Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

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  • Hi

This is fake bc samsung still didn't release the phone and if it was real then look at the ultra samsung did this to be cheaper bc they had a huge loss in the 20 so only the ultra will be good and if its about exynos just buy the 5g version get exynos after samsung makes it good

Zzz, 08 Dec 2020My concern is, WHY TF it use 12mp as main camera? Why dont... morebecause the 12mp sensor has better optics and light sensitivity, also its 1x, and not cropped 1.1x. The 64mp sensor is like a swiss army knife, but the 12mp sensor is the old reliable screwdriver you keep with yourself at all times even though the swiss army knife has a built in screwdriver

  • Anonymous

peetho, 08 Dec 2020whatsssssss S21+ 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~393 ppi... moreit's just improvement, but backwards

  • Anonymous

1,1 optical zoom and 3 hybrid zoom, ok I want 3 please

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Wait the camera has curved glass?! Are you funny Samsung?!! One drop and poof camera dead, let me guess repair cost is sky high forcing you to buy a new phone? x-x

  • Moly

This phone should be called s21 Fan Edition. Soon, they will make a s21 Porsche Edition.(with flagship specs).Stop kidding ,fooling people.

  • Zzz

WhyIsNothingEnough, 08 Dec 2020To everyone complaining about the 1.1x zoom: 1. Its the sa... moreMy concern is, WHY TF it use 12mp as main camera?
Why dont use that 64mp as main camera? and trash out that 12mp and make it cheaper?

  • Anonymous

Rai, 08 Dec 2020Is this flagship of samsung only 1.5 m water resistance ve... moreWater resistants are just like a dlc. Its not like you're gonna plop your phone in the pool

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2020Seriously, you don't see a problem? Every phone has &q... moreWell if you want camera specs for cheap, just buy a used p30 pro, they're 1/3rd the price of a modern flagship phone and have arguably the best camera hardware in a phone. The 64mp lens that everyone is complaining about is a multi-purpose lens. Its not just there for "digital zoom", its also there for 8k video and high-res photos. If you don't want your phone to be half cameras on the back, then this combination of technology and use cases is perfect. Samsung clearly knows what they're doing as they are the #1 phone manufacturer in the world. If you think you know the market so much better, get yourself a relevant job at Samsung and fix all the "issues" that they have with their phones.

  • Rai

Is this flagship of samsung only 1.5 m water resistance very sad to know even apple xs max is better than this

  • Vinay

Plastic Back and 1.1x zoom in flagship. I have also noticed that samsung downgraded display quality from QHD to FHD

  • Mr law

The specs are low rated compare to other phones these days... time to admit it samsung, nothing spectacular about this phone!

Plastic, plastic, and plastic again.

  • Anonymous

WhyIsNothingEnough, 08 Dec 2020Same cameras as s20, 64MP camera is used for high-res photo... moreSeriously, you don't see a problem? Every phone has "digital" zoom, mine does better pictures with digital zoom than it does with the 2x zoom camera....except it's 35-40% the price of a Samsung almost-flagship.
What a total joke.
and to the person who said the ones who complain would never buy it, well you're 100% right. We respect ourselves, we aren't fan-boys and don't allow parasites like Samsung and Apple to mock us.

1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~393 ppi density) ??

1440 x 3200 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~525 ppi density)

are you kiding,?? hehehe

  • RGz

Plastic back, huh.

  • Anonymous

We need this phone S pen support.. Please. We want Samsung all flagship phone s pen support...

  • Anonymous

To the people that complains about the camera - Please, the Exynos is the biggest trade off here. For the longest time Samsung has using the excuse of logistics and market, yet not too long ago even Korea is using the Qualcomm version...

Samsung, you aren't fooling anyone except hardcore Samsung fanboys... And you don't have nearly fanboys base as Apple do... So, why?

To everyone complaining about the 1.1x zoom:
1. Its the same as last year with improved processing, meaning better image quality.
2. That camera has multiple uses
- 8k video (slight crop from 1.1x native zoom)
- high-res photos (at the 1.1x native zoom) using the 64mp lens
3. We all know that the people who complain the most about this phone are the people who never would've bought the thing in the first place, but they have to get their opinions out for the world to see just because they have access to the internet.

If you have nothing of value to add to the discussion (i.e. complaining about a proven image sensor that will be in its 2nd gen phase), then just keep scrolling.

Mobilemaster, 07 Dec 2020Samsung, just stop with the 1.1x optical zoom bullshit thin... moreSame cameras as s20, 64MP camera is used for high-res photos and 8k with the 1.1x 64mp image being cropped to an 8mp 3x "digital" zoom. I really dont see the problem here, but hey, maybe Im just another person that isnt going to buy the phone just like everyone else, excpet I can actually look at the use cases of the device and not just the bs "on paper" specs that mean almost nothing