Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • Jick

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2021What’s going on with this phone there’s a lot of complain a... moreDont buy s21 5g . Battery too bad. Not even giving 2 hours calling time. Over heating. Think it will explode

  • Anonymous

BunIsCool, 17 Nov 2020Why do people care so much about headphone jacks? Just get ... moreBecause you can't charge and listen to music/watch videos at the same time. And I've had problems in the past where the dongle is connected but it doesn't recognize the earbuds when I plug them in, leading to music blasting at inappropriate times. I also use the earbuds on my laptop and switch back and forth, so I have to detach the dongle every time because I don't want some dopey flaccid wiener hanging from my phone when it's in my pocket. Also headphone jacks are easier to replace, and cheaper. Water damage on one means water damage on the other, if they're separate you don't lose both at the same time. Wired hardware is more reliable and I value that more than most features. Adapters and dongles and the like interfere with that principle. They create headaches and unnecessary complications.

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2021There's many S21 cry babies at camera score comment se... morethe DXOmark test was written as if they were biased towards Samsung, they have lost credibility imo

  • Anonymous

There's many S21 cry babies at camera score comment sections.
And I figured it's the display makin' users feel like photos ain't looking good.
This device is good, just ain't that good, you know what I mean?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2021What’s going on with this phone there’s a lot of complain a... moreBoth soc are too much for performance.
They generate too much heat when you play heavy game.

  • Anonymous

What’s going on with this phone there’s a lot of complain all over the web and YouTube about overheating issue with both variant snapdragon and Exynos?!.

  • reliantrialto145

this has nothing to do with this phone but how do you upgrade to android ice on pantech pocket?

  • Anonymous

UniverseFulfilled, 15 Mar 2021I have the fully specced out Galaxy S21 Ultra (512GB/16GB) ... moreGood for you and I wish I had that much money.
But if you are a power user, watch out about sot

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2021you see...that thing scuks... s20 ultra has higher score th... moreTo you, yes.
But that doesn't mean you are speaking for general audience.
But just because some youtuber or somebody who owns says good doesn't prove good to others.
I know it's hard to accept, but it is the fact.

  • Yap

The price same like iphone
Certain country the price u can buy 1 used car
Is that worth?
My friend buy but still have a problem with battery and heating issue
Smartphone will drop price every month so buying expansive one if u can get cheaper one better then this? Samsung just wanna be like apple but failed.. Some country especialy asian country will not consider to buy something expansive like market place theres more nice spec in lower price then this.. In my country samsung already almost dead
Eynos just failed

I have the fully specced out Galaxy S21 Ultra (512GB/16GB) and it's fantastic. The screen is pretty much the best on any smartphone, camera versatility is bananas, and I don't feel that I'm ever missing anything. It pretty much has everything anybody could ever ask for.

Now for the price... I typically wouldn't dish out this much cash for a smartphone, but Samsung's $250 pre order credit for accessories helped. I paid exactly $1233 for this phone, with a trade in. (Super old Iphone SE I had laying around).
And I immediately sold a Tablet I got for free from them for $200. So all things considered I'm sitting at roughly $1000 for this phone.. I'll take it!

  • Jhony

I bought this device thinking it will give me a better constant performance while playing games like iphones do but the truth is no i dont , this phone is not capable of giving you smooth constant fps and while playing my favourite games pubg and genshin impact i am very disappointed samsung

It is way too close to the Note. It feels like it IS the Note.

flagshipper, 12 Mar 2021no sdcard for insulting price & heavy, that's a pa... moreNo future flagship phones will have sd storage. This is also the reason why sd cards are so so cheap now.

How is this phone having a GSMArena endurance rating of 114 hours, but having an SOT of only 5-6 hours? I expected around 8 hours of SOT at least based on the endurance rating.

  • yomi

color options are tr@ssh aside from silver they couldve added bronze like note 20 color and add red color aswell

  • Fuon

If i had to choose between a S ultra and a note ultra, i would opt for a note. Because of weight difference.

This is definitely a good phone if money isn't an issue. Its a shame that this phone doesn't have expandable storage. Then, I wished samsung will support ufs storage card instead of micro sd card because it is really slow. Honestly, no card slot is not really a big deal for me but some people it is but a flagship at this price should have support for expandable storage.

  • Anonymous

HKL, 11 Mar 2021Dxomark ranking is just 121 where others rivals have achiev... moreyou see...that thing scuks... s20 ultra has higher score than 21ultra but s21ultra is the clear winner and the best!!!

  • flagshipper

no sdcard for insulting price & heavy, that's a pass, let's see if Note21 will be better.