Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

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Headphone jack and heartrate sensor and SpO2 all killed :(

  • Abdullah

yes it would be better with 3.5, but it is ok coz u can use the usb port, i wonder why people complaining that much.

  • coolg54321

No headphone jack and no aptx hd either, so sad

  • Ryan240SX

To everyone ho is complaining about the lack of headphone jack
You've had years to get a wireless headset until flagships ditched the jack, i will personally buy the s20 just because it's a well rounded device, i would complain that it doesn't have a headphone jack but after i got a pair of wireless headset and realised how many benefits it has i decided to stick to wireless,
Bluetooth has got so good that it outperforms the wired quality on most phones
The fact that there is no cable to worry about can really benefit you
It's like the DSLR vs mirrorless debate, at one point everyone is gonna switch to the most practical of the two

Lets be honest, wired headphones do not last long.

Wired headphones do not last long from my experience and it's always the same fault, the cable around jack always develops a fault and one if not both channels stop working... I've gone through 4-5 pairs in recent years. The warranty for some manufactures is worthless so you can't count on them being replaced either.

Whosoever is saying 3.5mm Jack is very important then guys let me show you all the reality that even USB ports are soon going to be replaced with type C ports. The electronic world is now replacing all kinds of ports viz, USB, micro USB, 3.5mm, etc with type C ports and it will come as standard in all electronic devices from now onwards and by the end of 2020 all the new devices will have only one type of port i.e. Type C port. All old devices will run on old ports but new ones will have only Type C port.

Jan, 09 Feb 2020Useless Without 3.5mm Jack... Agreed

  • Observer88

Jan, 09 Feb 2020Useless Without 3.5mm Jack... while you find it useless millions will buy it and accept that life goes on without a 3.5mm headphone jack on a flagship device

  • Bruh

Jan, 09 Feb 2020Useless Without 3.5mm Jack... Stop complaining dude.This thing is gone.If you need a headphone jack consider buying a midrange or older flagships

  • Remmer

I'm pretty sure that the "100% in 75minutes" at 45W fast charging is incorrect. It should be more like 20-30 minutes.

  • Jan

Useless Without 3.5mm Jack...

  • Itachi

No need to make it so catastrophic about headphone jack.

  • Anonymous

lmao finally learning the way of a truly wire free lifestyle welcome to the 21st century fam

  • YEAH

Jack, 07 Feb 2020No headphone outlet? I'll stay with my Galaxy s 10+ for a f... moreYeah i will stay on my Xiaomi Redmi 7

  • Jack

Omar-Os, 20 Jan 2020No phone will come with headphone jack again, get over it. ... moreNo headphone outlet? I'll stay with my Galaxy s 10+ for a few more years or until Samsung wakes up and stops trying to follow crAPPLE features and bring it back. Many people dumped Apple and went Samsung when they abandoned the jack.

  • The Critic

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2020No audio Jack;; no buy, thanks. Samsung don't care.......they still number one and getting sales

  • The Critic

Celentar, 28 Jan 2020Yes me too, that's why i moved to asus rog phone II. Not co... moresad to say the crying of the ignorant few wont stop Samsung from being the top brand of phones because of the lack of headphone jack so carry on

  • The Critic

Taimoor, 26 Jan 2020I think s10 5g is better than this model cause it contains ... morei think you need to think before you comment next time. This phone has a bigger battery comes with the latest OS has a dedicated memory card slot if you want a dual sim version and has a 120GHz refresh rate. So how in God's name does having a headphone jack makes a phone better than all this specs? people are too ridiculous with this toting over lack of a headphone jack yes

  • Observer88

essam, 04 Feb 2020except you actually get samsung wireless buds when you buy ... morewell stop complaning about lack of headphone jack and buy a A series because most flagships don't have headphone jacks. Fed up of seeing people make issues of something they don't do nothing about. lack of a headphone jack hasn't changed sales nor diminishes the quality of the phone

essam, 04 Feb 2020except you actually get samsung wireless buds when you buy ... moreWell only the pre-orders will have Galaxy Buds for free.