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  • Anonymous

Is the exynos version buyable? Or should I go with the regular huawei p30? I got only these options.

  • Ismail

I need honest suggestions, how good is this phone in OS updates and security updates? I heard S9 has 4 years of update? Does shifting to S10e from Xperia XZ1 is good move? I am user that use phone around 2 years. Also I am a flagship phone user. I need good suggestions I am a heavy user I do gaming, watch videos, use LTE+ whole day and do photography as well.

  • Anonymous

Unknown, 15 Jun 2020Is the screen burn problem still persistent like S8 or s9No. They changed iy

  • Unknown

Is the screen burn problem still persistent like S8 or s9

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020S10e shoots much better low light photos than S7. Icame fro... more,,excellent information.

mew151, 14 Jun 2020I get around 6-7 hrs SOT using 70% of the battery. It's awesome.Your excitement is a little- well excited. To me as a heavy phone user this is definitely not good battery life experience so I pass I guess thanks.

playship645, 14 Jun 2020I live in the USA and I'm wondering how long is the battery... moreI get around 6-7 hrs SOT using 70% of the battery. It's awesome.

  • Anonymous

man-o-man, 09 Jun 2020My Galaxy S7 stopped working properly. A crack in its Goril... moreS10e shoots much better low light photos than S7. Icame from S7 and the difference is night and day. The trick is to shoot using pro mode and be super steady.

I live in the USA and I'm wondering how long is the battery life if I had the snapdragon 855 processor.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2020Battery is just ok, it can last a day with no problems. G... moregaming in like fornite is good for a match then ot throttles and becomes unpleasant then unplayable

  • Anonymous

Michel, 12 Jun 2020Guys does it have screen burn problem over time like other ... moreprobably after few years but screen technology i different from the other generations could notice screen burn on s9 after a year this is completely fine

  • Michel

Guys does it have screen burn problem over time like other amoled phones

My Galaxy S7 stopped working properly. A crack in its Gorilla Glass 4 allowed moisture to seep in. I was happy with the S7, so I purchased the Galaxy S10e with Gorilla Glass 5.

The S7 and S10e have several similarities. They're almost identical in size. The S7 is 5.61” x 2.74” x 0.31”; the S10e is 5.60” x 2.75” x 0.31”. (But the S10e's screen size is bigger - 5.8” vs 5.1”).

The S7 has a non-removable 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery. The S10e has a non-removable 3100 mAh Li-Ion battery. Both phones are flat, as opposed to being curved. Both S7 and S10e are IP68 dust/water resistant.

The S10e is an improvement over the S7 in some important ways. The Processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, compared to the S7's Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. And my S10e has 6GB RAM and 128GB built-in storage, compared to my S7 with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage.

However, after reading other reviews, one of the biggest complaints about the S10e is that the power button is too high. It is about ¾ of an inch lower on the S7. Samsung raised it on the S10e. Why?

I have average-size hands. Using either my left or right hand, pressing the power button requires also pressing the Bixby button. I will never use Bixby. And since the Bixby button cannot be re-programmed, it is an impediment. Samsung should issue a software update allowing the user to use the Bixby button to open another program. Make the button useful, not an impediment.

The three most important S10e benefits to me are: 1. vastly improved sound, with two-speaker stereo, compared to the S7's single mono speaker; 2. microSD card support for up to 512GB, up from 200GB on the S7; 3. better photos, from both front and rear cameras.

Besides the high Power button and hard-to-avoid Bixby button, I see seven negatives in the S10e. The first is the S10e has a screen resolution of 1080 x 2280 at 438 ppi, while the S7 has a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560, at 577 ppi. But both phones have AMOLED screens, so the S10e's screen is still attractive.

The second negative is the S10e doesn't have a telephoto lens. Both the S10 and the S10+ do. The processor and other two cameras are identical in all three phones.

The lack of a telephoto lens, the smaller screen size, the smaller battery size, the fingerprint scanner being in the power button rather than in the screen, and the lower screen resolution, are the tradeoffs for a significantly lower price. However, I'd rather give up features such as Bixby, wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging, if that could have kept the telephoto lens.

The third negative is a Facebook app that can be Disabled, but not Deleted. I consider this to be Bloatware. If Samsung wants to make a private company’s app, such as the Facebook app, available through the Samsung Store, that's fine. But I bought an unlocked phone. I paid extra for not having Bloatware. I should not have Bloatware installed on my unlocked phone that cannot be removed.

To be fair, the Facebook app was similarly installed on my S7. But just on principal, it almost became an S10e deal-breaker.

The fourth negative regards OIS. The 10MP Front camera has OIS. The rear 12MP Wide camera also has OIS. But the rear 16MP Ultra-wide camera does not have OIS. Why?

