Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

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  • Anonymous

sanshiro, 14 Mar 2020Crazy but i charge this phone 3 times a day. Of course I don't l... moreThe battery sucks a big time am disappointed

  • Anonymous

MS, 28 Mar 2020Why people buy such expensive phones when there is only 2 more A... moreThese are the great galaxies ... i think no one from us use a mobile more than 2 years ... so i think if we are getting two major software then its not bad .. in apple devices software is supported upto 5 years but the software is in the hands of brand as chipset and software is handled my themselves

  • ali

everyone here please sign a pitition to Stop selling us inferior Exynos phones!

very good

  • MS

Why people buy such expensive phones when there is only 2 more Android updates available.

  • NixxxoN

no holeys, 08 Mar 2020A phone with a hole - no, thank you. A notch looks kind of ok bu... moreHole is the best solution. Mechanical camera sucks, because it cannot be as big (so not as good), it is more expensive, less reliable, and also makes the phone impossible to have IP68
You sir should get informed better.

  • kr

Flo, 12 Feb 2020Should I upgrade from S7 edge to S20+ 5G 512GB for $1,299 or s20... moreget a s10 or g8x plus

rkhan, 24 Mar 2020s20 is good handy phone, display is fantastic, 4000 mah batteri... moreWhat's your version exynos or snapdragon?!

  • Anonymous

Dylan, 17 Mar 2020This phone or wait for the oneplus 8No one is going to talk about oneplus ... look samsung s8,s9 are still in demand and noone is asking about oneplus 6 or others

  • ivovb

Dear, gsmarena! If it is possible could You please post endurance rating 60Hz@FHD?

  • rkhan

Radhakrishnan , 13 Mar 2020A very good phone in galaxy S series. I upgraded from S10. A goo... mores20 is good handy phone, display is fantastic, 4000 mah batteries perform great, camera works fine.

No complaints...

  • Anonymous

Forgot this thing doesn't have a 3.5mm jack... I'll pass.

After only two weeks of use, my s20 doesn't charge via wireless any more and it's wireless powershare stopped working as well.
Somebody else experienced a similar problem?? I talked, via live chat, to a Samsung technician and he sent me to one of their Service Centers.

  • MikS

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020I keep shooting pics with the camera and I can't find a single o... morePictures can be blurred in some spots, for no reason. Hope it is only a software problem.

  • Hüñt 03

OMG! This Smartphone Is Awesome...!
I wish to have one but uhhh i dont have enough money...maybe in 2030 I'll take One!

  • Anonymous

The camera kind of sucks this time with S20. I noticed that too.

  • JIL

Selfie pictures can be extremely good and detailed, but sometimes part of the image is blurred and soft...strange

  • Anonymous

KinG, 16 Mar 2020Actually pictures from my S6 were really good, nearly as good as... moreThey are blurred because of the reduced depth of field.

  • Dylan

This phone or wait for the oneplus 8

  • Mikael

sanshiro, 07 Mar 2020In Germany they don't give S20 with Ear Buds+ They want you to ... moreExactly the same situation in Sweden. I totally agree with what you wrote! 👍