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CanadjunBeef, 22 Jun 2014The Good : - The 4K video is for real. Colours are saturated, a... moreYour bad are not true!

I am using S5 G900F, even when I am inside the office where network coverage signal is very weak, I still receive 1 bar of signal, unlike my iPhone 4 and Sony Xperia, they have totally zero signal as in no coverage at all!

I can customize the apps widgets and arrangement and also the settings arrangement according to mostly used which other smartphones can't.

I can connect my LG bluetooth headset with ease, and so is my Bose Soundlink Mini bluetooth speaker, Beats wireless headphones, JBL wireless headset, Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Sony smartwatch and others.

What are you talking about?
Are you okay?

  • AnonD-230517

karan, 21 Jun 2014I want 2 buy s5 plz explain me is tht smooth or not. I want to k... morevisit samsung smart cafe.....

  • delacosta78

Does it play 192/24 or 96/24 flac files?

  • Anonymous

Must have physical keybord then is complete phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-269963, 20 Jun 2014no Samsung phones are cheaper than the iphones and they are way... moreWhat a load of rubbish spec has nothing to do with performance in real life,its about time you tried an iPhone to see how slick it is with minimal specs..

  • anonymous

[deleted post]Reason i changed from i phone 5 s to samsung s5 was due of lags after update ios 7.1 bla bla so stop bashing dude

[deleted post]Of course you are lying.
I've been using Note 3 N9005 for 10 months now and never did it lags.

My iPhone 4 lags like hell! Never will I buy any Apple products, expensive yet so basic. No innovations, copycat.

  • CanadjunBeef

The Good :
- The 4K video is for real. Colours are saturated, although under inspection the video is flawed: very soft on the corners and sides (especially the right side of the frame), with lots of compression artifacts smearing areas of strong color. Lack of image stabilisation means you`ll need steady hands (or a support)to shoot watchable 4K video, and obviously a 4K TV or monitor for viewing. All that said, it's a very future-proof feature for a phone.
-The screen is as good as any on the market, bright enough to read in sunlight.
-The battery is so durable, you can go a couple of days between charges under medium use.
-The tethering feature allows you to make your S5 into a wi-fi hotspot for several other devices. I found this feature to be effective and it provided a fast browsing experience on a tethered iPod.
The bad :
- The cell-signal reception was surprisingly weak for a high-end phone. The S5 had a very hard time picking up a service provider indoors or in rural areas.
- Settings and apps are a litle redundant and not intuitively placed. There should be a Back feature or button in the browser.
- The S5 failed to detect several Bluetooth devices, including a HDJam external speaker and a Sennheiser earphone. It WAS able to detect a Philips Bluetooth receiver for external speakers.

AnonD-116479, 22 Jun 2014According to TechRadar HTC One M8 is the best smartphone in the ... moreAccording to the pricing HTC One M8 is more expensive than Samsung Galaxy S5.


  • AnonD-116479

Tcool, 22 Jun 2014According to CNET. moreAccording to TechRadar HTC One M8 is the best smartphone in the world.­ations/mobile-phones/20-best-mobile-phones-in-th­e-world-today-645440

According to Technobuffalo HTC One (M8) The Best Android Smartphone, Period.­review-the-best-android-smartphone-period/

Finally, HTC M8 have won the "Best Phone" award in WMC 2014. HTC won this award two in a row.­-awards/

AnonD-116479, 22 Jun 2014Perhaps according to you. According to CNET.­mera/

  • AnonD-116479

Tcool, 22 Jun 2014Then S5 is the best!Perhaps according to you.

AnonD-116479, 22 Jun 2014Don't recommend DSLR cameras instead of phones. Then S5 is the best!

  • AnonD-116479

Tcool, 22 Jun 2014Then buy a DSLR camera, not a phone!Don't recommend DSLR cameras instead of phones.

  • loukik

best phone ever

  • Anonymous

Brandi, 20 Jun 2014My brand new s5 of only two months has already been shipped back... moreYou can't say that about all s5 devices. Yours is definitely a peculiar case.

  • Anonymous

s5 user, 21 Jun 2014yes it does i use chatting application a lot and always watch sh... moreLies

[deleted post]Then buy a DSLR camera, not a phone!

AnonD-257122, 21 Jun 2014My friend has an Iphone 5s yet he's fascinated by my S4 cause of... moreCorrect!

AnonD-89109, 22 Jun 2014You don't know that? The logo at the back obviously :DWahaha! You pay for the expensive price of the logo only.
That's all, nothing more.