Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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  • samson
  • u7V
  • 31 Jan 2023

no significant changes. boring product.

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    • negertje
    • 64i
    • 31 Jan 2023

    is it worth to update from 2019 Fold?

    So annoyed by the crease and the fat body when folded

    6.8 inch is big enough for me

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      • Beavis
      • kp4
      • 31 Jan 2023

      Why no microsd card slot samsung? wth

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        • MiKi
        • MFI
        • 31 Jan 2023

        Does anyone remember what was the trade-in price when upgrading from S21Ultra to S22Ultra?

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          • sparky
          • D6e
          • 31 Jan 2023

          I cant wait to change my iphone 13 pro max for the s23 ultra. Tired already with all that apple well optimised myths, guess what ios is full of bugs and the interface is not that smooth as other android flagships, especially when scrolling.

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            • Anonymous
            • Jae
            • 31 Jan 2023

            I have Galaxy 20 FE 5G since 2020...
            guess what... the changes are not that big to buy one of these Galaxy 23 Ultra unless you are more interested in Camera features or you have old non-flagship Samsung devices..

            Big respect for Galaxy 20 FE..still competing..

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              • Hector
              • 80i
              • 31 Jan 2023

              TrashBaby, 30 Jan 2023my ancient note 10 plus is still perfect in every way but t... moreAppetizing in what way? nothing changed..

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                • Anonymous
                • x4{
                • 31 Jan 2023

                if you have a flagship phone from 2020 and later then don't buy s23 ultra. if you got an older one or a non-flagship phone then it is worth it. the current strategy to give less innovation for more money is based on the fact that people start buying new phones less frequently than in previous years. to keep profit numbers high, smartphone brands charge more money and give less innovation as fewer people buy a new phone every year. i was lucky to buy an s22 ultra last year for a lower price than the s23 ultra.

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                  • Not an apple Fan
                  • Mx{
                  • 31 Jan 2023

                  a little better than last year, still high pricing for something not so exciting. Hope that next year we'll have something better.

                    Anon95, 13 Jan 2023I find it kind of funny how the top still says 108MP even t... moreOh it changed, nice.

                      A bit better camera a bit faster storage for a few too many bits too much price as usual.
                      These flagships are not as exciting anymore.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 39$
                        • 31 Jan 2023

                        Aadrian, 30 Jan 2023So far rumors about the satelite sms service are very scarc... morePhones with 8 Gen 2 chip already support satellite connectivity, lol

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                          • Finnysrg
                          • rH7
                          • 31 Jan 2023

                          IQ200, 30 Jan 2023Maybe because some people bought their good wired headphone... moreAptX codecs guarantee CD quality audio over BT, so an expensive set of BT headphones will deliver basically identical sound as an expensive set of monitors.

                            IQ200, 30 Jan 2023Maybe because some people bought their good wired headphone... moreMy headphones have 40 hour battery with anc enabled, get about 2 hours battery from 10 mins charge or full charge is about 2 hours (so iPhone and pixel charging times). That's roughly 1 charge every week and charge it before bed, even if I don't get the full charge that's still days of battery.

                            I know people with £500-£1000 DaCs connected to their £2000-£3000 pcs with £600 wired open back headphones yet basically only use their £250-£300 wireless headphones, purely for ease of use and instant connectivity over multiple devices, these people are coders, Web developers and digital graphics designers. (most people have a pair of wireless buds for gym type situations or as back up). You can connect BT headphones to multiple devices at the same time, for example your TV, phone, laptop/tablet and swap between all of them instantly, no wires and you can get on with whatever you need to, no plugging wires in and out of ports and sitting 2 foot away from any device. No one is taking headphones more than £300 out with them specially when it's easy to catch it on something to pull it out/damage it, which are not "audiophile" headphones lol, not even close.

                            Unless you're spending thousands on headphones and all the other equipment needed (which you aren't carrying around unless it's your job to) you ain't hearing no difference/not enough to be worth the hassle in quality vs wired (like £200 wireless vs £200 wired), even wireless headphones under £100/£50 will be comparable to £100/£50 wired since the last 4/5 years really.

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                              • Note9 User
                              • nE5
                              • 31 Jan 2023

                              Anonymous, 30 Jan 2023Anyone knows for sure if S23 ultra is not ESIM only. That ... moreI can't say for definite, because like most people in the World, I've not seen it IRL, but I am certain the following is correct:

                              Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:
                              Unofficial preliminary specifications:
                              BODY: SIM:
                              Nano-SIM and eSIM or Dual SIM (2 Nano-SIMs and eSIM, dual stand-by)

                              It would've been mentioned in the news (it wasn't I've checked):

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                                • rsdt
                                • Pui
                                • 31 Jan 2023

                                aaronwt, 30 Jan 2023The internal storage is also many times faster than the sto... moreIf in such a case Samsung does not make the 128 GB storage with UFS 4.0 interface, it will be made by another manufacturer like Toshiba, SK Hynix, Micron

                                  IQ200, 30 Jan 2023Yeah sure, 1TB is plenty, even 512GB is great. But tell me.... moreThe internal storage is also many times faster than the storage will be from an SD card.

                                  Heck, the UFS 4.0 storage should be twice as fast on the S23 series vs the S22 series, which has UFS 3.1.

                                  Although the base S23, with 128GB of storage, will still have UFS 3.1. Because the smallest module of UFS 4.0 storage that Samsung makes is 256GB.

                                    HanDan01, 29 Jan 2023Evidences? Studies? Sources? I did a quick search and have ... moreThere are sources that claim the low frequency radiation can cause issues in a later stadium, and there are sources that claim nothing's to worry about. Also for a fact there is radiation with wired headphones as well, albeit a lot less than with the Bluetooth option. I do understand people who are cautious about it, I also don't like to be a human guinea pig because the wireless headphones have only started to take of in the recent years since around 2015 and real consequences can only be revealed after a long term exposure to this radiation, so let's say in a decade or two. Usually people who use the wireless headphones to listen to music don't use them for 10 minutes only. They use them for a rather long period of time. If you like to use them, be my guest and I won't judge you, and for those who do not like to use the wireless headphones, there's the option for a headphone jack converter, although you can't charge your phone with a cable and using the headphones at the same time. For me personally, I missed the headphone jack in the beginning, but as it turns out, I don't listen to music on my phone that often so the lack of it doesn't matter for me.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • IbI
                                      • 30 Jan 2023

                                      Anyone knows for sure if S23 ultra is not ESIM only. That is a show stopper for me.

                                        Ignot , 29 Jan 2023Yes S20 Ultra with exynos 990 it works fine and it was expe... moreSo far rumors about the satelite sms service are very scarce so don't expect that. Certainly not at launch, perhaps it's best to wait for the S24 in your case.