this phone, switching to old flagships is a better choice but go for latest midrangers if you want software support. Although software updates won't suffice for these awful latest Samsung midrangers