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abdp, 30 Apr 2014i have buy note3 one month ago, after i change to glaxy s5,.may ... moreYou should!

BigBeeTangbi Sonam T, 30 Apr 2014Note3 Is better than s5 I MUST SAY!!!You bet!

  • AnonD-116257

kjbm_01, 29 Apr 2014Im using galaxy s5 now and somewhat disappointed... because when... moreBecause power saving mode reduces the frame rate of the transition animation, that's to make the power saving effective.

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately this phone looks like a plastic box which is why I don't think I will ever buy another samsung galaxy phone(at least not until they will make a decent build quality like apple or sony, htc)
In my opinion it doesn't deserve the money for a premium phone with a very poor plastic case. It's not very different from galaxy s4

  • BigBeeTangbi Sonam T

Note3 Is better than s5 I MUST SAY!!!

  • Anonymous

Truth, 30 Apr 2014 I have a question for everyone! Which handset has the bes... moreIts Nokia lumia 1020

  • abdp

i have buy note3 one month ago, after i change to glaxy s5,.may be i returne back to note3.its very good

  • abdp

s5 should need minimum ram 3gb,when you recording video in uhd mode,video playing step by step.i like note3,ram and specification tottaly very very good when you depend in s5.

  • Truth

I have a question for everyone!

Which handset has the best Video recording please?

I do not care about pictures, just need the best Video recording!

Thank you in advance

AnonD-224578, 30 Apr 2014I never own a Note 3, because i think it's too big for me. i jus... moreThe short battery power duration problem arises when you are in a long travel and cannot find any power outlet. You have no other choice but to switch it off totally.

S5 gives you the option to set it to ultra power saving mode to prolong the power, thereby you won't miss important calls or messages.

kjbm_01, 30 Apr 2014Wow...excuse me.. how can i prove to you that i am using galaxy ... moreDon't put it to power saving mode, it wont' help.
The battery would still last more than a day even it is in normal mode.
If the battery gets low and you are far from any charging area, for the meantime, use the ultra power saving mode, but never the power saving mode.

  • AnonD-224578

I never own a Note 3, because i think it's too big for me. i just switch from S4 to S5. I never realise until i saw a review on youtube that the S5 look's like a smaller version of Note 3 ( hardware build ). Thou the TouchWiz on S5 look's way better. then i compare the note 3 to S5 screen the S5's screen is way more Sharper. I only have the mobile for just a couple of days so i can't tell about the battery life. but really who cares about battery life just bring your charger with you. pretty much all smartphones these days have the shorter battery life than the good old days of nokia 3210 hehe

shorter battery life is not a big issue these days i do have the habit of plugging my mobile to the power point if am at the office or at home.

am just glad that Samsung is improving their Android Version TouchWiz to be not too "Cartoonish"

  • AnonD-224578

AnonD-116479, 29 Apr 2014Don't ask from other people which phone should I buy. Do your ow... moreindeed true. Gsmarena site is a big help on making your own research, plus other sites like watching youtube for unboxing videos, reviews plus you can make your own decision on which mobile would you decided to buy. its a little annoying if people putting comments here asking which one to buy for advice. at the end if you bought your mobile with an advice of other people you might not like what you buy, then you blame other people for making decision for you.

  • kjbm_01

Tcool, 30 Apr 2014Don't pay attention to that guy (ip address: t7Xi), he's been he... moreWow...excuse me.. how can i prove to you that i am using galaxy s5 now?.when i do praise this phone?.. you want picture of me holding my own s5?... and im not a bashing samsung s5... it just that i experiencing that kind of problem and i want some advice and if others are experiencing this too..

[deleted post]The South Korean behemoth has said that the number of mobiles shipped with faulty cameras is "very limited". It also claims to have taken measures to ensure the issue does not surface again.

  • V S T

tats one expensive plastic....when will they learn?? 45k for plastic.....nd they r using the word 'premium'. Yeah..may be..they'll cut the price by 10k in a day....juz lyk s4...

Niteshan, 29 Apr 2014I have to choose between the note 3 and S5 , appeartly the S5 ha... moreI have them both.
Note 3 have useful features not present in the S5 and vice versa and both are powerful phones. So it is hard to let go of one.

Think of your freferences and what you use most so that you can decide.

For bigger screen display Note 3
For clearer screen display S5

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2014Ok Tcool. I see you are brave to enough to keep busting out thos... moreAs you said, people were giving it bad ratings whereas the phone wasn't even released.

How much more now, all haters, bashers, anti-Samsung and rival brands trolls are voting "0".

Dont' look at the voting results, check the popularity daily interest, that will tell the whole story.

  • lusyyl

Moove, 30 Apr 2014Its listed here on this site: moreIs there a phonenumber, I can call? Nobody answer by kauftipp.

  • Moove

lusyyl, 29 Apr 2014when will it be available in switzerland? Any ideas?Its listed here on this site:­galaxy-s5-g900-black

I see no specific date for the moment, only the price about 665 CHF. Samsung Switzerland told me delivery near end of April/ mid Mai.