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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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imagine having so little changes on your flagship model that you basically spend most of its screentime on a software feature that would inevitably come to older models
maybe i'm wrong

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    • im0
    • 19 Jan 2024

    KimmyNRemy, 18 Jan 2024I am looking for a 2nd phone. (primary phone is Iphone 12 p... moremaybe try going for at least an s21 ultra

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      • Selenium
      • Ix6
      • 19 Jan 2024

      honestjoe, 19 Jan 2024These specs is a let down yet again for a premium phone, no... moreNo one is doing that because of:
      Bigger batteries, high speed memory, water ingress, security, reliability, simplified internals.
      I'd encourage you to compare read / write speeds between modern high speed integrated chips and an SD card reader.
      Using 4k/8k video sized files with older memory standards makes no sense at all.

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        • r9h
        • 19 Jan 2024

        ....Sticking with my Note9 😎

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          • XDn
          • 19 Jan 2024

          honestjoe, 19 Jan 2024These specs is a let down yet again for a premium phone, no... moreExact, you are right.

            These specs is a let down yet again for a premium phone, no expandable storage (no microsd), no wired headphone (only battery-draining bluetooth), no radio (just the data-draining streaming), no infrared. Looking same every year s20,...,s24. S10+ from 2019 had 12GB RAM, 1TB, microSD, wired headphones, radio, all the useful/practical features. S24 does not even compare with 2019 phone in the features offered.

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              • OMFCody
              • qbp
              • 19 Jan 2024

              It just blows my mind that this will be their flagship for the entire year and they skip a feature like Qi2.

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                • sX4
                • 19 Jan 2024

                Anonymous, 19 Jan 2024I stopped buying Samsung at Note 10 when I had the experien... moreFor similar reasons of features, I bought Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro 5G last September. It's £300 or INR22000 only. I am quite happy with it...

                  KimmyNRemy, 18 Jan 2024I am looking for a 2nd phone. (primary phone is Iphone 12 p... morePrice is the point go with S20 Ultra

                    Gutthix, 18 Jan 2024The Note 10 also had a far thicker chin and forehead bezel ... moreI get that, and I agree symmetrical bezels are better looking, but I would rather have slightly bigger chin w/ narrow side bezels than average-sized symmetrical bezels. The Axon 40 Ultra would be the best example of what I mean.

                    Honestly if they just could slim down the bezels by 0.1mm it would look a lot better. It's also the fact that the metal chassis wraps around the screen making the sides appear thicker.

                    Overall I'm not hating on the design, but I feel the bezels need to be thinner for a €1,450 device.

                      Out Of Stock, 18 Jan 2024OMG how delusional are some Samsung h4ters... "No o... moreBrand haters live in an alternate reality where every person is a Linux expert who actually really cares about needing features like an ir blaster, full open bootrom firmware or GNU C Code compiler. Yeah man I'm sure 25 year old John who has a passing interest in tech is going to care its missing FM Radio functionality.

                        more and more reviews

                        the design along with flat screen really destroyed the I15 promax

                        S24U is unbeatable

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                          • 7JE
                          • 19 Jan 2024

                          The Critic , 18 Jan 2024We don't need to hear the cries of people stuck in 201... moreI stopped buying Samsung at Note 10 when I had the experience that I must have SD card and 3.5mm jack in a phone. I check in every 2 years to see if they got their act together but so far no dice. I don't care about the 1% improvement in hardware Samsung makes when the missing features are many times more important. Samsung is now merely an Apply copy with Android OS. If I could do away with all the features Samsung dropped over the years then I would just go Apple. Might as well get the one everyone copies. Luckily there are other Android makers that understand SD and 3.5 jack are needed to get market share. Samsung just dropped behind Apple in market share, first time in 15 years, wonder why.

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                            • Anger
                            • t7X
                            • 19 Jan 2024

                            The only changes of s24 ultra is titanium frame, 50mp telephoto camera, Chipset, and display.

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                              • 7Xd
                              • 19 Jan 2024

                              ChristianNerd, 18 Jan 2024All the features you mentioned are on s24u on device instea... moreHow about features like: Pro controls, High-resolution photography, Best Take, Audio Magic Eraser, Video Boost, Night Sight Video, Photo Unblur, Macro Focus, Night Sight, Top Shot, Portrait Mode, Super Res Zoom, Motion autofocus, Live HDR+, Frequent Faces, Dual exposure controls, Cinematic Pan, Portrait Light, Magic Eraser, Motion Mode, Real Tone, Face Unblur, Panorama, Manual white balancing, Locked Folder, Magic Editor, Ultra HDR, Astrophotography?

                                Can someone tell me if it's curved or not. It's hard to tell by pictures.

                                  Five lenses in the back of phone looks awful. Looks like you're trying so hard to be a pro photographer.

                                    Anonymous, 18 Jan 2024You don't need the S24 ultra. And it's too expens... moreI can get S24 Ultra with Buds - free.
                                    After discounts $706.00 out the door

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                                      • SqW
                                      • 18 Jan 2024

                                      You don't need the S24 ultra. And it's too expensive.
                                      I can give you my s23 ultra in perfect condition for one grand.
                                      Do you want it? It's your choice.
                                      Let me know in the comments below ;)

                                        I am looking for a 2nd phone. (primary phone is Iphone 12 pro max) I don't wish for it to be expensive. I saw the Samsung S24 Ultra. Would paying more $$$ for S24 Ultra be worth it or would the S20 Ultra work just fine?
                                        Thank you