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  • Real-R

phone is a phone...not a laptop or pc

  • Anonymous

Bring back the music player that was on Samsung Galaxy S,S2 and Wave please Samsung,,loved the settings and concert hall plus lovely crisp multi-coloured flashing graphic equaliser,,,,,why go backwards to crappy Sound Alive player its to soft and changing equaliser lowers volume its crap why go backwards??

  • Anonymous

Why have a big announcement then not release the phone for 2 months???????????????????????????????????????

  • AnonD-77892

TheNeighbor, 05 Mar 2014LOL. Would you really want someone unlocking your device when yo... morewhy are you here in S5 forum? this is NOT a note 3 forum okey!

  • AnonD-241071

TheNeighbor, 05 Mar 2014LOL. Would you really want someone unlocking your device when yo... moreU got the point. Thats why u gave it mo thot sn replied!

  • AnonD-237890

My predictions on the specs for Galaxy s6

1)5.2 inch screen(Corning Gorilla Glass 3.5)

2)2.5 gb of ram

3)24 MP camera

4)brainwave monitor.

5)curved and flexible body.

6)fire resistant

7)Li-Ion 3010 mAh battery

  • Yvil

For the 1st time I'm not convinced about the new S series. For me the S4 is the perfect size - display ratio. I have a Note3 and whilst I love it, the size a big big. The S5 is surprisingly quite a bit bigger than S4 and also heavier for only 0.1" display gain (which is nothing in the real world). Of course specs are a bit better but there's nothing vastly superior. It makes me think of the minimal improvements the iPhones are bringing with each new phone.
The next BIG thing has to be a foldable screen like the old clamshell phones but where the screen itself folds so you can have a either a 7" display in the for the size of an S4 or a 5" display for the size of an iPhone 4. Yes thickness will grow to about 12mm when folded but we can live with that and the screen will naturally be protected when not used

AnonD-241071, 05 Mar 2014The Galaxy S5. Cant wait. Price not an issue. Thats why I work ... moreLOL. Would you really want someone unlocking your device when you're unconscious? There is an emergency number feature on a locked screen. Anyone can tap several numbers you have encoded.

  • AnonD-241071

The Galaxy S5. Cant wait.
Price not an issue. Thats why I work my ass off sooo hard. I can have nice things.
Here is why I will get myself the Galaxy S5.... 
1). Heart rate monitor/S-Health/Galaxy gear.
Now since I am a fitness freak, its a necessity. Period. Oh and I can call/text as well. All in one.
2) Fingerprint reader.
I have too many codes. Remembering the right one is a task I tell u. Try and copy my FP- good luck. One less code to remember. Finally. In the event of an accident and I am unconcious, a good samaritan can place my finger on the phone, unlock an contact my people. How will they get your unlock code/pattern??
3) Water proof Protection
Now I can go into the shower with my fone and even answer a call without any fear! If i am sweating or when i travel to bloody hot areas now I wont be worried anymore about sweat drops seeping in and messing the charging port as I talk. (Its forced me to always use a BT earbud)
4) Big Camera thats fast too.
Am always on the road. Sooo much to see an photo. I have missed tons of good shots before. Not anymore.
5) Form Factor/design or FM Radio
Fetish about this is soooo 2011! Plastic or metal or whatever- i dont give a damn. We all still buy fancy cases in diff colors. Big deal.
About the FM Radio... if you have lots of free time in your hands. Stop reading now.
Busy professional pple like me never seem to have time to listen to radio. I get tweets, text updates, breaking news. Anyway presenters have ugly voices with annoying imitated foreign accents. I INTEND to continue to live without them. If its music I want to hear, I will have my collection on my S5 which I can play either in my car BT entertainment unit, as I jog or as I relax. My choice. I am in control. I will choose what i want to listen to anytime. Repeat, shuffle, pause. If I want to listen to some radio I can stream. Or if I am home or at work or in the car, there.s radios for that.
Trade any of the above features for a radio? Get serious. I am afraid thats a NO for me.
6) 1.6Ghz/Snapdragon/Adreno..whatever.
I really dont know what these things are and I dont wish to know. I have better things to learn. As long as its fast for me, screen is large and clear, I get good reception... I will take it.
7) After sale service/repair centre.
Here in my #NairobiBlue (in Kenya). Samsung centres are everywhere and give very good support. I will only go for/ have something that can be sorted here shud I mess it.
I have learnt from experience. In the past I have tearfully discarded a top brand phone after only 5 months... I had bought it overseas. I could find no one to repair it. Never ever again. After sales service & support - It is all THE difference. And I need it.
8) Resale Value.
Samsung is anywhere and everywhere here. It commands a good resale value shud I wish to upgrade and dispose. I guarantee a resale price for a samsung galaxy device of not less than 60% of buying price - a whole year later.
Whose smarter now??
A big win on features. A big win on functionality. A big win on customer support. A big win on resale value. What more can I want??
Thank you.

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2014Now that is selfishness at play. Because you dont need fm radio ... moreI have a Bluetooth device connected to my Note 3 with FM radio. Still not using its FM radio because of the terrible programming stations here.

The only plausible thing is to get a Bluetooth earset with FM radio. Hey, you can always get the Sony Z2. I think Samsung will listen when they start losing customers like you.

I consume my unlimited data like crazy with about 5 to 7 GB on heavy days. But I was merely answering a guy who generalized that everyone uses FM in my city. I would only SPECULATE Samsung did its study that a majority don't use FM on high end phones.

  • Faraz

Specs are super, but in this so called tech race, launching of a smart phone is more or less like a trailer of a movie. If smart enough one can figure out the whole thing of what has to come next or whats the upcoming promising or routine progress from the previous model. Im sure the next one in this series will have a 20 MP camera plus video calling can be more dynamic, as well as the faster processor.

  • AnonD-238718

Specification is quite ok, but quite similer s4. Some
option ad. if ram will be 3gb thats would be great.
no fm radio. Design is ugly. Plastic body & china
setting phone. shame on samsung. huawei or lg will
be #1 Handset.

  • Naushi

When is Samsung Gonna Launch YOUM. Waiting for a Long time??

  • anonymous

*, 05 Mar 2014That phone is so big and stupid. Have the same things that s4. I... moreThen buy an i phone and stop sending useless coms

  • kiam23

specs is good ..

but the design? nah ...

  • AnonD-8044

AnonD-240973, 05 Mar 2014You have written Phase detection the correct is Face detecti... moreThere is a price guide in the specs right near bottom..2 useless comments in one..


no thanks sammy... horrible design, boring specs

  • *

That phone is so big and stupid. Have the same things that s4. I honestly prefer iPhone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-240973, 05 Mar 2014You have written Phase detection the correct is Face detecti... morelol it is phase detection not face its a new feature for camera.

  • Anonymous

Tcool, 05 Mar 2014I hate the built in radio in phones because you cannot use it wi... moreMoreso, having built in fm radio does not stop you from using your preferred internet radio does it? But then it gives opportunity to those that really need it. And do you want to tell me you listen to your internet radio on loudspeaker? How do you do that on the go? Say where you are working or doing your business, or you are in a train, say when yo are walking on the street and want to listen to news you put your phone on loudspeaker? Sounds weird to me.