Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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  • Kebabs

Samsung user, 05 Jun 2021it doesnt have an SD-card slot nor a 3.5mm headphone jack. ... moreYou do know all the current phones are coming without headphone jack

  • Lewis2

Is it just me or is the longevity of Samsung phones short?

My first smart phone from Samsung was the Galaxy Note 4. It was epic, but after like two years, it was literally unusable. It would lag so much, it would overheat, phone calls would just end randomly and the list goes on. My next phone was Samsung Galaxy S7. Still epic, but it was the same way after a few years. Completely unusable in more ways than I could count. Next up, Samsung Galaxy S10. It was a huge upgrade for me. But you guessed it, same thing happened.

Am I just imagining things or does anyone experience the same issue?

  • PhoneTryouts

Hello, I am a very big smartphone and tech fan. No brand fan at all. In 2020 I had: Samsung Note 20 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro, Oppo Find X2 Pro, Huawei P40 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and none of them fulfilled my criteria (the best or at least in the top of every aspect) unless the Note 20 Ultra which had a very bad battery because of Exynos. OP and Oppo had bad cameras and Oppo also terrible selfie. Huawei without Google is impossible and also no stereo sound. Xiaomi full of bugs with BUGUI I mean MIUI.

But now in 2021 with the S21 Ultra they made the father of the smartphone era, also Exynos 2100 is on pair with Snapdragon unlike the 2020 990 which was terrible.

In 2021 only Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra can compete with S21 Ultra BUT as long as BUGUI/MIUI is so terrible and they don't go above 1080/30 in the frontal camera, Samsung definetly has the 2021 flagship award without any doubts. The battery is also amazing unlike in Oppo Find X3 Pro or Mi 11 with awful battery lifetime.

PS, Apple doesn't count as it's just overpriced and unrealistic stuff. 60hz, 18W and 64GB in 2021? Not even for free!! Even Xiaomi is better than Apple nowadays, sad but true.

  • Samsung user

it doesnt have an SD-card slot nor a 3.5mm headphone jack. 2 features I always use. oof! what a failure samsung! Not buying.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2021if it is me, i will stick to android. in my opinion, iphone... moreIf you are not buying a new MacBook with a new IPhone...whatcha REALLY, "Up to?"

I had a request from the GSMArena Site
In the camera section, Please add these 3 options in 3 line For ALL Phones => Optical Zoom / Hybrid Zoom / Digital Zoom.For Only "example" I show that and i fill that.
Optical Zoom : 10X
Hybrid Zoom : 30X
Digital Zoom : 120X

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2021Hey, I have always been an android user and now that i am g... moreif it is me, i will stick to android. in my opinion, iphone will only be nice if you have the apple ecosystem.

  • Anonymous

Hey, I have always been an android user and now that i am going to get a new phone i dont know if i should buy an iphone or stay with android like the s21 ultra. I am also hesitant for the iphone because my PC is Windows. Any advice on this?

  • Marco

its, 29 May 2021not like people can choose - your market has only one model... moreYou are right, you can't choose. If I knew that s21ultra would have sooo many glitches I wouldn't buy it. I take care of my device but it still stucks even when I write the message,sometimes can't type. Then some apps are closing and some are opening by itself (those that shouldn't do that actually)

  • Marco

786, 01 Jun 2021Stop trolling.... Exynos is and always kick butkicks sna... moreMaybe I know what I am talking about bcuz I use the device and I tested it. Before you reply make sure you know what you're talking about.

  • Anonymous

Battery is not very good, can't last an entire day of use, need to switch to FHD 1080p 60 fps so it can last.

