Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

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Zzz, 09 Dec 2020Yes I know That why those 1.1x is shit and pathetic Its e... moreShow me a flagship phone (other than I think the Huawei flagships because they have RYYB) that doesn't zoom with its main camera in low light. Every single phone on the market switches to their main camera in lowlight because they are better. That 64mp sensor on the s20 and upcoming s21 series is used for many different use cases, but lowlight isn't it's strength, so Samsung isn't going to embarrass themselves with shitty lowlight zoom camera quality that can't see anything and just accept that in low light, you'll have a noisier output when zooming in order to keep more things in frame visible.

  • F1ddy

Already avoiding this, poor specs for a flagship

  • mai109

Some of these specs seem off. From what I been seeing, regular S21 gets "glasstic" back and FHD+, but S21+ gets real glass back and 1440p screen.

12GB RAM? That's really awesome!

  • Anonymous

We can shit on the specs all day but at the end of the day most buyers are not tech enthusiasts. They mostly care about how the phone looks and it's price

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2020I dont even think its going to be called S21 I think its go... moreThey are going with the year. S21 for 2021

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2020Samsung made those displays sillyWhich is exactly why such compromise is unacceptable for their own phone. They are a joke.

  • Sameedeez

393 ppi really? That's a step down

  • Mahmudul Hasan

Really, plastic back and aluminium frame ... This wasn't necessary..

  • maxx

full hd nooooooooo way

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm 3d sonic max ???

  • Anonymous

I wonder why they have 1.1x zoom...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2020Samsung should’ve choice iPhone 12 pro max and mate 40 pro ... moreSamsung made those displays silly

  • Anonymous

Exynos? No thanks. That ship sailed with my S10+. Never again

  • Zzz

WhyIsNothingEnough, 08 Dec 2020because the 12mp sensor has better optics and light sensiti... moreYes I know
That why those 1.1x is shit and pathetic
Its even switch to 12mp when zooming at low light
And use 4k upscaled to 8k from 12mp when record at low light

Its no better than those 2mp from low end, it is there just to only make it pricier

Lets hope the camera doesn't look like that

  • Anonymous

Moly, 08 Dec 2020This phone should be called s21 Fan Edition. Soon, they wil... moreSamsung should’ve choice iPhone 12 pro max and mate 40 pro plus screen it’s the best higher resolution yet no much load to cpu and gpu.

  • Anonymous

Zzz, 08 Dec 2020My concern is, WHY TF it use 12mp as main camera? Why dont... moreEven s20 ultra and upcoming s21 ultra all going to come with 12MP as main camera nothing special 12MP still remain best choice due to the bigger pixel than tiny 64MP.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2020Yes, I agree! It is more like a click bait. These can not b... moreI dont even think its going to be called S21 I think its gonna be called S30 then S40 etc

  • RMR

Hi, 08 Dec 2020This is fake bc samsung still didn't release the phone... moreMaybe this is real. Don’t judge anyway.