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  • Anonymous

Am looking to buy a iphone

  • AnonD-89109

darkgamer, 04 Jun 2014Firstly, those smart features are deep down the settings menu th... moreHmm, that sounds practical to be honest. I was only a SE user back in their rocking days and the call volume via earpiece was indeed low, very low for a crowded country like ours. However with root I can boost it, still.

Let's see. Don't know when G3 will launch. I might end up buying the S5.

AnonD-89109, 03 Jun 2014Well, I am done with metal phones, period. In the past two weeks... moreFirstly, those smart features are deep down the settings menu this time and you don't need to worry about them . And i use smart stay for e-book reading.

I have used sony phones, The sony skin will feel great and light at first but starts giving problems after some days. Believe me, s5 and m8 are both way better than z2. Z2 looks good on paper but falters in real life with lags and freezes.

Try the isocell with stabilization mode and HDR simultaneously on. It matches Z2 in low light with these on. regarding the daylight performance, we both know that s5 beats z2 in camera.

Z2 heats up insanely and is slower in real life performance. Get m8 if you don't want to experience any problem and a smooth experience.

I don't believe z2 beats s5. S5 has a better screen, better UI, camera (just use the correct modes), processor, fingerprint scanner. Additionally, it doesn't have loads of heating problems like z2.

The only few advantages of z2 are extra 1 GB RAM, more battery and better camera in low light( auto mode) and stereo speakers( but they are 10dB less volume than s5)

Let me tell you, sony phones have pathetic call quality from earpiece. Try a friend's Z2 for calling, the volume is too low.

Personal advice, don't go for z2, go for m8 or s5 or wait for g3 to arrive.

Have a nice day

  • AnonD-270302

[deleted post]Can you please elaborate how and what is good in one or other.

  • AnonD-89109

darkgamer, 03 Jun 2014I'm not saying that any of the s5 or m8 is better phone. THERE I... moreWell, I am done with metal phones, period. In the past two weeks of using the M7 I understood the disadvantages of it. Horrible reception problem, both about GPS and phone signals. I was shocked actually! So I guess now I have some idea why Samsung is so arrogant to stick with Plastic.

Anyway, about TW, by now everyone knows it has LOADS of features, but the problem is very few people use them! Smart pause, Smart stay, really? They SHOULD remove all those non working / half working nonsense from the framework and focus on optimizing the TW experience. TouchWiz can never match Vanilla experience of Android, unless they make it really optimized. Even half priced Moto X can defeat it and it does! That's a shame.

Z2 on the other hand comes with some apps pre-installed, which with root can easily be removed, as they are apps, not some features like Smart pause and blah blah.

S5 focused on Fingerprint sensor and Heart rate monitor! REALLY? Are you freaking kidding me Samsung? Jeez! Couldn't you just make that so called ISOCELL camera a little be more remotely acceptable in low light? It's a flagship after all!

Anyway, it's quite clear that Z2 can defeat S5 quite easily, both software and hardware wise, but it's still kinda big and the backside of it is a letdown, it can't be gripped as easy as an S5.

Lets see...All I can say Samsung is a respectable brand, they should NOT kill their image with ultra nonsense bloated TouchWiz. Wish there was a S5 Google Play Edition.

  • AnonD-89109

AnonD-116479, 03 Jun 2014Try ios 8. You will be extremely satisfy with it. Yeah I have tried iP5S for one week. Believe me, I still have nightmares about it.

Apple is indeed about quality :/

AnonD-246472, 03 Jun 2014looks like slipper over ear while calling,get iphone 5s,no more ... moreYou sure wear a great pair of slippers equipped with camera and heart rate sensor.

  • AnonD-246472

looks like slipper over ear while calling,get iphone 5s,no more lags,once u start using iphone u will never ever think of buying android again in whole life.

AnonD-13185, 03 Jun 2014Someone mentioned that TouchWiz in s5 is quite fast, no not at a... moreGo to developer options in settings and make the animation scale, transition scale and window animation to 0.5x or off. Now open these apps and tell me it's not fast.

And please don't use the multitasking button to kill apps. It's a task switcher, not app killer. The app will obviously open slower if it's not in the RAM. Use the phone properly, it'll be as fast as you want it.

Have a nice day

  • AnonD-13185

Someone mentioned that TouchWiz in s5 is quite fast, no not at all, contacts or dialer menu take same time as in s3 or s4. Of course S2 was fast

  • Fishie

Compare it with what?

  • Alfonso

What is the answer? Is worth buying or not?

  • Anonymous

Tcool, 03 Jun 2014Just like Symbian in Nokia, now Windows Phone. And now Nokia is... moreSamsung is now making smartwatch, smart tv and camera that powered by tizen. Samsung is also one of the developer of tizen os.

  • Anonymous

KiM, 03 Jun 2014LG G3 sales three times higher than the Galaxy S5 in Korea...Sam... moreheart rate monitor and finger print sensor. In the future they will put cat scan, mri, x-ray, ultrasound and etc... And this will be a doctor phone haha

  • KiM

LG G3 sales three times higher than the Galaxy S5 in Korea...Samsung should have made a better design and not expensive and useless features (like heart rate monitor and finger print sensor). Of course S5 is not a bad phone, but it is just uninspiring and does not stand out from all the other phones as a flagship should do. It is just my opinion...

gil, 03 Jun 2014Does all samsung galaxy S5 have 4G or some model don't have. as... moreThe model G900H doesn't have 4G. It features an exynos 5422 octa core chipset instead of the regular snapdragon 801.

  • gil

Does all samsung galaxy S5 have 4G or some model don't have.
as it seem that some model dont have 4G?

  • AnonD-116479

Tcool, 03 Jun 2014Oh I'm sorry to interrupt, I thought I was in iPhone page. LOL!Oh! did you feel it? Then, keep feeling it.

  • MurDocRSA

Awesome phone, just make sure you take our insurance to cover the screen.