YUKI93, 02 Jun 2021114 hours of battery endurance rating for a smartphone with... moreTrue and that's the reason I only use it at FHD+ 😂

The Exynos 2100 is a substantial improvement over it's 990 predecessor and to be fair most users wouldn't notice much difference under normal usage. Likely the biggest difference is in how much sooner the Exynos SoC starts throttling compared to the Snapdragon 888. From a users standpoint one of the biggest gripes is deciding which of Samsung's 27 different S21 variants to purchase. That's a lot of devices in one lineup and that number doesn't even include the numerous Carrier Branded Devices. As a consequence a significant percentage of users who are in the Global Version's (Exynos) footprint have opted for Snapdragon variants and are struggling with Firmware, 5G, 4G, Carrier Aggregation, VoLTE, WiFi Calling, OTA Updates and Warranty issues. Now that Exynos has partnered AMD and stated the new GPU for the Galaxy S22 will have AMD's RDNA2 Graphics onboard, it could signal the beginning of the end for the Samsung/Qualcomm Alliance. Furthermore, Qualcomm doesn't sell SoC's to Samsung, only the License, Samsung manufactures Snapdragon Chips in the same foundry it produces it's native Exynos Chips. The FTC has stated the Qualcomm operates a monopoly but they dropped their antitrust battle earlier this year. Let's all hope Samsung sorts the mess out sooner rather than later!

YUKI93, 02 Jun 2021114 hours of battery endurance rating for a smartphone with... moreIt's almost the same, not an big difference but I like to tell you this that iPhones are optimized to give the numbers run for 2 to 3 hours when it's discharged and Android use to discharge it quickly hence I see a little less battery life in comparison to my 11 Pro max and by the way I have exynos s21u.

114 hours of battery endurance rating for a smartphone with QHD+ 120Hz screen? I have never been a fan of high screen refresh rate on a smartphone in the first place, but Samsung's adaptive solution really does pay off. Just imagine how much the battery endurance rating can be gained if the screen resolution runs at FHD+.

  • 786

Varcor, 01 Jun 2021Snapdragon variants can be rooted, they run cooler and have... moreThanks for the explanation. Other than the 4MB L3 Cache on the SD888 and Exynos some points you mentioned was not explicit even in Anandtech. This does not make Qualcomm’s partnership with Nuvia too promising, nor AMD with Exynos.

TSMC chips, Apple has increased die sizes on the A14 significantly so while the suggested performance jump is only 18%, the actual increase is significant. A14 does not have a thermal throttling issue, compared to the A13 in the iPhone 11 series (that one is quite bad). Huawei’s Kirin 9000 also has a good memory subsystem. 3DMark will tell you that it scores only about 50% and GsmA’s review suggests throttling, but it turns out that both sustained performance and TDP are excellent.

I'd rather take a big die core 9 or 11nm over a maggot tiny v6 5nm trash than a bigger v10 9nm .

  • 786

Varcor, 01 Jun 2021Snapdragon variants can be rooted, they run cooler and have... moreBenchmarks, never trusted them.
Iphone is on paper way more powerfull, but in real life, it can even do slower than cheaper midrange phone.
Same in this SSD vs E2100, in real life tests, exynos does faster app opening times in most of the tests.
SSD888 intend to heat really bad, when pushing it's chip, like long period heavy gaming.
Nobody talks about connection speeds, which is way faster in exynos.
Upload and download times are really different.

But anyway, i don't think anybody can tell any difference between these two in daily basis use.
They perform the same either way, so these "scores" don't mean jack, because it takes more than power to make something work well, like in cars, if chassis is bad or tyres, all that extra power goes to waste.

  • 786

Alex, 01 Jun 2021You are #786 on my list of people whom I asked to stop trol... moreAnd why i should care if snapdragon cpu and gpu is marginally better . You won't feel the cpu difference in opening chrome or facebook and such powerful gpus in phones are utterly useless. Are you launching missiles or playing Star Citizen with your smartphones guys? You can play almost all current games with a Mali 400MP gpu. The only thing that matters in this comparation is the battery life where we should give the props to qualcomm, but this is the only thing that actually matters.

  • Anonymous

If you like the phone, great. If you don't like the phone, ok that's fine. As long as it works. Can the naked human eye really tell the difference in real world performance based on a bunch of numbers? A higher benchmark score will still enable us to message at the same rate, like a picture on social media at the same rate, take pictures nonetheless. It's a phone.

  • Zaddy

aamir, 30 May 2021I hesitated to buy this phone because of my previous experi... moreCan you buy one for me?