Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • AnonD-89109

Tcool, 21 Jun 2014Are you kidding? What is nice about iPhone 5s?You don't know that? The logo at the back obviously :D

  • dr amir

Very gooooood phone

  • dr

AnonD-275770, 20 Jun 2014This is very nice phone I am also use this phone. Hi readers
its been a long time that i am a samsung user and i am sure to buy a galaxy s5 as soon as possible.i am now using a s4 and so happy and satisfied

  • paul

Whats is new feature of s5

  • AnonD-257122

MAHIN, 21 Jun 2014plz use iphone 5s very nyze ne smart phonesMy friend has an Iphone 5s yet he's fascinated by my S4 cause of big screen,camera quality & battery life,do i need to say more? If S4 can fascinate Iphone users so much,just imagine about s5.

MAHIN, 21 Jun 2014plz use iphone 5s very nyze ne smart phonesAre you kidding? What is nice about iPhone 5s?

nico, 21 Jun 2014Better buy razer blade laptop than thisYeah put your razer blade laptop in your pocket and enjoy to feeling.
Or take a photo shot of interesting moments using your razer blade laptop.

  • chikku

MAHIN, 21 Jun 2014plz use iphone 5s very nyze ne smart is better than have too much functions and more battery pick up...

  • nico

Better buy razer blade laptop than this

  • manix

what to do ..i am in the mood to buy but worrying about its goodness or badness.plz tell me .i should or shouldnt.

  • s5 user

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2014And s5 gave you 15hrs continuous internet browsing?yes it does i use chatting application a lot and always watch short videos on youtube 15 hours of heavy internet browsing


plz use iphone 5s very nyze ne smart phones

  • vpp

ambitach bachan, 20 Jun 2014I m confused between galaxy s5 lte a and galaxy s5Lte is fentastic

  • luis suarez

I m happy with my galaxy s5

  • Robot286

AnonD-269963, 20 Jun 2014no Samsung phones are cheaper than the iphones and they are way... moreIt is really subjective; the iPhone 5S is better for people who want a phone with flagship performance in a small size device, and the GS5 is better when you are looking for flagship specs, but have a soft spot for Samsung devices. My experiences with Samsung have not been good, but for people who really like Samsung, like Tcool for example, then I would recommend the phone for them. I don't like it though, to me it is not good. No offense, Tcool.

  • s5 user

Brandi, 20 Jun 2014My brand new s5 of only two months has already been shipped back... moreu dint got an s5 may be its a night
arggghhhh samsung haters

  • Anonymous

Hahaha indeed another Nokia desperate fan

siddu, 21 Jun 2014dont buy its very bad and its hanging and camera clarity iss too... moreWahaha! Another desperate Nokia fan.

  • siddu

karan, 21 Jun 2014I want 2 buy s5 plz explain me is tht smooth or not. I want to k... moredont buy its very bad and its hanging and camera clarity iss too bad comparing to nokia

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2014So what your saying is if you just want something great out the ... moreIm pretty sure what this person is saying is that you should get an iphone if you enjoy slacking off with games and you should get an s5 if you're going to use it seriously