Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

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Got this mobile for 537 Usd. Sadly only the Exynos version is available here but the good thing is it was the 256gb variant. The battery seems to discharge quickly on the first 2 days.I got roughly 6hrs SOT. But after I followed the battery optimizations on xda, the endurance improvement is very noticeable. Today I am currently on 4hrs 9mins SOT with 59% remaining battery.

  • James

hekurn, 25 Mar 2022Stay away from Exynos variant guys. It's buggy as hell... moreI have exynos,i doubt sd888 will be a better choice compared to 2100. They are the same to me. Battery hog,and overheating chip. SD is not different with this case.

  • hekurn

Stay away from Exynos variant guys. It's buggy as hell.
overheating which causing battery problem and performance problem.
only pick the snapdragon variant.

  • Techecker

After seeing this guy's video you probably think Galaxy A53 is better than s21 fe ,

I was surprised!

Just got this phone today in a career deal for 550 bucks with a free galaxy watch 4 44mm. 6/128 snapdragon version is the only one on offer. Performance is fantastic. Played cod mobile battle Royale mode maxed for 2 hours. No overheating, no stutters. Big improvement over the x3 pro I had previously. After 2 hours of gaming the battery went from 95 to 68%. Will explore the phone more tomorrow and try alien isolation next.

Sylvia, 23 Mar 2022I am so exhausted researching, I knoow what you mean. I ha... moreHey dude, received this phone today.
Snapdragon variant, 8/256 gb version. So far everything is working great!
Animations running smooth, no bugs/glitches, battery is good, amazing refresh rate!
If you can get this at a discount I fully recommend! 👍

  • Sylvia

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2022Ugh this phone is so polarizing, some people say it's ... moreI am so exhausted researching, I knoow what you mean. I had it ordered, now I've canceled the order bc I heard there are ''network connective" issues, terrible battery and runs hot. so then I hear that its the Exynos variant thats the problem. So Im seriously hoping the SW updates take care of the bugginess bc i also heard it "stutters" and "is janky as hell"....idk.

  • yws

does this phone support 3.5mm dongle/adapter?

How much is the current price and how will it take to be delivered to Nigeria..?

  • mn

not happy with the buy...os12 is also unfriendly...better go with old phone S21 or earlier

  • Anonymous

Why dual sim dose not work in usa ?

  • G

I'm getting between 4-5 SOT with the s888 phone variant. For my use case it means one day battery life without any problem. I' m left with 25-30 procent of battery at the end of the day. The battery life is ok, but for the battery size i would've expected better. Otherwise the phone works very nice, is fast, the software doesn't have any bugs.

  • James

AnonD-1039478, 17 Mar 2022No idea how everyone has battery and heat problems. I'... moreYou didn't observe this issues because your mobile is heavily throttled by GOS service of samsung. Once you disable that feature in the next software updates you will know. I am only getting a 3.5hrs SOT battery backup with 15-20hrs of standby time. That's terrible with GOS enabled. If we disable GOS maybe I'll get 3Hrs SOT(mixed usage) for a 12Hrs standby time. I manage to get 4.5Hrs SOT in my new s21FE with 15Hrs of standby time, but majority of the sot is from youtube and browser, no gaming at all. So I can say the battery life is terrible since the battery is new, once the battery capacity start to degrade, you will expect lower SOT and shorter standby time. Heat will be more prominent once you disable GOS. Bottomline SD865 and 870 will be around on 2022 even for new phones.

  • JH

AnonD-1039478, 17 Mar 2022No idea how everyone has battery and heat problems. I'... moreI guess people vary between light and heavy usage. I have issues with the short battery life, but not with overheating

  • Kiwi

The plastic rear panel on this phone feels very cheap.
There is no problem with plastic but at this price this isn't what I expected.

  • Arturas

And what about battery life? screen on time? for light use and for heavy use? What about at night? how much it drains over night, if you not using phone.

  • AnonD-1039478

No idea how everyone has battery and heat problems. I've not had any of these issues this phone has been absolutely fine on Snapdragon 888

  • Anonymous

James, 17 Mar 2022It sucks because its very inefficient chip,and it was manuf... moreBro check your spelling looks like your spazzing out when writing

  • James

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2022Do you own Snapdragon version also, how do you know it suck... moreIt sucks because its very inefficient chip,and it was manufactured on samsung foundries. A chip hates heat,samsung or whether from any manufacturer,they dont have a good cooling solution for the same chip(SD 888). Its just a big battery hog. Honestly I down own the sd888 version,but How I came up with the conclusion is via GOS. Watch youtube videos and you will see that either sd888 or e2100 will throttle a lot during cpu test,but it will not happen to gaming phones with cooling solutions(except for the sd888+ ones). This doesnt happen on sd865. So in the end you are getting the same chip performance from sd865 and sd888 or e2100 while using it.

  • James

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2022You forgot better design, more compact size, better camera ... moreAnd BTW did you know that you cant downgrade a samsung phone?eg. if you have locked bootloader and on android 11 then want to go back 10. It will not be allowed by odin. Why ?Its my phone,I havr yhe right to choose which version I want.