The fifth negative is subpar photos in extreme low light. The same was true of my S7, which was released in March 2016. The S10e was released in March 2019. In three years Samsung should have made greater progress with extreme low light photos. Samsung improved regular low light photos. But compare the extreme low light photos to the Pixel 3Â’s Night Sight, and youÂ’ll see what I mean.

The sixth negative is issues with Samsung’s One UI. For example, if I have a half-dozen apps open, and I tap on the gizmo with three vertical lines on the bottom, I see all of the open apps. With my S7, I could close individual apps or “Close All.” With the S10e, I can only “Close All.” I cannot close individual apps.

The seventh negative, and the biggest for me, is privacy. For example, to use Samsung Notes, I have to “Allow Samsung Notes to access photos, media, and files on (my) device.” If I’m making a Shopping List, or a “To Do” list, I don’t need Samsung to access my photos. The Memo app on my S7 served my purposes and wasn’t intrusive.

Another example is, in order to use the Weather app, you have to agree to: "…Weather will have access to your location, even when you are not using the app.” I have a better idea. How about if I provide the location via zip or postal code, for weather information only when I request it.

In both phones’ Contacts app, I can see name, phone number(s), Notes I entered, etc. In my S7 I can also see my call history. It’s nice to see when I last spoke to someone. In my S10e, rather than my call history, I see a rectangle with the word “History.”

After clicking the “History” rectangle, I see “Allow Phone to access your calendar?” I don’t want some information-gatherer in cyberspace knowing what I do and when. I don’t like extending Permissions and always click “Deny.” But I should see my call history with no qualms, as I did with my S7.

In my opinion, the Privacy issue is at least partially google’s fault. For example, in searching for a new Weather app at Play Store, I saw apps with Permissions such as “read your contacts,” “find accounts on the device,” and “read calendar events and details.” For a weather app?

Don’t get me wrong. The S10e is a really nice phone. But if I were buying a phone now, I would shop for alternatives.

  • Marko

Exynos chipset is 20% slower, takes more battery, heats up 20C degrees more. Thanks Samsung for such present in Europe

This probably the best phone Samsung has ever made. Not only is the size perfect, but its performance is very good and the camera is sharp and clear. Unlike the mid-level A and M phones, this one is a good size and can record in 60 fps.

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2020Please which should I choose between a71 and S10 eYou should choose the s10e over the a71. The S is smaller, so it fits in your hand better. The A may be cheaper, but its processor isn't as good. They both have the same amount of ram, but the A's battery is much better. (3100 mah < 4500 mah) The S has more storage and can record at 60 fps. The A can record only at 30 fps in 4K or 1080, whereas the s can do 60 fps in 1080. Overall, the S is the better option. Only buy A phones if you're on a budget.

  • Anonymous

Please which should I choose between a71 and S10 e

  • Shuuuuuuubb

K-TPC, 30 May 2020My previous phone was Galaxy S4 Active. I selected this pho... moreCamera is bad??? I think you are on wrong page, this is s10e, not your cheap vivo oppo mobile

  • Anonymous

Propane001, 27 May 2020Hello I'm thinking about buying the s10e I'm currently usi... moreBattery is just ok, it can last a day with no problems.
Gaming on the phone is not amazing. It runs games well and I genuinely haven't experienced any problems playing Call of duty mobile, still screen isn't very big obviously and that front camera in screen could possibly be a problem in some games. Battery also won't last too long if you want to play heavy games a lot.

Although it isn't the best phone for gaming, I would definitely recommend it.

My previous phone was Galaxy S4 Active. I selected this phone, as new Active versions of phones are not being produced any more and this has similar body specifications (almost exact same screen size, weight and dust/water resistant). The phone has currently Android 10 installed. Although S10e is a newer phone, there are several things that make me disappointed.

1) The Alarm Clock app - I don't understand why all good functions have been removed. There is no more gradual increase of alarm volume option and also the pre-alarm is missing. I fail to understand why these basic functions were removed, making this particular app useless for me.

2) You cannot scroll the status bar from left to right and back. You have to open the full status bar to get to the button that is not among the first. Really inconvenient. With S4 you could scroll through the buttons and didn't have to open the full status bar.

3) Another issue with scroll - when scrolling through home screens, with S4 the scroll made a continuous full circle loop - you could scroll through the screens indefinitely to the right or left. No such thing on this phone any more - when you hit the last screen, to get to the first screen you now have to scroll back and through all the other screens to get to it. Why, God, why?

4) I expected the camera to be way better by now. But still the photos in daylight are mediocre and in the dark they really suck. I am very disappointed, I could even claim that my still very functional Nokia E90 from 2007 makes photos of about the same quality in daylight and much better photos in the dark.

5) The grid lines of the camera are so weak that almost invisible in daylight and totally invisible with bright light. S4 had solid grid lines that were visible with any conditions. In addition, although S4 also didn't have the option the change the colour of the grid lines, I kind of expected this to be an option several years later?!

I am overall quite disappointed, I don't see much improvement and several functions that I have got used to have been removed completely.