Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

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  • JIL

Same size as S10, which is good: screen big enough, but still pocketable.
LTE version is now 600 euros in Thailand, but still 900 euros in my country in Europe :-(

  • Anonymous

How bigger they can get ?? In 10 years it would have 8 inch display . Will they ever stop ?

  • Iqmal

I own this phone for a month. Its really great phone especially with 120hz display. For gaming sometime I can feel hot in my phone I but i guess its normal forany phone. The biggest downside of this phone is battery life. Its really short

  • Anonymous

Will there be a s20e ?? This bigger than s10 . And i see s10 in the store and is giant

  • Miimus

It can have 4k display 16gm ram 1tb internal, 8k video and to be for free , it still will have 1 big problem : his size . Has every one forget how to make at least medium compact phone , you know how to speak at them ? ( That is the first role they were invented for ) .
I know a lot of you like big screen , and i have no problem with that , but still you have more options to choose than the world population . But what about people who want a decent size phone ? We dont care ?

  • Veeresh

Heats too much while taking photos and screen mirroring.
even less than 10 photos itself too much heating issue.

Need it! Someone give me plz😥

  • Mooc

Way to big

  • Super zero

Update fixed battery.. flagship featres not important . Performance display . Camera . Stereo speakers. And main battery. Present i m getting battery packup. . Thanks for update. Will wait for next

  • Futre thoughts

Afternoon i got a update... Battery fixed.... Better than before... Will wait for next one.... Conclusion s20 series beast.battery little disappointed.actual thing i m in lockdown . 18hours mobile 6hours sleep. Not understanding. Any ways after update there is a change. 1hour plus incresed

  • Futre thoughts

You are right. Battery zero. But pricing heavy.... Best keep it in home with wall charger life time .or to sell !?

  • Super zero

Worst battery management... 200$ enough in battery sde

  • Still

Actually the camera is a huge improvement compared to S8, but why on the earth they removed the options to save photos in some lower resolution, leaving options to use 64 mpix, 12 mpix and change/crop just aspect ratio.

  • sayed

why the hell Samsung always put this weak Exynos chip is their flagship phones. they should put Exynos only in A,M.J series only.

  • AR

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2020The battery sucks a big time am disappointed So damn true. Battery sucks....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2020It's actually not big for me and i have small handsThat is exactly the problem . You said corectly ,,for me " . I see a s10 , i see an s8 , s9, s7 edge , and for me are to big . I prefer buy a Nokia with keyboard buttons them a phone that big .
The problem is that Samsung only make big , very big and gigantic version of smartphones . Most of all like big screen , but not all of us . I don care if they make 7 inch or 10 inch display , they are not for me , but i do care when they did not make at least 1 high end medium compact smartphone.

  • Anonymous

amun, 03 Apr 2020This is to big man , what is wrong with people these days ? If t... moreIt's actually not big for me and i have small hands

Not sure what's the benefit of having 5g chip when ypur internet plan is 4gb or 10gb or even 20gb and how is that different from 4g. On the otherhand your phone will have external modem that will eat the battery so fast and destroy the efficiency. For example note 10+ with 9825 and integrated 4g modem and 4300mah has much better battery life than the s20 ultra with external 5g modem and massive 5000mah battery.
There is limited benefit for adding the 5g modem (mainly marketing) with huge cost of efficiency and battery life.
Imagin having best processor like exynos 990 or SD 865 with inegrated 4g modem and 5000mah battery, that phone will be blazing fast, power efficient and can last 2 days on one charge. Simply amazing. My old phone with 4g+ still doing great, with 50mb app download take a sec but the phone is very power efficient and mobile plan internet barely make it till the end of the month. Watching videos or going through instagram was never a problem with the 4g+. I can download 1 gigabite of data in less than a min but watching that can take an hour !. So bottom line 4g speed was never a bottle neck for the speed. But with 5g you get that ramped up while screwing essential part which is the efficiency

  • amun

This is to big man , what is wrong with people these days ? If these is the smaller version of s-series i don t whant to know how big the other ones are . How big can they get , if they wil contiuned this way how big will they became after 5 years , 10 years ? I prefer to speak at a keyboard phone than a tablet .

  • Anonymous

Hüñt 03, 21 Mar 2020OMG! This Smartphone Is Awesome...! I wish to have one but uhhh... moreMe too although i have s8+