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AnonD-8044, 28 Apr 2014I want them to go back to old style music player like in S,S2 an... moreGo back to the past while technology is moving ahead.

  • AnonD-8044

This is a flagship why not give it stripes and cooling fins for processor and multi coloured flashing lights when it rings...When you buy a flagship car IT STANDS OUT so why don't these full touch smartphones look cool like the old Nokia N-Series..I mean bling the thing up or something..

  • AnonD-8044

I will wait for price drop its now down to 430GBP in my second hand shop.

  • AnonD-258815

This is the second android phone device I have bought and I must say its simply amazing. I had experience with Asus MemoPad HD7 running a 4.2.2 and have been following phone's reviews for years now, so android isn't something new for me. But if you are not coming from S3, S4 the lack of innovation over past models shouldn't really bother you since you didn't have any of past devices, IMO. Sound is really good for such a small speaker, camera performs excellent outdoors, and with few tweaks in setting, indoors/low light as well. I just wish it had OIS, would definitely come in handy. Performance wise, I haven't encountered any lag yet, maybe some minor while trying to scroll webpages very quickly. I still didn't have chance to test how it runs on most hardware intense games, but hell that Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5Ghz should definitely be able to run everything smooth (even on top of Samsung's ROM), given the app is optimized for the device. Not sure what I can say about build quality since I don't have what to compare it with (my last phone was S5260 Star II lol). I can say it doesn't feel slippery, I kinda like the back design as well. Display - no cons IMO. Rich colors and insane resolution provide excellent experience on its large 5.1 inch display.
In the end, I don't understand all the hate this phone gets. I would rank it the 3rd best device, right behind Xperia Z2 and Galaxy Note 3 (ranked by - camera quality, device performance and screen size)

  • roo

S5 or z1compact?

  • Fahim

AnonD-8044, 28 Apr 2014I want them to go back to old style music player like in S,S2 an... moreThis phone's touch is so much fast, camera is clear, sound is good and much louded than any other samsung phones but it's processor's performance is not so better than it's price. Thankyou

  • Mashal

Hey guys, do you think I should get this or wait for the "premium" S5 that will come in a metal body?

Or do you have any other good recommendations?

  • iphone 5s kunt

AnonD-258791, 28 Apr 2014iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5 Which is better friendsGo for s5 galaxy is better because =

With a big screen you can do more stuff , nice to watch vids ,

you can shower with your s5 galaxy

you can do sports ,

if your phone is too big for your pocket buy gear and leave your phone in you bag or jacket , your pants will be very happy and you won't have to buy new belt's because your pants are too heavy !

This phone rocks 2014 !

You won't find better LG will try but ain't gonna happen

  • AnonD-258791

iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5
Which is better friends

  • anonymous

minnow, 28 Apr 2014its about preferences.. the note 3 has 3GbRam and the s5 has onl... moreYou got double Wifi adaptor which in theorie gives your up to 150 mbs to download same for LTE adapter + you can combine both wifi and lte to have it even faster . waterresistant not waterproof . Is stil a plus and the options you got for the camera are quite impressive . Also if you are doing cardio the heartbeat sensor helps you know how much calories you have effectively burned . ( do not have to go to the gym anymore) and of course for someone like me who buys alot online i can make secure payments with paypal ! So Can s4 still compete ? no my friend this is just the top for now Fuck LG G3 it will be better for ram but do we need 3 Ram ? in 2014

  • Anonymous

4.0 Average vote?! Why? How is the M8 or the Z2 better? Just answer this, anyone who voted that way! I dare you!

  • AnonD-251450

note 3 is better option in this price.

  • AnonD-258729

Has anyone checked the IMEI number of S 5 in the internet?

  • AnonD-8044

I want them to go back to old style music player like in S,S2 and Wave with seperate presets plus sound enhancing Concert Hall,Externalisation etc plus graphic equaliser with all them bouncing lights..

They need new design.

Half press shutter button.

Xenon flash.

Proper send/end key real buttons plus D-Pad for precision movements.

And so on,,

  • memas7

why no radio???

  • AnonD-258672

When you hardly find a difference in design between S5 / Core / grand, it is difficult to tag S5 as a flagship model. With little improvement over S4 Samsung is struggling in a saturated market.

  • iPhone User

cause i work for o2 i have to have good knowledge iof all phones and when they brought this in for us to play with i did indeed find in quite good to use,(still prefer my iphone mind you) But as all bad comments on hear say about build and design i think main issues with this is that samsung even said they new about design and were doing it completely from scrath for this phone, which tbh seems like complete lie otherwise its great phone in terms of functions and userability.

  • Anonymous

din87, 28 Apr 2014Which one better..galaxy S5 or iphone 5S?? I'm so confius now..p... moreIphone 5s

  • minnow

Dark X, 28 Apr 2014What's the best one Galaxy s5 or Note 3???its about preferences.. the note 3 has 3GbRam and the s5 has only 2GbRam(like the old s4)..the s5 has a 16Mp camera- note 3 has a 13Mp camera (like the old s4)..the innovation from samsung regarding the new S5 stands in the waterproof and dustproof body and in that fingerprint fair to say that the s5 has so little advantage comparing to the old you decide if the s5 its worth the advice is to wait for the lg it will be better

  • AnonD-258629

din87, 28 Apr 2014Which one better..galaxy S5 or iphone 5S?? I'm so confius now..p... morethis is better